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posted by Dragonfruit44
-they get to the اگلے room. Above it said, 'Cake is delicious, no?' They walk in and the whole room is filled with cake. Big cakes, little cakes, Tall cakes, Short cakes, ( Badum tish) Wide cakes, Thin Cakes all sorts of cakes.-
Amy: That's a lot of cake.
Nat: They all look so good!
Tails: We need to be careful. The cake could be poisoned.
Knuckles: Look there's a box!
-Across the room, there was a small metal box. It was locked.-
Oliver: It must have the note in it.
Nikki: Look at the sign. ' آپ need to find the key to the get the note. Inside each cake is a different cake. All آپ have to do...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-They go to the اگلے room. Above the door it کہا 'Let's dance!'. It was dark and there is some light like a party. In the middle of the room was a 5 a buttons. (Like a dancing game in an arcade.)-
Knuckles: What is this?
Amy: It's a dance floor.
Tails: Are those buttons part of the test?
Oliver: Let me try! I play a game like this in my free time! I'm the best out of my family! Please let me try!
Tails: ...Ok, but be careful. Keep an eye on the screen for the movements.
Oliver: Don't worry! This will be a breeze.
-Oliver stepped onto where the buttons were at. The screen in front of him lit up,...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-The team went to the اگلے door. Above it کہا ' Trickery Room,'-
Tails: Knowing Eggman, this might be an awful trick.
-They walk into the room and see the floor missing, except for the first few steps. Hanging from the ceiling are some vines.-
Nikki: This could be fun, we get to سوئنگ, جھول on vines!
Amy: Remember it's Eggman, So the vines could be fake یا rigged to do something awful.
-They nodded and kept their eyes forward, hoping to spot out something. Knuckles walked up to one of the vines and grabbed it firmly. It didn't go lose. He swung it in front of him, hard enough to hit the ceiling.-
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Everyone is still in the cages. Their thinking of a way to escape and save Sonic.-
Tails: Sonic gets really uncomfortable when he's around water. Now he's surrounded سے طرف کی it. Sonic was right to be worried.
Knuckles: There has to be a way out.
Crystal: If there's a way in, there's a way out.
Cream: We're really close to the buttons. Maybe we could try to hit them?
Tails: Our arms tied together.
Cream: Not Cheese's. He could go through the bars and press the button.
Tails: He does know what button to press right?
Cream: Probably not.
Nikki: It won't work anyway.
Cream: Why not?
Nikki: there's invisible...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic woke up the اگلے morning, forgetting the voice and Eggman completely. He ate some breakfast and headed to Tails house. When he got there everything was quiet. Strangely Quiet. Tails is usually up and working on the X Tornado سے طرف کی now, especially since it blew up in space.-
Sonic: Tails? آپ in here?
-Sonic knocked on the door and it opened. He walked in and the house was trashed, food and plates scattered everywhere. There was a note on the fridge. It کہا ' 1/10 friends. T is down, اگلے is K.'-
Sonic: What kind of sick joke is this? T must be for Tails...K has to be for Knuckles.
-Sonic ran...
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posted by Sonicfan67
In boiler room 5...
(Knuckels,Uncle Chuck,and Mighty are turning the valves to let the water go dry)
Somewhere in the stern...
(William has opend a water tight door and moves on to the اگلے door then haad opend the door then the team gets to the water tight door where bioiler room 5 is)
Dr.Eggman:lets get to boiler room 5.
In boiler room 5...
(Knuckels hears the water tight door and it's going to be open in a second)
Knuckels:the door!hey don't open the door!
behind the door...
Dr.Eggman:let her up.
(William opens the door and water started to come out of the door)
Dr.Eggman:colse the door!
(William closes...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Cream:hey brian!
Knuckles:oh meg hey.hey listen i hope your feeling all right about that talk the other know us just being as دوستوں and all.
Cream:oh im fine.and ارے i i want آپ to thank آپ for being so great to i baked آپ a pie!
Knuckles:oh wow ارے that looks delicious.(eats a pice)oh man this is good!whats in there?
Cream:well theres some apples and cinamon and my hair.
Cream:my hair is in the pie brian.and now its inside of you.part of me is inside of آپ آپ feel me brian?do آپ feel me inside of you?(leaves)
Hunter:ooooooo آپ got some...
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