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I saw this movie on YouTube a few weeks back (although I really want to see it in 3D in the cinemas) but this film reminds me of Anastasia for a strange reason maybe its because its all about a lost princess and a bad boy who fall in love. Anyway here is the parts in the movie I think are similar to Anastasia. Forgive me I couldn‘t get any screencaps to the scenes I am talking about but آپ will probably know what I mean enjoy

#1 The Characters

First lets talk about the characters in both movies. Rapunzel is a fiesty,headstrong woman who is locked up in a tower سے طرف کی an evil woman named Mother...
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I love how curious she was about the human world and the lanterns. She stands up for herself when needed. She's very active, dreamy, self-sacrificing, kind, friendly, intelligent and sometimes funny. She can also get along with people easily. I also love how she was able to prove Mother Gothel wrong. Also how much she was struggling to save Eugene سے طرف کی sacrificing herself.

She's just a great character. She's intelligent and kind. I like how she proved Mother Gothel wrong. It's bad that she didn't get that she was the lost princess soon but when she knew that she stood up for herself.

I love Rapunzel for her dreamy, active, curious and respectful personality. She's also an intelligent girl.
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