So Random!

Throughout the show, several sketches, often focusing on absurd situations, are filmed. Everyone plays different roles, but the roles are different in each sketch. This is similar to other kids' ویژن ٹیلی series such as All That, and The Amanda Show, یا a child-oriented version of Saturday Night Live, and MADtv. There are many different sketches, for example "Dolphin Boy" to "Mermaid Girl" to "Life at the Boston چائے Party" to "Baby Waa Waa". Chad often comes to the So Random! studio like in the episode of "You've Got پرستار Mail", because he was training to work in the post office for a movie. In the episode, he helps Sonny out سے طرف کی pretending to be her fan, Eric. Whenever Sonny is done with a sketch, یا about to go to one, she has a habit of walking around in her costume. Zora once used her character Sally Jenson to help Nico and Grady, but it didn't work in their favor unlike the sketches.


1.In the original pilot, Tawni and دوستوں was the original عنوان for the sketch comedy show. It was later changed to So Random!.

2.Before Sonny, Mandy was once a cast member of So Random!

3.Sonny has been in the most sketches since the start of Sonny With a Chance.