Chihiro returned to the spirit world after she had remained at her new home. She kept her parents away from there secretly going to see Haku and everyone. She loved it there, the sights, the people, they were all fun. It was full of magic and joy. She took a walk in for another دن as she looked around for Haku. "Haku!!!" She hollered looking around. "Where could he be?" She placed her finger on her lip leaning on her side. Haku sped ran and appeared behind her. "Chihiro! Your here!" She smiled hugging him. "I missed آپ Haku! My parents made me a sandwhich, آپ want some?" Chihiro gave a smug smile as he took it from her hands and took a bite. "Flimsy, Tasty, and different textures." He کہا his mouth full. "Its called a sandwhich, یا a BLT. A Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. But i always take off the tomato's i dont partially like them." Her smile slowly faded. She lowered her head. "Chihiro it's okay if آپ don't like something...For example...If آپ didn't like me...It wouldn't be the end of the world.." He focused on her. "No! Of course not Haku! I would always love آپ no matter--" She cut herself off as Haku raised his head. "Did آپ just say love?" She stuttered a small blush appearing on her cheeks. "N-No! I...I کہا like! I mean--" She flustered trying to hide her red cheeks. "It's okay Chihiro..I have the same feelings for you." He placed his hand under her chin lifting her head and kissing her lips lightly.