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added by briarlight
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Dreamclan is a clan for warriors who aren't medicine cats but still hear Starclan speak to them in their dreams constantly. Dreamclan cats live in a sort of meadow forest combo. I am Hawkstar leader of Dreamclan. I still have all of my nine lives but will risk all of them for my clan. If آپ wish to be deputey please mail me the following info:
warrior name:
mate:(if u have one)
kits: (if u have any, u need a mate 4 that!)
تفصیل of warrior character:
and why u want 2 be deputy:

I will mail u back asap if u r qualified 2 be deputy but hurry b4 someone gets the spot!.
We speak 2 Starclan through the Starstone ( i didn't pick the name) Medicine cats go there every half moon (half of a month) to speak 2 their ansestors. So please شامل میں Dreamclan where are all welcomed and wanted.
Hawkstar leader of Dreamclan