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posted by MiniOreoCookie
Author's note: I'm very sorry I haven't updated anything lately.. I've just been busy and my 'cooleeo' account somehow got suspended.. I was going to کریں شائع a story last week, but my work got deleted along with the profile. Sorry and I hope آپ enjoy this article. (:

Gwen's pov!
'"No,I love آپ more.."I giggled before hitting Trent playfully in the arm. "is that so..?"he rolled over on his side on the checkered patterned blanket and propped his head up with his hand,his lips curving into an smirk. "that is so."I tried to hide my blush with my hand and smiled. he sat up and scooted over towards me,leaning his face in just inches from mine and teased me سے طرف کی brushing his lips softly over near my lips. I stared at his lips and into his eyes as he rubbed my hand with his gentle palm. I leaned my forehead onto his,planting my lips on his mint tasting mouth and he lied onto the blanket on his back,pulling me on سب, سب سے اوپر of him and deepening the kiss. I pulled away as slow as I could and stared into his gorgeous مرکت, ایمرلڈ green eyes. "I've been wanting to ask آپ something lately and I don't know if I should,because it might affect our relationship in another level.."he whispered and looked away with shame in his eyes. "what is it..? I wont mind what آپ ask.."I rolled beside him and stared up at the clouds. he slowly sat up,rubbing the back of his neck and blushing a bright red that painted his usually confident cheeks. "well,I..I really have this true feeling for آپ and.."he slurred and cut himself off سے طرف کی his own embarrassment. "what is it..-?"I was cut off when I noticed my dad was scattering out of his truck and running towards me with a bat and an angry look on his face. "well,I was wondering.."Trent's hand reached deep into his pocket,not seeing my father run with the rage of hell towards us. I quickly gotten up to my feet and stood in front of Trent,thinking that my father was going to hurt him یا something. "Gwen,we're moving to London."he bent down,placing his hands on his knees and breathing heavily as if he had ran an marathon across Ontario. "what..? why are we leaving..?"tears immediately filled my eyes. "it's about your safety dear..I cant tell آپ anything else and not in front of your friend here."he explained through breaths. I took a glance at Trent and he looked crushed and heartbroken سے طرف کی the look on his face and as he still had his hand in his pocket,looking away with an upset expression. "I don't wanna go.."I walked backwards towards Trent,wrapping my arms tightly around him and not wanting to let go. "I'm sorry,Gwen. we really have to leave now before something happens."he hissed and yanked on my arm,trying to pull my grip off of Trent. with that one مزید forceful yank,I fell onto the grassy ground and looked up at Trent with tearful eyes. "let's go now,Gwen.."my father helped me up and dragged me away from Trent and into his truck. I watched Trent throw something across the field and fell to his knees,putting his face into his hands. I ran my dirt coated hand gently down the window of my father's truck,tears plummeting down my cheeks. "why are آپ taking me away from him..?"I shouted and turned towards my dad who was starting up the engine. "it was for your own good.."he sighed as he stared directly at the road as he drove,not even looking at me. "for my own good..? what the fuck is wrong with me dating Trent..?"I cried with frustration flowing through my words. "nothing's wrong with's just something else."he mumbled. "then what is it..?"I leaned my head onto the window,my tears dripping onto the glass and sliding down it like rain drops. I heard him speak a few words before I fell into a deep sleep from my depression that overwhelmed me like wild fire.I woke up the اگلے day,my cheeks were tear stained and my make-up was smeared horribly. the stuff in my room was already packed up in boxes,stacked up neatly سے طرف کی the door. I threw the tangles of sheets off of me and stood up almost like in slow motion and walked over towards the boxes and read one of them that کہا 'Pictures and Drawings.' I pulled both sides of the cardboard up and looked at all the newspaper and styrofoam packed in the box as if it were a sea of harmful memories. I reached into the mountains of protective coverings and pulled out my sketchbook and flipped through them to a particular page. I had drawn Trent with his beautiful instrument wrapped around his back and a small گٹار pick in between two of his fingers,plucking a string. I wiped my tears away and turned to the اگلے page which was actually a photograph I stuck into the sketchbook. it was a picture of Trent holding me in his arms as if I were an infant یا the only thing he could hold onto and we both looked happy and not disturbed سے طرف کی the horrible things revolving around us. one of my tears slipped down onto the picture,smearing it with ever inch it spread to and I placed the تصویر beside me and cried deeply into the palms of my hands. "Gwen,are آپ ready to go..?"my mother knocked on the door frame,looking at me with concern. "no..I'm not."I hissed and went back to burring my face into my hands and sobbing. "sweetie,please. maybe you'll find some new دوستوں and probably an boyfriend..-."I cut her off. "shut the fuck up and get out of my damn room. I'll be down there when I want to get up."I shouted with rage and she walked off,scared to make me any مزید upset یا furious. I grabbed my black hoodie and slipped it on,pulling my ڈاکو, ہڈ as far as I could over my head to shield my death glaring eyes from the many other eyes I could make melt سے طرف کی just looking at them. "Good morning,sunshine. did آپ sleep well..?"my father wrapped his arms around me of which I pushed off and refused to respond to his question. "Gwen,why are آپ leaving..?"Leshawna and some of my other دوستوں ran up to me. "does it look like I know..? if I did I wouldn't be so leave me alone."I dragged my suitcase across the pavement towards the airport and plopped myself down into one of the chairs in front of the large windows to reveal many planes landing and just waiting there ready to take someone's life away. "Gwen.."someone whispered gently,placing their hand on my shoulder. "leave me alone-."I turned around to slap at the unknown person,but then I realized it was Trent with his eyes bloodshot and filled with tears. "oh,hello Trent.."I mumbled into the cloth of my jacket. "you're really leaving..?"his eyes fell to the floor in the depression he was in and I replied with the nod of my head. "alright Gwen,we take off in about 15 minutes..I hope that's enough time to say goodbye to your friends."my mother handed me a passport and I'm sure it کہا 'One way ticket to Hell.' I side-hugged every one of my now dead دوستوں to upset to say goodbye یا 'I'll miss you' shit like that. I turned to the now in tears Trent and felt myself breaking down right in front of the entire airport. "do آپ really have to go..?"Trent whispered into my shoulder,making the hugging embrace tighter. "I'm sorry..I don't want to leave you."I sobbed uncontrollably into his warm chest. "I love you,Gwen."he pulled away slightly to look into my eyes. "I love آپ too.."the crying made it hard for me to speak. "Gwen,we have to leave now."my mother had to ruin the soft moment. "I'll try to come visit آپ if I can.."Trent whispered. "you