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MacKenzie Falls is a fictional مقبول prime time soap opera aimed at tweens starring Chad Dylan Cooper who plays the titular character of Mackenzie. The دکھائیں films in Stage 2, a sound stage adjacent to So Random!. The Guardian describes MacKenzie Falls as "basically every adolescent soap opera from Dawson's Creek to Gossip Girl shoved into a blender." MacKenzie Falls' far-fetched and confusing plots parody those of teen dramas ' prompted Tawni to ask Chad, "What is your دکھائیں even about?."

MacKenzie Falls won the Tween Choice Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

According to an interview with...
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'So Random' does a parody of 'Mackenzie Falls' xD
sonny with a chance
season 2
mackenzie falls parody
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