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 Kendra and Jake
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We love آپ Stampy these pictures we made for آپ
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This Stampylongnose تصویر might contain سوفی, لٹانا, کمرے سے کمرے رہنے, بیٹھے کمرے, سامنے کے کمرے, پارلر, لونگ روم, بیٹھنے کے کمرے, بیٹھک, باکس پیکنگ, کیس پیکنگ, پیکنگ خانہ, and پیکنگ کیس.

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Stampy has been very upset lately about having holes in his potato snacks! In this video آپ can see him expressing himself on the subject! YOLO!
l for lee
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I'm not going to لوڈ اپ every video of this series, I just thought I started posting مزید than just Minecraft stuff. Here's episode one, If آپ like it, آپ can watch the rest of the series at YouTube.
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آپ know you're a Stampy پرستار if......
1. pronounce the word LOL "lol"
2. آپ subscribe to both of Stampy's channels, and all of his friends
3. (if not already British) آپ speak in an accent at random times of the day
4. "lovely jublly" is now an adjective that آپ use regularly.
5. آپ call roses lovely jublly love love petals and dandelions sunkiss.
6. آپ have a sudden craving for cake
7. your giant creeper now has a سب, سب سے اوپر hat
8. آپ love cats
9. آپ made at least 5 پرستار art, 4 poems, 3 songs, 2 cakes and 1 video for Stampy
10. آپ call Stampy "Stamps"
11. آپ are in his love garden (and if not, آپ are desperately trying to get in)
12. آپ named your dog (real life یا Minecraft) after one of Stampy's Minecraft dogs.
13. آپ watched all of his ویڈیوز even if آپ don't play half of those games (or heard of them)
14. آپ downloaded Stampy's Lovely World empty map
15. آپ learned a bunch of random stuff آپ never knew about before.
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in case آپ missed it...
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