don't have'll just be wasting your time trying to find me."I looked away,unable to look at him. "I promise to come and see you.."he cupped my tear soaked cheek with his gentle hand and brought me آگے into an kiss. "the plane with leave shortly, please,hurry this up."my father growled impatiently. "goodbye,love.."I pulled away and the tears began to start again. "for only a short time darling,I promise.."he gave me one مزید peck on my cheek and helped me load up my stuff into the plane. I walked slowly up onto the plane and looked out the circular window and saw Trent waving to me with tears in his eyes. "I love you.."I whispered quietly and waved back at him until the plane took off and he was out of my sight. I kept having flashbacks of the great times I had with him and the final moment before taking off on the plane. his coal black hair waving wildly in the wind from the planes taking off,his multiple tears sliding down his tan cheeks with an frown instead of his friendly smile,and his دل visible to see that it was breaking to watch his once girlfriend to leave him and will be at least over a million miles away not able to see her pretty face as کہا in his words again..'
I slammed my math book shut and threw it across my small dorm room. I grabbed one of my whiskey bottles that I stashed in my drawers out and took an small sip before coughing as if I were smoking and kept looking nervously from the door towards myself to make sure my room mate wouldn't burst into the room and found out that I'm drinking something that's against school rules. "hello fellow classmate,Gwen. what are آپ doing..?"the cheery Stacie slammed the door open and jumped onto the بستر on her stomach,kicking her feet up behind her watching me as if I was her 'friend.' I shook with fear and began to find a place to hide the whiskey bottle,but I accidentally dropped it and the bottle shattered against the tiled floor in an instant. "were آپ drinking some rootbeer..?"she smiled the crazy Izzy like smile while staring at me. "you could say that.."I mumbled as I picked up the glass shards of the bottle and tossed them in the waste basket. "wanna go somewhere later with some of our دوستوں on Floor C..?"she jumped up from the بستر and tumbled over towards me,placing her hands on my shoulders and invading my personal space. "didn't we already have a talk about I don't like being touched..?"I hissed and she quickly took her hands off of me. "I'm sorry,Gwen.."she apologized with pity in her eyes. "whatever and I told آپ I don't like going to parties all that much because I don't fit in for your information."I growled in my کتیا, کتيا tone to try to get her to leave me alone for once. "aw,come on. آپ could meet some really nice guys there. I could hook آپ up with someone if you'd like.."she smiled. "no thanks.."I snarled through clenched teeth and was ready to finally snap at her with my fist shoving up her face. "are آپ sure..-?"I cut her off. "I کہا I don't want to go,so don't ask again and don't mention about trying to hook me up with someone because I'm not interested."I raised my voice slightly and walked into the bathroom,slamming the door and began to brush my Gothic colored hair. "well,okay then..I'll see آپ later I guess.."she sighed with her final word and when I heard the door click shut I was in pure relief. I crept out of the bathroom and sat down in front of the spinning chair in front of Stacie's large mirror یا drawer..I don't even fucking know what it is anyhow. I sighed deeply in a depressed way and propped my head up with my hand and stared at myself in the large mirror. in my reflection all I can see is the ghost of once was my actually happy life and the sorrow that I'm forced to face now. during my happy life I had true دوستوں who didn't really give a damn about partying as much as these freaks at this hell of an school I hate living at. I actually got to go ہوم to see my parents and brother Jake when I got back from the normal and boring highschool that I used to love and hate to go to. I even had someone who cared enough about me and to love me for whatever I did around him. I cant believe I forgot his name and that I cant remember his handsome face that is lost somewhere deep into my shredded memory. the only thing I can remember is that he has the most beautiful مرکت, ایمرلڈ green eyes I've seen and he is a soft and true gentlemen unlike other males that I've dated. it's really stupid for me to remember that I was once loved and not to remember what he looks like یا what he sounds like. under my بستر I could see a crumpled up piece of scribbled on paper and it seemed to have مکڑی webs wrapped around it. I got down onto my knees and reached under the بستر for the piece of paper and blew off the cobwebs and dust and opened the note,the crumpling noises hurting my sensitive ears as I unfolded it. it was wrote in the neatest hand writing that read,'I drove for miles and miles
and wound up at your door. I've had آپ so many times but somehow I want more. I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile, Ask her if she wants to stay awhile and she will be loved, She will be loved. Tap on my window,knock on my door I want to make آپ feel beautiful.. <3' err.. it must be one of Stacie's loving admirers. I tried to throw it into the waste basket and plopped down on my بستر and stuffed my headphones in my ears on full blast and began to doodle random drawings on my forearm just for the hell of it. I reached into my slightly opened drawer and found an awfully smeared photograph that I was unable to figure out when یا what was supposed to be in this picture. it looked as if I were in it due to that I could see midnight blue mixed with black colors that represented my hair and it seemed as if there was someone with me with a green شرٹ, قمیض with something that looked like an hand print as the design of the center of the shirt. for منٹ of trying to pull the details together to understand what's in the picture,I balled up the photograph in frustration and threw it into the drawer and slammed it shut. I pulled out the چھری I kept in my sketchbook and slid it gently across my arm,not wanting to force the blade into my skin just yet. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I sunk the jagged edge deep into my arm and formed an sloppy 'T' for the most thing I remembered about the guy who used to know and love me. I painfully yanked the blade from my arm and walked into the bathroom and curled up in a ball beside the bathtub. "I'm back,Gwen.."Stacie walked into the room with an bottle in her hand. "sure,whatever.."I slammed and locked the door and went back to curling up in a ball. "what are آپ doing in there..?"she questioned like the idiot she is. "nothing,just please leave me alone."I hissed as I held back my tears. "well,okay then..don't take to long آپ have night shift later on."she turned off the lights and went to bed. that's what I love about this get to protect the school your entire sleeping time from people who want to break into school property. I'm being sarcastic,I think that's the most stupidest thing the Head Master of this school has ever thought of. I tucked my arms behind my head and fell asleep in an instant and wanting to skip night guard on purpose even if it will affect my grades. what was odd that I was dreaming of the dude I was thinking about earlier..he looks different from what I've described.

