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Opinion by sshannahmontana posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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I left fanpop for a سال i broke up with my bf that's the reason he's on fanpop too but when i started using back i met the most awesome دوستوں on fanpop.Some of my bffs left یا deactivated their account.I'm so sad but some of my bffs r still on fanpop which makes me so happy.Now i'm gonma tell u my awesomest BFFS

Jenny (She's مزید than my bff she's like my sister i can depend on her she has a massive on Harry Styles in my guess luv ya lots Jen)

Mira (She's so awesome and she's lovely.She has a beautiful personality.She's fun and friendly to talk to gotta love her too)

Sarah (My babe she's my everything.I just love her.She's so cool and she rocks and she has a cute icons)

Piyal (My sis she's so helpful and kind.I luv her too she has been my bff/sis for مزید than a year)

Mileym (Bella i love her a lot she's just so adorable and has an amazing personality.Plz pray for her she'z just been going on some stuffs.)

Opinion by sshannahmontana posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Well all of the people have BFFS(Best دوستوں Forever) and BFF are one in a million and as Hannah Montana songs true friend.I have been having some hard feelings cause one of my BFF Mileysmartcyrus had died of a cancer and everyone misses her she is a پرستار of the ماہ of Miley Cyrus on fanpop.Everyone voted for her.Eventhough she is in a better place now i wish that she was alive.And Supergirl9374 is my sweetest BFF she is always there for me and she helps others a lot and she might be Miley Cyrus پرستار of the ماہ after Mileysmartcyrus had gone.I love Miley Cyrus and enjoyed her songs but never got a medal at Miley Cyurs پرستار site on fanpop.And other BFFS i will write about them on fanpop اگلے month.P.S i would like to tell u about my lovelist BFF Sellylover_13 she is the biggest Selena Gomez پرستار and she is so sweet and she helps me a lot.She told me not to leave fanpop.
List by sshannahmontana posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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8 fans

♥Sellylover_23 ♥
♥Supergirl9374 ♥
♥Gummybear_23 ♥
♥Zainah221 ♥
♥Kitty221 ♥
♥Mileysmartcyrus ♥
♥Smileybaby05 ♥
♥Sideshowbobart ♥
♥Mileyhm ♥
♥Nevenkastar ♥
♥Miley30 ♥
♥Piyal ♥
♥aNNalovechuck ♥
♥Harry_Ginny33 ♥
♥Mariatsaltaki7 ♥
♥Hannah_Filbert ♥
♥Isabella_Trang ♥
♥Globox ♥(he helps me a lot)
♥Hannahm4e ♥
♥TheCursed ♥(he's cool and funny)
♥JBLUV11 ♥
♥Selena_Justin ♥
♥Vampire_Lover97(she and I just met but she's friendly)
♥Situ123 ♥
♥Superstar45 ♥
♥Sweety63 ♥
♥Warhan6 ♥
♥Zoekoumadoraki ♥

Sorry if I forget some names I just love u guys so much.And love all my شائقین and BFFS too.