To start yes I'm a hard core delena & Damon & Elena fan, I love these two as couple and indavule characters ,and yes I hate Stefan but what I'm about to say is beside the point . plz don't bash and Stefan شائقین be honest for once and don't try to say all the good things your Stefan did ok plz

Ok so the reasons why I love Damon مزید than Stefan are so MANY, but one of the things that makes me love him is something nobody can deny, and that's how Damon COVERS for Stefan unlike Stefan he doesn't. all summer long he followed/kept track of Stefan and HIS victims WHEN HE STILL WAS NOT COMPALLED but he KEEPT IT hidden from Elena 3x01"because they are not Klaus victims Elena THEY'R STEFAN'S" and even though he didn't have too, he could have simply showed her RIPER Stefan but he DIDN't, and آپ know why because he cares/loves Elena so much he's protecting her from any dark side from his brother has he again protected her in 3x06 when Elena asked Damon what Stefan was doing and yet again he COVERD for him "oh آپ know Stefan JOURNALLING,READING,SHAPPING his hair" yeah right he playing twister with girls who he bits them every two mints.

The point is Damon is covering for he's little brother because he knows that if Elena knew the REAL Stefan she would never wanna be with him not really, and yet he's GETTING her hopes up he's still preserving the "good" image of saint Stefan even if it means it will driver her way from him (see Damon loves Elena he's welling to scarifies his happiness for her's)

But when Stefan was with Elena all through S1 & S2 all he ever said/ talked about how terrible Damon was and what terrible things he did NOT ONCE and I mean NOT ONCE did he ever کہا ONE good thing about his older brother ,knowing that his older brother is in love with his girlfriend and knowing that he put his life on line many times to save her and never made any moves on her ,but yet he never even کہا as much as thank you, noo all he کہا that he will never have her respect yeah what a great brother.

it just a facet Damon never talks about his brother in bad way never remember when the were saving caro, from the werewolfs he said"my brother the pace maker,since Stefan was here I'm gonna let him do it he's way before we resort to my way which is little bit bloodier" yet again showing/saying that Stefan is a "good" person and he's the "bad" one see Damon keeps Stefan "good" image intacket and he does ALL THE DIRTY work u know the work that will make hate him, because he's protectiing his brother's rap, and ruining his own, another example would be when he killed mason یا when he made Elena believe that Bonnie died he took the blame he put that on his shoulders,another example is when he feed elena his blood(ok she didn't want that) but he did it because at that moment ge really thought it was the only way to save her life,even if it meant THAT THE WOMAN HELOVES(ELENa) would hate him for it he would do it

See for Damon that people that he loves and cates sbout(Stefan,Elena,Alaric) r مزید important to him than the way people see him یا talk about him, for him if if meant he has to be the venial of the story in order to save and protect the people he loves (Stefan,Elena,Alaric) he would do it he would take on that role without thinking about as along it keeps the people he cares about safe.

"i thought there was hope,that some where deep inside something in damon was still human,normal, but i was wrong THERE'S NOHTING HUMAN leaft in damon,no good,no kidness ONLY a monster who must be stopped" stefan about damon 1x03 he wrot/thought about that when damon killed A RANDOM person someone that stefan doesn't care about he lost hope give up on on his brother that EASILY.

unlike damon he has seen stefan RIPER WORK(which is a lot messier and killed a lot مزید the one person) all summer long and NOT ONCE did he give up hope he seen bodies with THEIR HEADS RIPED OFF and YET he didn't give hope it wasn't UNTIL STEFAN KILLED ANDIE(someone CARE ABOUT) that he had doubtes but ALL SUMMER LONG damon has seen stefan art work but he WAS STILL TRYING TO TRACK HIM DOWN even after andie he never GAVIE up HOPE ON HIS BROTHER, he went to chicago AND OFFERED HIMSELF TO klaus FOR THE سیکنڈ time(the first to save elena and the سیکنڈ to save "saint stefan") to take his brother's place he was welling to MAKE HIS LIFE A LIVING hell for his brother.

and stefan GAVIE UP on him after just KILLING a RANDOM person.

"no good,no kidness only a monster who must be stopped" really stefan and what about آپ in your riper days back in 1864,did damon "stop" you?? did he lock آپ up in a basment with no blood,and engacted آپ witth vervain waitting for آپ to complety lose your strenght and mumffy so later on he can اقدام آپ to the family crep and leave آپ there for a 100 years?? did damon do that آپ NO,BUT آپ TRIED TO THAT TO him. 1x05 stefan tried to do that damon, and why becuase damon killed a few people,and what about آپ stefan آپ KILLED THE WHOLE FOUNDDING FAMILIES in riper style.did damon "stop" you?

and when stefan had his blood "problme" in S1 damon locked him up to keep him from hurtting himself and he BROUGHT HIM bloodhe didn't lock him WITH NO BLOOD,AND ENGACET HIM WITH VERVAIN, HE ACTUALLY TRIED TO HELP HIM CONTROL HIS "PROBLME"
another thing that I would like to add is that through season 1, not only did he speak badly of his brother and made him seem like the bad guy, but he also didn't tell Elena about himself when he became a vampire. Remember how he was the one feeding on several girls not caring about their lives, and how Damon told him to stop and to not be so reckless, he cared about him and didn't want him to end up dead like the rest of the vampires who got burned in the church. Damon only became "the bad guy" because he was miserable about losing the woman he loved. But Stefan never mentioned any of that until Elena read Johnathan Gilberts diary.