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1.Sonic X made it pretty obvious that Tails likes Cosmo, and it also seems that Emerl likes Cream
2.Tails: likes mechanics, building planes, smarter than a normal 8 سال old
Cream: likes flowers, making people happy, playing with her is this a couple? I don't know.....
3. Although the age difference isn't سے طرف کی much, Tails acts a lot older than he really is, and Cream acts a just a little bit younger than she is.
4. Just for laughs, foxes usually EAT rabbits. XD
5. I'm not sure if people are just focusing on other couples, but if you're like me, آپ notice that Tails and Cream دکھائیں NO love for eachother. None. Zero Nada. Tails and Cream are just دوستوں and that's that.
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