appy Birthday to my lovely girl <3 :)
Woah! First of all,A very very very Happpppppppppppppppppy Birthday :3 ♥♥♥

Umm I feel really speechless now -.- Im writing an مضمون after..umm.. 7-8 months! This is my first مضمون after my comeback!


Its been two years since we became friends/bffs <3
I remember everything very well :3 After i added you,i talked nothing with you,but آپ used to post so heart-warming wishes,and all those sweet and lovely posts. I used to be like "awww this is so sweet :3 i need to talk with her" & then we started talking and became so good دوستوں :)

I met so many people on fanpop,some really care,some just lie and pretend to your friend, but آپ were/are so genuine :) even im not like that!

From the دن we met till now,you are here beside my side <3

آپ are undoubtebly a very nice,genuine,intelligent,caring,hilarious girl <33 Im lucky that آپ are still here یا i must have felt incomplete. Even after i left,you, Arooj & Nastya were only people who always wanted to see me here as soon as possible :3

I feel so special coz of آپ <3 I felt possessive coz of Arooj from ages because i cant give her to any other friend ,shes mine only :3, But as years passed i felt that now i feel possessive coz of آپ too..

I always کہا that i wont leave آپ یا my bffs here..but i left -.- I wanna say sorry for that,i know آپ already forgave me :P but i wanna apologise again for my silly decision..
but see...
I came back :D
so,Sini is not a sinner xD

Anyways,i wanna say that i wont do it again :)

ღYou are really special to me & I love آپ so much ღ


So,as its your birthday! Enjoy each single moment of this دن and not only of today but enjoy each single moment of your life too <3
All I can do is,send آپ a warm hug...but wait..its already lemme send a cool hug :* hehe

I just wish آپ all happiness of this world & may آپ get everything آپ want & wish to own!

Its your day!! Enjoy it as much آپ can!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!♥♥♥
Love ya forever!!! :)

-Lots of Love ღღღ

They can even be bffs when they dont talk for "6-7" months,lol (trying to hide my folly xD)
Your birthday cake!!
i dont think one cake would be enough for your tummy,that's what here's an another cake :P jk xD
Tay ll Queen. For آپ ♡
No doubt!!!
We'll always be bffs like them :) Just need support from both sides <3
Exactly! me ,you & Arooj :D