So I created this spot for all آپ Stelena and Delena شائقین out there. I'm a Delena fan, but on this spot I'll always be neutral :)
So everyone express your گیا پڑھا مرتبہ and opinions on these two ships but please, and I really mean this, please no bashing on characters and ships آپ don't like. Share the love everyone! No 'Stefan sucks' یا 'Damon sucks'
This is a place to discuss your differences of opinion, not bash others. We have enough of that on the Delena and Stelena spots.
So who do آپ ship? Delena? Stelena? یا are آپ a multi-shipper? Do آپ dislike Delena یا Stelena? Why? Post whatever spots آپ may have
So enjoy :D