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Song: 1-2-3-4 Artists: Leslie Feist Made this on youtube just today.
Bridgette POV
the اگلے morning when i woch up.i went to the store and got a pregnanct test. i didnt take it whaen i first got back to Geoff cuz i was afraid. i had to wake up Geoff first.i couldnt do this سے طرف کی myself.

Geoff wake up کہا Bridgette

hu he said

Geoff get the hell up she yelled

im up im up what happend he said

Geoff we need to talk she said

oh no are آپ bracking up with me. baby i can chang just dont leve me کہا Geoff

im not bracking up with you. but after i tell آپ this آپ might wont to Brack up with me she کہا very sad

oh what do آپ have to tell me baby he said

there is a very slim...
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Lets go back to when Bridgette and Geoff were 13 years old back in 2005!

~Geoff's POV~

So I was heading to my best friend Bridgette's house. We have been best دوستوں since we were 4 years old. I never saw her مزید than my best friend. I always thought girls were yucky. آپ know to love. But then we turned 13, and Bridgette got boobies and hips and I felt different. I arrived at her house.

Bridgette: Geoffery your here.

Me: Hi Bridge

B: Did آپ bring the movie?

Me: No I forgot I'm sorry

B: It's okay. So what do آپ wanna do?

I looked at her hair. She always kept it in a ponytail, but today it was...
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~Bridgette's POV~

So it's been a week since Geoff and I "almost kissed" and we haven't spoken since. This what I hate about dating close friends, one break up could end the friendship. So I texted Geoff, on my new Flip Fone (remember this is in '05)

To: Geoff
From: Bridgette

Message: Hi Geoff I wanted 2 tell u that we should pretend the kiss never almost happened so we can still be friends.

I waited for his reply. منٹ passed with no answer. Until there was a knock at the door. It was Geoff.

Geoff: I brought the movie, is it okay that I'm here?

Me: Of course. So did آپ get my text?

Geoff: No,...
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