A thousand times I've seen آپ standing
Gravity like lunar landing
آپ make me wanna run till I find you
I shut the world away from here
Drift to you, you're all I hear
As everything we know fades to black

Half the time the world is ending
Truth is I am done pretending

I, never thought that I
Had anymore to give
You're pushing me so far
Here I am without you
Drink, to all that we have lost
Mistakes we have made
Everything will change
But, Love remains the same

"Gwen..Gwen wake up."Stacie mumbled with a tired voice and shook me. I slapped her hands away and slowly sat up and stretched my arms and legs. "what time is it..?"I growled with the cranky,grumpy voice I have early in the morning. "about 3Am..Head Master wants to see آپ in her office in 30 minutes. she wants to speak with آپ about your skipping night shifts and some task she wants آپ to complete."she explained through yawning. "whatever..get out so I can get ready."I demanded and harshly shoved her out of the bathroom. I got into my uniform which was a light blue سکرٹ, گھیرنا with small white stripes going horizontally up and down the clothing,dark blue بلاؤز, کمری with an white tie with the initials of the school 'CHS',knee high socks and just my regular boots. I hate this stupid uniform,but I don't wanna start over at another school that's probably worse than this shit..more like the اگلے thing I'd go to is Military school. I stumbled out of the small dorm and into the dim moonlight night and walked down to Ms. Durvin's office and of course she was at her ڈیسک drinking mountains of coffee. "Good morning,Gwen. I've been wanting to speak to آپ about your ditching night classes."she pushed her glasses up her long nose and glared at me with her black as coal eyes. "I have been affirmed of this.."I spoke as politely as I could. "you will اقدام your stuff down to Level D dorms if آپ don't clean up your act and start going to your night shifts."she hissed with the words replaced with the venom of an irritated snake. "I'm terribly sorry,mam. it wont happen again.."not really caring about moving down to another dorm level since that happened three times already. "you don't seem as affected as the consequence I'll give آپ if آپ mess up once more. hmm..maybe I should assign آپ to a new student to CHS and help him around the school to his morning and afternoon classes."she smiled devilishly. I wonder why she's not married.. "please don't do that,mam. I'll do whatever it takes to get better."I begged with fake mercy to not help some punk dude around the school and holding his hand as if he were an five سال old یا he just wanted to touch a female and asked for permission from Head Master for help from one of the many whores around here. "it's far too late for that,Gwen. he'll be here around 15 minutes..I believe his name's Trent Adair. make sure to be at the front of the school for his arrival,now leave my office at once."she commanded as if she were an Military sergeant. I stormed off in frustration and anger that I had to lead a dude around this huge school all damn دن just to get Ms. Durvin off my back. I sat there on the ancient brick دیوار and kicked my feet up on the mailbox in front of me and threw myself back so I was hanging over the side of the دیوار with my headphones in to not notice anyone staring. in the corner of my eye I could see a guy standing right beside me and looking at me as if I weren't bothering him and he just wanted for me to help. I fell backwards off the brick دیوار and stood up to take a look at the dude who seemingly looked like an gentlemen and looked hot in my opinion and I couldn't help but blush slightly. "hello,are آپ Trent Adair..?"I questioned and he nodded with a gentle smile that looked like an angel's smile. "nice to meet you,um.."he held out his hand and looked above himself to figure out who he was talking to. "Gwen Murray,and welcome to Charm High."I greeted with a smile. "that's a pretty name آپ have there,Gwen."he smiled back and shook my hand. "would آپ please direct me to the Head Master's office..?"he asked like a true gentlemen would. "sure Trent,right this way.."I giggled silently and lead him towards Ms. Durvin's office. "ah,hello there Trent Adair. how are آپ today..? great,now since Gwen is the only one who will be your guidance around the school,you will stay on Level C dorms near her's. is that fine with you..?"she asked as she seemed to be gripping his hand hard in the hand shake. "I don't mind all that much,mam. she seems like a very smart student of yours."he responded with his gorgeous smile. "she is at times,but anyways gather your belongings and head to Level C dorms with Gwen. thank آپ and have a great first دن at Charm High School."she actually was nice to Trent,but not,the lady must really hate me. "what's it like around here anyhow..?"Trent questioned from my train of thought of my long lost lover. "it has it's ups and its downs,but I guess I could say it's a fine school.."I answered as positive as I could and he chuckled slightly and I looked at him with an 'What's so funny..?' expression. "sorry,it's just that آپ really wanna say that آپ don't as much like this school and seems like you're forced to say this سے طرف کی Head Master."he chuckled with his hand rubbing the back of his neck,probably scared I'd might hit him. "how did آپ know..?"I giggled and my blank expression turned into a smile. "I guess I can tell سے طرف کی your expression on your pretty face."his cheeks turned red slightly. "thanks for the compliment,I suppose.."I turned away and stared down at the same colored tile floor and showed him around the school to whatever Ms. Satan told me to on his schedule. "this is your dorm room. my dorm in a few rooms down from yours,so if آپ need anything just call me from this receiver."I handed him his receiver. "okay,then..wanna hang out after class یا something..? I mean,you don't have to if آپ don't wanna.."he mumbled as he stared down at his green shoes. "I don't know..I've had allot on my mind lately."I sighed deeply in my depression. "like what..?"he questioned. "it's nothing really..let's get to class before we're late. follow me."I motioned my hand for him to follow and we both walked off to our first class which was economics. "alright class,open your textbooks to page.."Mr. Galvin began to write down the number of pages on the board and I stood there and waited until he noticed I was there. "Good morning Gwen,what may I do for you..?"he looked away from the board and smiled at me. " Head Master wanted me to be this new student to CHS guidance around the school for a week یا two and I wanted to know if آپ wouldn't have a problem with it."I explained. "I'm fine with it and what did آپ say this student's name is..?"he looked at Trent. "I'm Trent Adair,nice to meet you."Trent greeted with a smile and shook his hand. "hello there Trent and welcome to CHS and my class. just grab an textbook off the shelf over there and class will go سے طرف کی smoothly."Mr. Galvin went back to writing stuff down on the board with his almost dry marker. I sat down at my نشست and waited for Trent to get a textbook and come to sit down wherever he wanted and like he didn't care,he sat سے طرف کی me. "whose your new man whore,Gwen..?"one of Jessica's دوستوں in her jock group laughed at me and I ignored him سے طرف کی pretending I was busy سے طرف کی writing stuff down on paper. "gonna ignore me,slut..?"he hissed and threw an wadded up piece of paper at me. I looked over at Trent and he had a scowl on his face and kept taking angry glances at him. "look at me when I'm talking to آپ bitch-."Trent cut him off. "leave her alone,dammit."he sneered and the dude turned away in fear of getting Trent anymore angry. "thanks Trent."I smiled at him and he smiled back. after morning classes it was time to head to the afternoon classes and stop سے طرف کی our lockers to get the کتابیں and supplies we needed for each class. "hey bitch,none of us appreciated your little friend whore sticking up for آپ back in economics class and cursing at Danny."Cedric stormed up to me and slammed me harshly into the lockers. "I'm so wont happen again."I whimpered from the pain. "you're damn right it wont,now get up!"he kicked me in the side and I struggled to my feet and he punched me across the face,causing me to fall to floor again. "he wont stick up for آپ anymore,got that..?"he hissed into my ear and pulled my arm from behind me. "I promise he wont.."I cried out in agony and he dropped me to the floor and it sounded like he was gasping for air. I turned around and Trent had his hand gripping Cedric's neck and he began to turn a light blue. "Trent,stop it!"I pushed his hand off of his neck and Cedric scrambled out into the courtyard. "I'm sorry. I was just worried of where آپ were and I didn't want آپ to get hurt."he sighed through his mumbling. "it's okay,let's just head on to class before we're late."I patted his shoulder and he seemed to cheer up afterwards. the afternoon classes were finished and we decided to go have lunch behind the school where the old oak درخت was and lead to three pavement paths to each of the dorm buildings. "how do آپ like school so far..?"I questioned between swallows of the bits of sandwhich in my mouth. "it's fine,I suppose. what about you..?"he asked. "it has it's ups and it's downs,but it isn't all that bad.."I replied and he began to chuckle and I looked at him with the 'What's so funny?' face. "sorry,it just seems like you're being forced to say all of this when آپ really wanna say something bad about the school."he chuckled. "you notice way too much stuff about me.."I laughed into the napkin I was holding to wipe off my mouth. "hey Gwen,who's your friend..?"Stacie came running up to us. "this is Trent Adair.."I mumbled annoyed that she interrupted the soft silence. "hello Trent,nice to meet you. Gwen and I are room mates on the Level C building room 2a."she shook his hand. "that's nice.."Trent offered a smile. "well,I'll leave آپ two alone since it seems like آپ two want it to be like that. see آپ later Gwen."she walked off with her creepy smile still on her face. "she seems.."Trent trailed off. "insane..?"I giggled with a smirk on my face. "that was one of the words I was going to use to describe her.."he chuckled مزید and I laughed along with him. the گھنٹی, بیل rang across the courtyard and I sighed and stood up. "well,it's time for my night shift. I guess I'll see آپ tomorrow..?"I questioned and he nodded with a smile on his face. I walked off towards the gate and sat on the mile long brick دیوار and leaned back onto the metal gate and stared at the cars zooming past on the road. after what seemed like hours of staring at nothing but cars and other random things,my shift was finally over and I began to head back to my dorm exhausted. I heard a low throated chuckle from behind me and I turned around and shined my flashlight in the direction of the sound. "who's there..?"I called out and the chuckle continued. "who ever آپ are,you aren't supposed to be out of your dorm this late at night and I will رپورٹ آپ to Head Master!"I shouted and inched forward. "Gwen,long time no see. how have آپ been,love..?"the voice stepped out from behind the old oak درخت to reveal to me that the speaker was a man who seemed to be in his 20's. "who are you..?"I began to walk backwards. "you don't remember me,Gwen..? I'm your best childhood friend آپ know. why don't آپ say آپ and I take a small stroll down memory lane and have some fun like we used to..?"he started to walk towards me with his hands out ready to kidnap me. "I will رپورٹ آپ to Head Master for sexual harassment if آپ don't go back to your dorm."I threatened with a hiss. "I don't even go to this school and I am far مزید older than you,sweetie. it's not like I'm a pedophile یا something.."his lips curved into an devilish grin. "you stay away from me!"I screamed and took off running towards my dorm room. I looked over my shoulder and saw the man with his wide grin and none blinking eyes stilling running after me and holding out his hands. I began to pound my dorm room door with my body as loud as I could and began to freak out when the man got closer. "Gwen,what's with all the noise..?"Stacie opened the door and was half awake. I shoved her to the floor and quickly slammed the door and locked both of the locks and walked backwards away from it,placing a hand over my mouth to quiet my heavy breathing. "what's going on..?"she stood to her feet and dusted off her pajama pants. "someone was chasing me around out there.."I panted between breaths. "really..? who.-."she went over towards the door to open it,but I pushed her away. "no,you cannot open the door."I felt like crying when the knob began to shake violently. "open this door now!"Ms. Durvin screamed from outside and Stacie opened the door to find a drenched in rain furious Head Master. "what's with آپ two making all of this noise this late at night when everyone's trying to sleep..?"she demanded for answer. "it wasn't me,mam. Gwen کہا that someone was chasing her outside."Stacie explained. "oh,so who was it then..?"Ms. Durvin looked at me with rage in her eyes and I remained silent. "silent treatment,eh..? we'll see if you're still being silent after I punish آپ for staying in your dorm for one full week without coming out for anything. now get to bed,there's other people that might want some sleep too آپ know."she sneered and stormed off with her nose in the air. I gladly shut the door and jumped under the covers of my بستر and tossed and turned all night of seeing that man's face in my dreams.

