Taylor تیز رو, سوئفٹ What's your پسندیدہ song?

Pick one:
tear drops on my گٹار
our song
picture to burn
marys song (oh my my my)
marys song (oh my my my)
Added by kanekatie123
sholud've کہا no
Added by testcamp
I can't choose cause i love them all!
Added by Office_001
Stay Beautiful
Added by rachell_32
I'd lie
Added by 1_euyenia_JB_
love story
love story
Added by Edwards_Bella
white horse
white horse
Added by h2orikki17
آپ Belong with me
آپ Belong with me
i don&# 39; t know
i don't know
Added by angastro3902
Forever & Always
Added by TheLiineGirl
The Outisde
Added by kittykat89
all songs
all songs
Added by rukiarocks
the best دن
the best دن
Teardrops On My Guitar, White Horse, Should&# 39; ve...
Teardrops On My Guitar, White Horse, Should've کہا No
Added by JBfan516
Added by lawreadaholic
Speak Now
Added by keshakendra
Bettter than revenge
Bettter than revenge
Added by Bella172011
محفوظ and Sound (Hunger Games soundtrrack)
Added by EmmaRaab
eyes open
eyes open
Added by cait17598
Eyes Open
Added by Negu
I Knew آپ Were Trouble
Added by BugsBunny3
Added by MermaidTale2
Added by CountryStar18
Haunted :)
Haunted :)
Added by Jenny118
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