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 Rapunzel :)
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This Tangled تصویر contains فاؤنٹین and چشمہ.

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 Shrek (2001-2010) long live Shrek.
Shrek (2001-2010) long live Shrek.
Ok I love both of these فلمیں very much as there funny smart and suitable for adults and kids. Here’s a little سوال for آپ all what do آپ get if آپ add musical hit numbers a handsome rogue theif and a princess with a lot of attitude who has enchanted hair آپ get Tangled. Take out the rest and آپ get Shrek.Shrek: First up is Shrek and I am going to talk about the characters. Shrek is a selfish, manipulative ogre who only cares about himself  and he befriends an annoying donkey who has no name only Donkey and later in the sequels he befriends a cat named Puss in Boots. In the 1st...
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Tangled Part Two 
Rapunzel: AHH! 
Rapunzel: Okay okay, I've got a person in my closet. Person in my closet. I've got a person in my closet! Haha! Too weak to handle myself out there, huh mother? Well, tell that to my frying pan. 
Mother Gothel: Rapunzel! Let down your hair! 
Rapunzel: One moment Mother! 
Mother Gothel: I've got a big surprise! 
Rapunzel: I do too
Mother Gothel: Oh, I bet mine is bigger! 
Rapunzel: I seriously doubt it. 
Mother Gothel: I brought back parsnips, I'm going to make hazelnut سوپ for dinner, your favorite. Surprise! 
Rapunzel: Well mother, there's something...
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