Find a place where we escape
Take آپ with me for a space
The city bus sounds just like a fridge
I walk the streets through seven bars
I have to find just where آپ are
The faces seem to blur
They're all the same

Half the time the world is ending
Truth is I am done pretending

I, never thought that I
Had anymore to give
You're pushing me so far
Here I am without you
Drink, to all that we have lost
Mistakes we have made
Everything will change
But, love remains the same

I sat up from my بستر and hugged my knees close. it really was boring sitting in here all دن سے طرف کی myself with nothing to do,but at least it's better than going to classes and have to glance behind my back every time I think he's near. since I'm under 'Dorm arrest' as I like to put it,I cant go to the morning and afternoon classes,but I have to go to my night fucking lucky can I get. someone knocked at the door and I went over to open to answer who was ever knocking. "hello Trent.."I mumbled. "hey Gwen,may I come in..?"he questioned and I nodded and sat back down on my bed,patting a spot beside me. "what made آپ have dorm arrest for a week..?"he asked with concern flowing through his words. "something happened last night that I don't really wanna talk about.."I sighed and looked away. "are آپ sure..?"he caressed my hand gently. "fine..there was this man who was chasing me back from the front gate all the way to my dorm and he someone knew me.."I fell into his arms and cried into his warm chest. "did آپ recognize who it was..?"he pulled away slightly to look at me and I shook my head and went back to sobbing into his chest. "ssh,ssh. everything's going to be alright now."he held me closer in the embrace and rubbed my back. "you know I knew a girl just like you,Gwen. she looked like you,actually. she used to live in Ontario,Canada before leaving to London because her father explained it was because of her safety. she lived on 5910 Red Wood Dr. and she was a few streets from where I lived-."I cut him off. "what did آپ say..?"I whispered and looked up at him. "there was this girl named Gwen that lived on 5910 Red Wood Dr."he explained once more. "that's where I used to live before I moved here.."I whispered with shock and his eyes seem to expand مزید in surprise. "isn't your name Gwendolyn Anne Maria Murray..?"he asked me and stared at me with his eyes filled with hope. "that is true,but your name is Trent Adair..I remember now that my lover back in Ontario was named Trent Mathews. "that's the weird part about it,you see before she took off on her plane to London I promised her I would come to visit anytime I could,but I didn't have any money to fly from there to here. I robbed a few small local stores for the payment that was needed for the flight and I was caught سے طرف کی one of the security cameras and was taken to prison afterwards,but I escaped and had to change my name to Trent Adair so no one over seas would find out that I was wanted back in Canada and send me back to where I started away from her."his face fell into his hands and he began to sniffle and I walked over towards my nightstand to take the smeared photograph out of the drawer that I've been looking at for days to figure out what's in the image. "if آپ can see through the smears,is that you..?"I pointed to the green smear in the picture. "that looks like the same black hand print that was on one of my shirts I used to wear when I was younger and I was with her.."he stared closely at the picture. "do آپ recognize this handwriting..?"I grabbed the crumpled up piece of paper under my بستر and unfolded it and handed him the love song letter. "I used to love this song and I wrote this for her when she was sick at one time to try and help her feel better."I whispered the last few words with him and we both looked at each other with wide eyes. "babe..?"I questioned and scooted in closer to him,placing my hand on his soft cheek. "yes,beautiful..?"he whispered back,looking longingly into my eyes with his emeralds and I wrapped my arms quickly around his neck and brought myself آگے onto his familiar mint tasting lips. "I cant believe it's you.."I pulled away and leaned my forehead on his and he held me closer. "I've missed آپ so much,Gwen."he spoke snuggled up under my chin with tears,feeling them slide down my neck didn't bother me and neither did the small kisses he made across my neck with tongue added to it. "I love you.."I whispered through his axe smelling black hair. "I love آپ too,babe."he looked up at me with a smile and I brought my head آگے again for another sweet kiss. "hey Gwen,whoa..sorry to ruin the moment,but Head Master is looking for Trent."Stacie interrupted and we both pulled away and had an upset expression on our faces. "well,I can just tell Head Master that Trent is sick if آپ liked. also,I'm staying at one of my friend's dorm on Level B so I wont be here tonight,is that fine with you,Gwen..?"she explained and I smiled warmly at her and nodded. "I guess I'll see آپ tomorrow then and have an great night."she grabbed her suitcase and left. "since she wont be here tonight,do آپ mind if I go get my stuff and bring it back here..?"Trent turned to face me again with his friendly smile. "sure.."I shrugged with an embarrassed giggle. "I'll be back soon."he pecked me on the cheek and walked out to get his stuff. "well,I'm glad آپ figured out who that man was."someone hissed from behind me and I turned around and the man with the wide grin was staring at me with his bulged wide eyes. "what do آپ want from me..? who are you..?!"I screamed in fear and cowered off the بستر and into the corner of the wall. "it's a shame that آپ don't remember me. I was one of your best childhood دوستوں as I کہا before. it's me,Jack.."his clown-like grin got wider and he pressed his finger tips together as if he were waiting for something. " cant be! آپ were in jail,you couldn't have gotten out!"I cried out in fear and cowered مزید into the corner. "oh,but I did my dear just to see your pretty Gothic face again."he walked towards me like he was a zombie and I scattered onto the بستر to crawl across to the door,but he grabbed me سے طرف کی the leg and pinned me to my pillows. "I've been waiting for this for a long time.."he hissed with the smile still on his face and tied both my hands and feet to the بستر frame and climbed upon me,licking my neck with his snake like tongue. I began to scream out for help,but he بتھ, مرغابی tapped my mouth shut to muffle my cries. "you're مزید beautiful than ever.."his fingers ran up the front of my شرٹ, قمیض and he was about to grab my chest,but he retreated off of me and looked rather scared towards the door. "we'll finish our fun time later,sweetie. goodbye for now."he chuckled and ran out the back door of the dorm. Trent came in and dropped his stuff in shock when he saw me all tied up to the بستر frame. "who did this to you..?"he gently pulled off the painful tape across my mouth and I let out my screams of terror. "it was him.."I repeated several times through my tears and he pulled me into his lap and I sobbed into his shoulder. "he almost raped me.."I wailed and I felt him tense up. "what do آپ mean..?"he pulled away from the embrace and looked into my eyes with anger and concern. "Trent..there was something I didn't tell آپ when we were together in Ontario یا I probably shouldn't say now. when I was like near the age of 12,there was this teen dude named Jack Harrison who always used to hand out with me allot as if we were going out as many people stated as they stared us down,but that's how he liked to put it as. there was this one time we were out playing in the سٹریٹ, گلی just talking and he pulled me close to him and held me in an awkward way,which I shrugged off and I suppose that was courage for him to go on with what he was doing. he pulled my شرٹ, قمیض over my head and began to pull off the rest of my clothing,but just like the other night I ran back to my mother's house screaming and crying just trying to get away from him. my mother heard my cries for help and she was outside and was calling the cops as I was still running towards her as fast as I could from him. right before he left he کہا that we would get married one دن and now he's back to full full the promise."I let out مزید uncontrollable sobs into his shoulder,making it hard on me to speak. "nothing's going to happen,I'm here now.."he whispered in a soothing tone. "I'm محفوظ here in your arms.."I snuggled my head under his chin and had one of my small pale fists grip a handful of his light blue turtleneck shirt. he carried me into the bathroom and sat me down on the edge of the tub,kissing the tears streaming down my cheeks. "I think a warm bath would calm آپ down from your stress.."he held one of my hands while wiping my tears with an tissue. he helped undress me and I sat down into the bubbly and warm water of the tub and watched him undress with a bright blush spread upon my cheeks. I climbed into his lap and lied my head onto his bare chest,continuing to cry slightly. "please don't cry angel.."he lifted my chin up and smiled the smile I couldn't resist but to do the same myself and he kissed my cheek. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sat up on my knees in his lap,lying my head on his shoulder once مزید and he began to softly sing a few lyrics of the 'She Will Be Loved' song into my ear. I wrapped my right leg around his waist and I pulled myself up back onto my knees so I had to lean down to kiss him. he blushed when he caught himself staring below my neck and I giggled,leaning myself down and kissing him. he began to slid both his hands up and down my back,making me shiver in pleasure. "I love you.."I mumbled through kisses and he would mumble back a few times. I began to lower myself down onto between him and he pulled away and looked up at me. "are آپ sure..?"he whispered with slight lust in his eyes. "please.."I begged in an desperate way and I frowned at it. he kissed me before switching places and relaxing me the most pleasuring way he could and I enjoyed it dearly into my soul.

