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Tales From the سہارا House is where the cast of So Random! has 24 hours to give their beloved سہارا House to the cast of Mackenzie Falls for the meditation room. Sonny and the cast handcuff themselves to the سہارا House to try to get it back and after two hours of standing there Sonny,Tawni,Nico,Grady,and Zora decide to fight back! When they do Sonny has Zora cut a hole in the cieling so they can throw stuff at Chad,when Sonny comes in she says she left a سہارا there and then she tells Chad the hole Zora made is a multi purpose hole. The cast throws random stuff like garbage,Tawni's shoes,and bowling...
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posted by lex23
i just watched Sonny with a secret and it was AMAZING!!!!! i loved every منٹ of it! آپ might wonder how i watched it, but I have fios on demand from verizon. Anyhoo, it had twists and turns, and channy. i will not give any spoilers unless آپ msg me for them, but I will tell آپ that it shows some of Sonny's life in Wisconsin. It also had Chad crying! awww <3. This was terrible, I know. but send me a message if آپ want to know مزید before it airs!

P.s. they have weird pet names for each other... lol
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