Sonny With A Chance SWAC Season 2 episode list- Some episodes have description.

sonnyXchad posted on May 23, 2010 at 04:49PM
Okay, I know there may be like SOOOO many people on youtube CLAIMING that they are telling you the correct well THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!! Okay well maybe there is one who is right. I'm absolutly positive this is right because on Netflix i was looking for SWAC season 2. When I found it i realized that it had the names of all the unaired episodes in SWAC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here they are!!!!!!!


Walk a Mile in My Pants
Sonny gets the So Random kids to participate in a walk-a-thon to help buy books for children. Tawni agrees to join only if everyone wears her new line of skinny jeans.

Sonny Get Your Goat
When Tawni and Sonny's "Check It Out Girls" sketch is a huge hit in Glendovia, Marshall arranges for the girls to be a part of a comedy exchange program and attend a big red-carpet event in Glendovia.

Gassie Passes
When Sonny shows a little bit of love to Gassie, the dog made famous as the "Toot'n Pooch," she accidentally un-trains him just as the gang is going to get a big, group break in a Gassie movie. So, Sonny tries to fix Gassie.

Sonny with a Song
When big time pop star, Trey Brothers, agrees to guest star on So Random, Sonny decides share with him a song she wrote.

High School Miserables
When Sonny and the "So Random" gang start to take some of their privileges for granted, Mr. Kondor puts his daughter, Dakota, on the show. But when Dakota begins to take over the So Random's sketches, they tell Mr. Kondor that it's either Dakota or them...and end up fired and enrolled in public school.

The Legend of Candy Face
When the rivalry between So Random and the Falls overheats, the two shows are required to participate in an offsite, trust-building camping trip with Miss Bitterman.

Gummy with a Chance
When Sonny's discarded pre-show ritual piece of chewing gum causes Tawni to have an accident on stage, Tawni has gum banned from the studio lot. When Sonny attempts to take the stage without her pre-show ritual, she bombs and loses confidence.

Random Acts of Disrespect
When the "Be So Random for a Day" contest winner turns out to be an elderly woman named Grace, the So Random gang struggles to come up with an appropriate sketch for her to be in.

Lady and the Vamp
When Sonny overhears Grady's older brother, Grant, teasing him about not having a girlfriend, she jumps in and says she's Grady's girlfriend. Since Grady's hanging out with Sonny, Nico decides to convince Tawni to take him on as his sidekick.

Falling for the Falls: Part 1
After Sonny starts watching "Mackenzie Falls," Chad asks her out on a date, which she accepts. But Sonny begins to have second thoughts when she realizes how her cast mates will react.

Falling for the Falls: Part 2
Chad and Sonny go on a date.

Sonny with a Secret

The Problem With Pauly

That's So Sonny

Chad Without a Chance

My Two Chads

So Random Christmas

Zora Blossoms

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any updates?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک sceneteentwin said…
finaly someone with all the right episodes alot of people who post here think that these made up episodes like sonny with a kiss and tween choice are real well thats not the names of the episodes sucks though cause the plot lines are good i suppose
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک sceneteentwin said…
i found out some episodes are real but not in season 2
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک knuxgirl said…
ummm sceneteentwin sonny with a kiss and tween choice are real cuz they have aired in america and ive watched them on youtube
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kiaragirl said…
is there gonna be more episodes?