So much مزید to say
So much to be done
Don't آپ trick me now
We shall overcome
So all that's left is praying

But we, should have had the sun
We could have been inside
Instead we're over here

Half the time the world is ending
Truth is I am done pretending
Too much time too long defending
آپ and I are done pretending

I woken on my comfortable and warm بستر with the sheets just barely above my head. I looked down and I seemed to have been dressed in a small white dress that hung to my knees. I turned onto my side and there sleeping peacefully and with his arms around me comfortingly,was my once found again lover dressed in only his dark green boxers and the rest of him was bare skin. I scooted in softly and snuggled my face into his chest and smiled to myself that I was glad to have him back and to be in his protective arms once more. "Good morning,babe."he whispered gently into my ear and I groaned,pretending that I was still sleeping and I heard him chuckle at that. I turned back onto my other side and felt him lean up and slide his hand in an teasing way down my arm. "what..?"I asked in a fake grumpy tone. "heh..I thought آپ had a great night sleep from the special activities we had."he chuckled into my ear before stretching and walking towards the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ to make us breakfast. "do آپ intend to wake me up this early even though I'm still on Dorm arrest..?"I playfully rolled my eyes before sitting down in one of the wooden chairs,pulling the thin dress strap up on my shoulder. "I would have thought آپ wanted to spend some time together.."he smirked sarcastically before handing me a plate of food. "we did that last night. آپ were a little too late on that joke,hun."I managed to نگلنا the small amount of مالٹا, نارنگی رس, جوس before laughing. for some odd reason I was eating unusually fast and I questioned myself about it as I continued to eat. "you're hungry,when's the last time you've eaten..?"he took one of the flowers out of the vase on the counter and put it behind my ear. "it's probably from the stress I've been through lately,so I've probably starved myself and a few other things I don't want to mention.."I mumbled as I played with my food and kept glancing at the special چھری I kept beside the sink for my slashing. "don't be so hard on yourself,I've been almost the same way. that dress looks cute on you.."he changed the subject as he smiled at the small white dress that I woke up in. "thanks for dressing me in it.."I winked and giggled when he flicked my earlobe with his tongue. the گھنٹی, بیل outside the dorm sounded to life and he frowned at it. "I suppose آپ should be getting ready for school now.."I sighed deeply and propped my head up with my hand. "I can stay here another دن if آپ want me to..I don't have to go to class if that's what آپ want."he took the dishes to the sink to be washed. "I don't don't want Head Master finding out that آپ were skipping class again,do you..?"I raised an eyebrow at him and he seemed terrified at the thought of it. "fine..but if آپ want to change your mind I wont go."he smiled before walking into the bathroom to change into his uniform. "don't get killed سے طرف کی Ms. Durvin.."I sounded like a mother speaking to her child to remind he یا she to make good grades..whatever,I was just saying some helpful words. "thanks and if he shows up again just let me know and I'll be back,I promise."he slipped the جیکٹ he was wearing onto my shoulders,pecked me on the cheek and was out after the door had shut. I felt an horrible urge in my stomach and I ran into the bathroom,fluids flowing out of my mouth and into the toilet multiple times. I groaned in pain as I held my stomach and text Trent that I was sick and he text back that he promised he would be here to take me to the nurse. I dragged my feet out of the bathroom and plopped onto my بستر still holding my stomach. "Good morning,my sweets."Jack hissed into my ear and I froze up when I felt his tongue slither around on my earlobe. I looked out in the corner of my eye and he was lying there beside me on his shoulder holding him up and staring at me with his unpredictable emotional eyes and mischievous wide grin,holding a blade in his slashed hand. "I couldn't sleep last night knowing that my loving and trustworthy babe was sleeping with another man."his eyebrows seemed to dart down to let me notice that he was furious. "Jack,I want to put this is the nicest way as possible. I like someone else now that isn't you..cant آپ just move..?"I placed my hand on his shoulder. "no,that only gives me a better reason to kill you."his grin got wider and he lifted the hand that had the چھری in it. "what..?"I asked in full alarm and rolled off the بستر and he missed the target of stabbing me and ended up forcing the jagged edge into the تکیا beside him. "stop playing hard to get and come here so آپ can face your consequences."he sat on the edge of the بستر and reached his arms out towards me,but I slapped them away and ran out the door. I began to scream as I ran away from the love psycho storming behind me,holding the چھری in the air and still smiling his creepy smile. "come back my sweetheart!"he called out. I realized I was running towards a dead end,so I climbed up the ladder of the dorm building and onto the roof,running across the slippery metal and stopped when I reached the edge. "hello,Princess."Jack's head poked up from where he was climbing and pulled his entire body onto the roof and began to walk towards me,his arms out and the چھری gleaming in the bright sun. I looked down from the ledge I was on,gasping that if I fell it would be the end. "you're making this way too easy on me,Gwen."he sneered with a chuckle. "please don't kill me,Jack. I'm sorry that my mother called the cops on آپ and I'm sorry we aren't together any longer,but please have mercy.."I was swaying on the edge of the building,hearing my own heartbeat pound in my chest. "oh no,don't think of it as me killing you. think of it as me teaching آپ a lesson of what آپ done to me."his shaggy hair flew wildly in the wind and he lifted the چھری up,causing me to fall backwards in fright and I grabbed the gutters to prevent me from falling. "this little piggy went to the market and this little piggy went home. this little piggy got me sent to prison for several years and this little piggy slept with another man. And this little piggy went wee wee wee,all the way to Hell."he pulled each of my fingers off the gutters with that hissing melody and threw me off of the building,plummeting me to my death. I screamed as I hurdled down the building thinking the sight before me,visioning me squished into the ground. "I'll write to آپ once آپ get to Hell!"he called down from the building with his cracking laugh. I closed my eyes tight and waited for the worst,but I landed in the فاؤنٹین, چشمہ سے طرف کی the old oak درخت and I wasn't hurt except for the slight throbbing pain in my arm. the blade Jack was holding came flying into the فاؤنٹین, چشمہ and I looked up at the سب, سب سے اوپر of the dorm building and he had disappeared. I scattered out of the فاؤنٹین, چشمہ and ran towards Ms. Durvin's office and she didn't look so happy to see me breaking the rule of leaving my dorm. "why have آپ left your dorm,Gwen..? you're still on-."I cut her off. "please,Miss..I've just been through some stuff and I would like آپ to ask Trent Adair to come to your office. I need to talk to him about.."I told her the whole story,watching her eyes widen in shock. "Mr. Galvin,please send Trent Adair down to my office at once. thank آپ for your time."Ms. Durvin spoke to the economics teacher over the phone. Trent came sprinting into the room and grabbed me into a tight hug. "I knew I shouldn't have left آپ alone.."he held me tighter and I cried silently into his shoulder. "are آپ okay..? where did he hurt you..?"he examined me for any cuts یا bruises. "my arm kinda hurts.."I responded. "let's get آپ to the nurse then. please follow me آپ two."Ms. Durvin smiled and led us to the nurse's office right outside her's. "just a minor sprain is all the damage is,but there is something more.."the nurse looked up from her computer screen,spinning her chair to look at us. "what else could it be..?"I raised an eyebrow and Trent squeezed my hand in slight fear. "apparently since yesterday you're going through the fertilization stage."the nurse explained as she looked at some papers. "meaning..?"I was not in patients for scientific word bullshit. "it means you're pregnant,dear."she pushed her glasses up on her nose. I felt Trent tense up beside me and I looked down at my stomach,sighing. "does Ms. Durvin know..?"Trent questioned. "yes,I do know and I'm not exactly enthusiastic about it."Ms. Durvin tried to hide her anger. "Miss,I'm very sorry about all of's entirely my fault. it's just that we've been apart for so long and-."she cut him off. "what do آپ mean سے طرف کی 'apart'..?"she made peace signs with her index and middle finger on both of her hands,moving them up and down slowly. "well,we used to live in Ontario,Canada and آپ could say we were kinda in a relationship there.."he scratched the back of his head with a blush as he explained to Head Master of our dating and I began to blush slightly myself. "oh,well I understand completely. since Gwen is in this position she doesn't have to go to her morning and afternoon classes and night shifts,but آپ can shorten your classes to help her if آپ choose to."she smiled. "thanks very much,Miss."Trent shook her hand with a smile. "when do آپ think it will be time to..give birth..?"I stammered the last part to the nurse. "I'd say around February آپ would be ready to go into labor,but the baby is still in the fertilizing stage and is trying to make it's way to the uterus."she explained as she typed on her computer. Trent sat back down beside me,placing his hand on my stomach and smiling. I smiled back and he pecked me gently on the lips. "off with آپ two now..I don't want smooching all over my office."the nurse joked and Trent helped me off of the small بستر and took me سے طرف کی the hand,leading me