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stephen king
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Stephen King's
Children Of The Corn!

92 mins

~When a young couple find themselves stranded in the isolated communtiy of Gatlin,Nebraka,they discover that all of the town'd adults have been slaughted سے طرف کی a religous cult of twisted children who worship a mytserious cornfield deity.Can these adults escape the fanatical wrath of these adolescent Zealots,of will they become the اگلے blood sacrifices to *He Who Walks Behind The Rows*

Peter Horton
Linda Hamilton

~My opion on the movie~
I loved the movie it was so powerful and real.A true horror,I can imagin a world where the pwoer of religin...
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The awesome فلمیں based on SK's books...... :)
stephen king
the green mile
pet sematary
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Rated PG-13
254 mins

~What Rose Red is about~
Dr. joyce Reardon an obsessed psychology professor who commissions a team of psychis and a gifted 15-year old autisitic girl Annie Wheatone,to literally wake up a supposedly dormant haunted mansion-Rose Red-Their efferts unleash myraid spirits and uncover horrifying secrets of the generations who have lived and died there.

Nancy Travis
Matt Keeslar
Kimberly J. Brown
David Dukes
Judith Ivey
Matt Ross
Julian Sands
Kevin Tighe

~My opion on Rose Red~
I loved it!the ghosts and killings where amamzing i simple loved it.The acters where...
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•1976 - Carrie
•1979 - Salem's Lot
•1980 - The Shining
•1982 - Creepshow (Five short films: "Father's Day," "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill," "Something to Tide آپ Over," "The Crate," and "They're Creeping Up On You")
•1982 - The Boogeyman (short film)
•1983 - Cujo
•1983 - The Dead Zone
•1983 - Christine
•1983 - Disciples of the بانگ (short film)
•1983 - The Woman in the Room (short film)
•1984 - Children of the مکئی
•1984 - Firestarter
•1985 - Cat's Eye (Three short films: "Quitters, Inc.," "The Ledge," and "The General")
•1985 - Silver Bullet
•1985 - Stephen...
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