Don't go crazy on in this مضمون I will try to subjective. A side the fact I don't really like Stefan that much and hate stelena but this دکھائیں has focused A LOT on Stefan's history.

I mean isn't about the 3 main characters (Damon, elena, and Stefan) about their history and how they changed as characters, but all we have seen and learned about for the last 2 seasons is Stefan past, who he was, what he did (his past as riper), his friends(lexie) ,and who became good Stefan.

But until now we know nothing about what Damon was doing for the last 100 and so years( I mean a side from trying to get Katherine out, I mean we haven't even seen his bedroom until S2, we don't what kind things he did, who are his دوستوں if he had any and the most important thing is we don't know WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to make Damon change from good vampire to a '"bad vampire".
Don't believe me go back and watch all episodes that have flash backs and آپ will see it for yourself ALL and I mean ALL the flash backs are about Stefan we still didn't ONE SINGL Damon flash back.

Please tell me what u think