back to the dorms. "well,now isn't this a surprise."Jack chuckle from behind us. Trent's expression turned into a glare before turning his direction towards Jack. "you must be Trent,eh..?"Jack smiled and his eyebrows darted down into a devilish looking grin. "aren't آپ Jack..?"Trent questioned with a hiss and Jack nodded in response. "I cant believe آپ have the guts to take and fuck my girl all night long."Jack laughed his clown laugh. "I thought آپ were in prison.."Trent stared him down. "I was,but I didn't want آپ getting any closer to my Gwen."he stepped آگے towards us,sending Trent into someone's dorm window and shattering it to pieces. I went over to Trent,but I was blocked سے طرف کی some sort of a force field and wound up on my back. "no playing with our new animal,sweetheart. he might fuck آپ again.."Jack hissed and picked me up سے طرف کی the neck,causing me to gasp for air. "put me down.."I choked out between breaths. "let's go finish what we started,darling."he clenched my neck with his fist as he dragged me up the ladder to the dorm building. a loud bang went off and Jack's clothing began to soak with blood and he turned to see Trent holding a gun between the two of his hands,blood coming out the corner of his mouth. Jack threw me down onto the cold metal that is the roof and walked over towards Trent with a grin. "I should have told آپ and Gwen,but I have learned a few tricks up my sleeve that would kill آپ if I wasn't having as much fun as I am now."Jack stretched his fingers out and grasped them into a fist and Trent began to gag. Jack smiled at this and lifted his hand up and forcing Trent to lift up one of the loose pieces of metal sticking up and jabbed it deep into his stomach,coughing up mouth fulls of blood. "stop cutting yourself.."Jack cracked up as he kept forcing Trent to stab himself with the rusty piece of metal. I grabbed Trent's gun and shot Jack in the head and he dropped Trent from his grasp. he began to laugh and the bullet flew at me from the bloody wound in his head and hurdled into my shoulder. "my aren't آپ two weak mortals."he chuckle and took the gun from my hand,shoving it down his throat and swallowing it. Trent leaped onto Jack from behind,plowing into the metal roof face first and punched Trent harshly across the face,causing him to roll off of him سے طرف کی the ledge. Jack picked up the blood coated rusty metal and was about to stab Trent into the stomach,but Trent grabbed the end of it and threw Jack off of the building. Jack stopped himself from falling سے طرف کی grabbing a hold of the ladder and climbing quickly back up to the roof. Jack opened his mouth and out from his throat came bullets flying towards Trent,each bullet sinking into his flesh. Trent leaned himself up against the brick chimney and coughed up blood as if he were an infant puking up it's food. "now that he's out of the picture,let's get rid of that soon to be baby,shall we..?"Jack forced me to take the چھری from his hand and held it in front of my stomach. "please,no don't do this.."I tried to stop myself from pulling the چھری towards my stomach. "hush now,it'll be done before آپ know it."Jack chuckled and with the آگے of his hand,I brought the چھری quickly towards my stomach and Trent limped himself up from the chimney and took the چھری away from me. "you shouldn't have done that,Trent."I hissed and I felt like I wasn't even talking at all. I was trapped inside my body and Jack was controlling me with his mind. "what do آپ mean..?"Trent's eyes filled with hurt and I began to scream inside my body,trying to get his attention. "I never wanted to even meet یا have a child with آپ anyhow."the mind-controlled me slapped him across the face. "I told آپ she never wanted آپ in the first place."Jack smirked at Trent. "Trent,no he's got me mind controlled."I managed to come back to reality to speak to him before the computer of myself went back into control. "quiet you.."it hissed and walked over towards Jack,kissing him on the lips. I gagged in disgust as I watched the computer of me kiss him and I saw Trent watching in complete horror. I went back into myself and pulled away quickly and the computer slapped me back into darkness. "please forgive me,Gwen.."Trent mumbled before punching me across my face,but was actually the computer's. ow..I kinda felt that آپ know. Trent and the computer began to have a major fist fight and my computer ended it سے طرف کی kicking him 'where the sun don't shine' with the rough combat boots that I was wearing. Trent gripped himself in pain and curled up on the metal of the roof,groaning out in frustration. the computer began kicking him in the side,slicing his شرٹ, قمیض open with the چھری and stabbing ever inch of skin the mind freak got to. Trent grabbed the computer's hand and slapped it across the face and slid across the roof. watch it,Trent..I'm going to still need my body after you're done killing the computer. Trent gripped the computer سے طرف کی the throat and it transferred me back to my body and I began to gag as Trent gripped my neck tighter. "Trent,let go.."I gasped and his anger disappeared and he released his tight grip on my throat and I began to cough violently. I went back into darkness once مزید and the computer pounded it's fists into Trent and he fell off the building,grabbing the edge for dear life,dangling wildly. "isn't this such an familiar way to kill you..oh well,I'm going to make your precious sweetheart throw آپ off of this building for آپ to be damned."Jack laughed hysterically. the computer gripped Trent's hands,sinking my sharp fingernails into his flesh and blood began to appear. I began to spasm and tried to come back to myself to save him,but the computer kept fighting back. "goodbye,Trent."I was forced to speak those words and the computer released the nails in his skin and flung him off towards the pavement ground. his body slammed harshly into the ground,hearing something crack from all the way up onto the building. he lied there on his stomach,arms stretched out in front of him and seemed to not be breathing. I was دیا the ability to have my body back and I climbed down the ladder and knelt down beside Trent,turning him over on his back and staring with tears in my eyes at his closed eyelids. ""I wailed and leaned down to put my face into his side. why did I ever mention Jack to him..? it was only a matter of time for Jack to read my thoughts and come after him. I could barely hear Trent's heartbeat make a sound in his chest,it only went slower سے طرف کی the second. "aren't آپ glad now that he's dead..?"Jack laughed from behind me. "you bastard,how fucking dare آپ murder him!"I got up and ran into him,slamming my small fists onto his chest. "it was آپ who murdered him,not me.."he chuckled. "you know آپ had mind controlled me and forced me to kill him."I punched him across the face and that only made him laugh louder. "at least I let آپ and your stupid baby live."he hissed with the same wide grin and I fell to my knees,putting my face into my hands and sobbing deeply into them and he continued to laugh like he hadn't committed murder. I heard him gasp and something collapsed before me. I looked up from my hands and he was lying there on the floor with his eyes widened and blood leaking from his head where a چھری was deeply into his cranium. I pulled the چھری out and jabbed the چھری into his chest and he spit up blood all over himself. "I love you,Gwen.."he whispered before closing his eyes to his death. I looked over and Trent had his eyes open and breathing heavily as he hoisted himself up on his elbow. I crawled over towards him and hugged him gently. "is that you..?"he stroked my cheek with a few of his blood coated fingers. "it's me,babe.."I smiled with tears falling from my eyes and I hugged him slightly tighter. "I'm glad that bastard's finally dead.."he coughed and I helped him to his feet,him wrapping an arm around me for support of his walking towards the nurse. "I'm just glad you're alive.."I kissed his cheek and he smiled as he sat down on the small بستر in the nurse's office. "so,about those new transportation routes-."Ms. Durvin fainted when she saw Trent beaten up on the بستر and the nurse stared with her jaw hanging open. "well,what an accident we have here.."she chuckled and got out her first aid kit. Trent was soon wrapped in white bandages around his wounds,stitched up near his chest and stomach,and had a cast on his right arm. I was the lucky one to just have a few small cuts and bruises,but I still felt bad for Trent having to go through this for three months. "I'll be right back with your crutches so آپ may leave.."the nurse smiled and walked off. "Gwen,do آپ remember the دن we were at the park and I wanted to ask آپ something before your dad took آپ away..?"Trent whispered and held my hand with his good one. "of course I do,what was it آپ were going to ask..?"I asked silently. "will آپ marry me..?"he looked into my eyes softly. "yes,Trent. I will marry you."tears plummeted down from my eyes and he leaned up slightly to kiss me on the lips. "what did I say about kissing in here..?"the nurse came back in with Trent's crutches,but we both continued to make out. "I guess the medicine made آپ high off your gears,boy."the nurse chuckled as she watched us. "I love you,Trent.."I whispered as I pulled away. "I love آپ too,Gwen."he pulled me close to him,placing his hand over the سب, سب سے اوپر of my stomach. "here's your crutches.."the nurse handed Trent them with a smirk. "thank you,Miss."Trent wobbly stood with the crutches supporting him and we both walked out of the office and went out for رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا to celebrate our the expecting of our child and engagement. Trent helped me graduate and we both moved back to Ontario to have an reunion with our old دوستوں and decided to get married at the park months after Trent healed up. I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl during our Honeymoon as we were asleep and went through labor in the hotel room. Jack's thankfully gone and Trent's never leaving me یا our precious daughter Laney Kate.

