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 They're happy to see each other. ~ Awe!
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This TDI's GwenxDuncan تصویر might contain ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

posted by gwuncan23456
After TDAS Gwen won the million and she changed her dream to get مزید money for her and Courtney.Her new career was a singer.Her شائقین love her.But she has an unknown #1 fan.

Gwen's P.O.V

As we drove to my اگلے performance Courtney asked me "Gwen do آپ know who your number 1 پرستار is?" I replied with a "no"
She replied to me "Well I do." When I asked who she کہا Trent's Band and that Duncan had joined the band.We would all be competing in x Factor.I was gonna sing a song from my new album "You don't know me" which was the song I gonna was singing.I got a little sad about competing against Duncan I do still have feelings for him.But it's so weird since Courtney is my best friend and Duncan was her ex too.

To be continued
“That is ridiculous.” