Sonny With A Chance Channy

lovingsam posted on Jul 08, 2010 at 02:47PM
Although i love reading bout Channy. I wish i was in Sonny's place. Thenit would be Chessi! Hahaha! It would be purley awesome! Anyway back to actual Channy news.

Our beloved couple is still in love (Thank God!). But how long will it last? Hopefully for a long time. But can they work out the "Chad" issues. If you remember correctly in Falling For The Falls Part 2. Sonny said it was always bout him and that would never change. Then Chad says its already has. Then sonny says you know what why don't you leave the way you came? Now Chad makes it up to her by the Chad is a fool for Sonny sign. Now they still have that problem. Will Soony forvie and forget? Or will Chad's self-obecess-ness ruin Channy for good? We have to wait to find out. Remember couples always have fights. Heres tto the drama that will soon come.


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