I, never thought that I
Had anymore to give
You're pushing me so far
Here I am without you
Drink, to all that we have lost
Mistakes we have made
Everything will change
Everything will change

I, oh I,
I wish this could last forever
I, oh I,
as if we could last forever

Love remains the same
Love remains the same
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sematary: were killing him he is a bad vampire یا as we should call him VAMP *takes مزید air and human blood out of trent*
sematary: oh we will if آپ want thwe world to end do آپ know how dangerous this poeple are missy
sam: is the ded done i new blaming gwen would work
gwen: آپ little! uptite bratyy little BRAT! *tackels sa,*
sam: GET OFF MY آپ HAG!
gwen:*grabs a چھری and stabs sam
sam: dies
sematary: *runs away but sets a boom when trent explodes*
gwen: trent trent! TRENT! can آپ here me
trent: y y ye yes i ca...
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trent *gets home* hi sweetie*kisses gwen*
gwen hi babe
duncan ارے trent do u here that noice
trent what noice
courtney theres a noice comming fromyour room
trent ok i'll check *gose in his room ad looks at the new case on his بستر * GWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gwen yes trent
trent what happened 2 my gatair case
gwen i got u a new one
trent i can c that i asked what happen 2 it
gwen i threw it in the garbage *says in a sad voice*
trent WHAT gwen y did u do that *gose 2 his room with his hhead dow*
gwen i was just trying 2 help
courtney whats wrong
gwen i think trent is mad at me
courtney y
gwen i got him that gutair case and he didn't want me2 get him on
courtney aww
duncan y would she do that
trent i'm not mad at her i'm just upset
duncan it's ok
trent i just want 2 b alone
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trent: *textes everyone what gwen said*
said replay* OMG that ;little tqite!
katie reply: oh i'm here for u 4ever and always
heather: i am on your side well i just don't wan t to be on wired goth girls side
lindsay: uh thats a little immature of u
brighette: team trent all the way
geoff: IMMATURE TEAM GWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
courtney: team gwen cuz your a wannabe bey chose
tyler: dude really r u this i,,ature
geoff: ارے gwen site with us
gwen: ok
geoff: ok آپ might not know this but trent emailed everyone what...
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trents pov

today me and geoff duncan and DJ were gonna watch these games and competitions from athletes around the world . سے طرف کی the way the competitions are in st. thomas. when we got there it was full but thank god djs parents work there so they took us to the front row seats!!! when we got there we sat down and the entire stadium was getting filled up. Duncan: according to this paper first up is the women 100 meter dash race. Geoff: the competitors are cruz, reece, pattison, robinson, diaz (gwens last name) and finally vonn.

the women started getting in their places and started streching. i was...
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teacher: Alright have great college education and the ungaduates come with me. Trent:*carries me and spins me around and kisses me in the forehead*. Gwen: Finally college!! Trent: come on let's go, wait a سیکنڈ your wearing the گٹار earrings!! Gwen: why wouldn't I I love them? Trent : I knew آپ would. Gwen: let's go to our پسندیدہ place. Trent: آپ mean the park? Gwen: exactly.* walks towards the motorcycle* what are آپ waiting for, sexy? Trent: I'm just going to miss this place, alot.
Trent's POV
Alright we are at the park, I am going to take her for a ride to the ساحل سمندر, بیچ at night and finally...
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trent's dad: trent can we talk to آپ for a nubute
trent: ok dad
trent" mom: trent were moving cuz me and your father' jobs got moved to Denver Colorodo
trent: were moving when do we have to go
dad: in a ماہ آپ still have time to say goodbye to your firends
duncan: whats wrong duude آپ look down
geoff: trent tell us whats wrong
trent: well i'm moving to denver coorado
duncan: thats crazy
trent: but i am really moveing
geoff: are آپ going to tell gwen
trent: i don't know when یا how i don't want to hrut her
duncan: well its easy for me when...
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آپ say say that i'm a crazy fan

yeah yeah yeah yeah

all beacuase i was talking about DXG

yeah yeah yeah yeah

show bizz hurts weather its writ یا wrong

yeah yeah yeah yeah

don't get me wrong آپ did the same da*n thing

your own your knees begging us FORGIVE ME!

