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Everything belongs to thier owners
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As some of آپ might know Sophz is just me in the Sonic World. Anyway here are the things that I hate and Sophz hates, never talk about these things!

1. People who hate her
2. Boys that like her (not Knuckles)
3. Fancy Places
4. Carrots
5. The colour گلابی and purple
6. People making front of her
7. Her brother
8. School
9. Homework
10. Maths
11. Homework with maths in it
12. Friday maths tests
13. Anyother couple with 'Knux' in it
14. Any couple with 'Sil' in it (I soppurt SilTar, not changing)
15. People flirting

Yeah lots of things she hates and donst hate, all of these things make her (me) go crazy, so dont ever bring them ever up
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Source: Knuckles and Amy belong to SEGA!
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This Song belongs to the owners (C)Vid belongs to LyricsHeaven1 on YouTube
tara rabbit
sophz echidna
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Source: Knuckles and Rouge belong to SEGA
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Source: Tails belongs to SEGA, Josh لومڑی belongs to ME and my buddie Josh
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Sophz Family is hard to learn,

Amy- Mother, bat
Drake- Dad, echinda
Josh- Brother, bat
Rodrick- brother, echinda
Rosie- sister (passed) echibat
Sonic- Half Brother, دیا to his family
Manic- Half brother (sorta, till died)
Knuckles- 15 years later
Roxy- kid, echinda
Tlyer- kids, echinda
Tara Rabbit (Tara_Funny Bunny)- Kids get married
Silver the hedgehog (married Tarz)
Flit and Blare- Silver and Tarz kids

Sophz was دیا to Sonics family, with her brothers, when she was 1, Rosie had passed

25 years later has 2 kids, knuckles is thier father

Tara and Silver have 2 kids and Roxy and Flit, marry
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Source: Gen8Hedgehog on deviart
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Credit: Song belongs to Avril Lavinge, Vid belongs to BaranLyrics on Youtube
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Name: Sophie 'Sophz' Echidna
Age: 14
Born: Angel Island, East Coast
Family: Ixy Bat (passed), ڈریک Echidna (passed, Josh Bat (missing), Roxi and Tlyer, Knuckles and Tikal
Likes: Her friends, Team Chaos, Her band, and drawing
Dislikes: Stealers, teasters and being bored
Outfit: Green شرٹ, قمیض with blue under shirt, blue pants and green and red gloves
Job: Mum (25 Years later), hacker, Wife (25 years later)
“You live for a reason, if آپ want to live, follow آپ dreams and آپ can accomplish anything”

‘Live life, dream your dreams, plan goal’s and reach the goal, that’s how I live my life’