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Zoey was still lying in بستر when Alexia jumped on the bed. “Wake up, mom! آپ have to get ready!” she کہا excited while she jumped up and down on the bed.
“Go away” Zoey muttered and she pulled the sheets over her head.
Alexia let herself fall on the بستر and lifted up the sheet so she could see her mother’s face. “Did آپ forget about the wedding?” she asked reproachful.
“No” Zoey said. “We’re just not going”
“But we have to go. Aunty Daphne will be so sad if we don’t” Alexia کہا a little upset.
“Aunty Daphne doesn’t like mommy very much right now” Zoey کہا diplomatic.
“But I want to go!” Alexia protested. “I want to be پھول girl”
Zoey sat up and sighed. “Honey, I’m afraid Aunty Daphne already has a پھول girl” she کہا careful. “But I’m sure if آپ ask her nicely she’ll let آپ do it”
“So, we’re going?” Alexia asked, excited again.
“Yes, we’re going” Zoey confirmed and she came out of بستر to get ready.
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“You’re a what?” Daphne exclaimed.
“Sssshhhh!” Cas hissed and he looked around to make sure no one was listening along. “I’m an angel. Literally. I have big, black wings whereby I can fly. I have special abilities, like healing people and I’m very strong”
“That explains a lot” Daphne replied with big eyes.
“Please, don’t tell anyone” Cas insisted.
Daphne raised her eyebrows. “No one would believe me if I did. I’m a nut job, remember?”
“Promise آپ won’t tell” Cas repeated.
“I promise” Daphne said. She shoved the annulment papers towards Cas. “I should...
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Andy and his دوستوں were sitting in a bar. There was no one but them. Andy was holding his phone in his hands and looked from لنکن to Justin. “You guys really want to do this?”
Lincoln waved with his taped hand and shot Andy an angry look.
“I’ll take that as a yes” Andy کہا and he dialed a number.
At Daphne’s house the phone started ringing. Cas, who was still awake, lifted his head. He had heard this sound before and he had seen how Daphne یا Zoey had responded to it. There was absolutely nothing to it. And so he walked toward the ringing object and picked up the horn.
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