but honestly do آپ think stupid

all my life i been good

ohhhh what the he*l

all آپ want to do mess aro

and all آپ really care about

if آپ love them if آپ hate them

you can try to be a friend

alll my life i been good
and ohh what the he*l
what what what
what the he*l

so what if i like i millon couples
yeah yeah yeah yeah
you will یا m,ight break...
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trent:*get pushed on to gwens window*
gwen: huh whos their
trent:*runs away*
gwen:*gose outside*
trent: what do آپ want
gwen: nothing who are you
trent: my name is trent
gwen: my name is gwen
trent *grad my hand
gwen: why
trent: just grad it
gwen:*grads trents hand
gwen: TRENT!
trent: hold on
gwen: what was that how did آپ do that
trent: i can't tell you
gwen: آپ can tellme آپ can trust me i wont tell anyone i promise
trent: fine*wispers*i am a dark vampire
gwen: why
trent: my dad made me and i didn't want to be one and if i get cauaght i could get killed
gwen: i wont tell anyone ever i swaer
trent: good*kisses gwen*
gwen: i love you
trent: i love آپ to
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Gwen:trent i am going to be late i'll be ہوم aroung 8 ok
trent:ok i love you
gwen:i love آپ to*leaves*
gwensmom:*runs in with a3 blads and a knif*
mom:*pushes trent on the floor
trent:ow!*puts his hand on his head*
mom:*stabs trent**cuts him on his forhead and both of his arms* die!
trent: *gets knocked out سے طرف کی all the beleeding*
(at work)
gwen:what why are آپ here
james:mom was at your house and she killed trent!
gwen:WHAT!*tears up*
James:i called the ایمبولینس and their at the hospital
gwen:*runs out*
(at the hospital)
gwen:what happen to him*crying*
docter:he got...
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ON FRIDAYduncan om trent and gwen r comeing 2morow and we need 2 trun inn their rent *duncan truns in the rent
trent gwen r u packed
gwen yes sweetie we need 2 gertt on the plan in 1 hr
trent ok *kisses gwen*
trent runs in * guys i am going 2 get gwen her wedding presnt
duncan dude u aredy married her is that enough
trent i don't know what were is her presnt i swer it was right there
duncan i though that was the rent form
trent yes he did i told him were it was...
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carlose: no i must kill آپ سے طرف کی doing this!
i heard loud screaming and yelling it sounded excatly like gwen she needs my help
trent:*runs insideGET OFF OF HER!*pushes carlose off of her and shots hin*
gwen:trent your here*hugs trent* i love you*crys of releaf*
trent: i love آپ to whos idiea was this
gwen: my moms*they leav
*they get on aplan*
trent: why did your mom do this
gwen: she hates me
trent: did anyone else come with you
gwen: my younger brother but he didn't make it*crys a little*
trent: i'm sorry*hugs gwen and kisses her*
gwen:thank you
*they get home
baylor: ma wa ware wur wu
trent: its along story
trent: آپ tried
trent:*puts baylor to bedyou feel ok
gwen yes i'm fine
*they kiss and go to bed
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Gwen: why do we keep time traeling
trent: i don't know but it is going to be ok*kisses gwen*
Gwen: we need to find some where to stay
trent: i thubnk i see a hotel right over there
Danny: why are آپ here
Trent: who are you
danny: danny
trent: آپ look just like are firend duncan
danny: i know i am duncan's great great great grndfather
trent: that makes sense*gose to the other room*
danny: oh what is your name princess
gwen: gwen why are آپ hitting on me
danny: cuz i have a crush on you
gwen: i have a husbend
danny: i know
gwen:then why are آپ trying to hi ton me!
dannyz cuz آپ are not right...
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oh yeahh yeah ummm
u had my hart and well b nothing world apart not even in magazines we r in venaty

cuz when u in the dark u can't c chiny cars thats when u need us their with txg all always share

bcuz when the sun shines they'll shin 2ghter told u well be شائقین 4ever کہا i'll always b your پرستار nothing much stick out 2 the end

now their fighting مزید than ever as long as we got echother

u can stand under my un=mdrella u can stand under my umbrella

their diffrnet teams well never come iiin between were a family 4 infenaty

and when the wold takes supreis

and when the wollld takes supries

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Trent: Gwen do آپ want to go
Gwen: can we stay here of a while
Trent: fine
Danny: i pronis آپ trent that Gwen will be mine
Trent: no she will not she well never fall for آپ
Danny: don't speak to soon
Trent: *gives him a angry look*
Gwen: what was that about
Trent: آپ don't have a crush on that guy do you
Gwen: no of corse not i love you
Trent: i love آپ to *kisses gwen* i think we should go now
Gwen: trent i don't want to
trent: what just a few minuts پہلے آپ کہا i don't like it here and now yo want to stay
gwen: i guess so
trent:are آپ stayig cuz of him
gwen: ye i mean no
trent: just forget it*gose...
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trent *sleeping*
gwen trent r u awake
trent gwen *waks up* GWEN*hugs gwen* i'm happy that your alive
gwen trent i luv u
trent gwen i luv u 2
trent i was scread 2 death y did u make yourslef get shot
gwen i didn't want 2 c u get hurt
trent it's ok
gwen weres payton
trent he got arested
gwen y
trent i told the police that he shot u
gwen oh
trent i'm just really happy u r alive

the cractwers r trent gwen payton and courtney and duncan
i might make a sconde book u can coomet some idieas
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Song:Together Forever

آپ are the redness in my Heart
WE shall never be apart
We shall be together
Forever and Ever.

Together Forever
Together Forever
My love for you
Your Love for me
We shall be...
Together Forever

Our دل shall never Break
Neither shall our shake
Our دل shall always be stuck together
Just like our brains and our love.

Together Forever
Together Forever
My love for you
Your love for me
We shall Be...
Together Forever

May a monster atackk you
I will defend you
May آپ die
I'll be سے طرف کی your side

Together Forever
Together Forever
My love for you
Your love for Me
We shall be...
Together Forever

There are nights were we just stare into the sky
Side سے طرف کی Side
Our دل as Red as Ever
We shall be together Forever

Together Forever
Together Forever
Together Forever
We shall be....
Together Foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.

I hope آپ like my Song for TxG
and may they be together forever in our hearts!
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gwen's p.o.v.
well its been a سال that me and trent are dating he is going to take me to as movie then a reteruant baylor is going to sleep over at trent's parents house
no ones p.o.v.
trent:you ready babe
trent:ok*kisses gwen
(after theor anafersari)
gwen*gets a call*hello
mom:gwen tomorrow when آپ wake up come to my house ok
gwen:fine*gose to bed
*the اگلے dsay at gwens moms house
mom:ok your here i want to talk to آپ about trent
gwenLwhat about him
mom:he is not what آپ think he is
gwen:what are آپ talking about
mom:look at this*pulls up a web page about vamps*
that says(vamp history) vamps...
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trent *sleeping*
gwen *sleeping *
trent *phone rings * ahh what *ansers it what
duncan trent me and courtv want 2 go 2 macys but we don't have a key what dp we do
trent just go to the offec and get another key and lock the door with that ok
duncan ok
trent *falls asleep *
gwen trent y were u talking in the middle of the night
trent well duncan called me and needed something
gwen ok
somefrike ارے u can we hang out sometime
gwen i'm married 2 him
some frike oh ok
trent that was odd
duncan courtney they have nothing that like at all in here
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Gwen: trent how are we going to find him
trent:i don't know will find him don't worry
gwen: trent i found something this morening*hands him a note thats say*
&i god آپ WORTHLESSS KID DON'T TRY TO FIND HIM CUASE آپ NEVER WILL IF آپ WANT YOUR KID BACK آپ HAVE TO KILL YOUR HUSBEND GWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gwen: how dose this person know my name?!?!?
trent: i don't know but he یا she wants me dead
Trent's p.o.v.
i thought it was Gwen's mom but i couldn't tell her that she would probably freak out sence her mom...
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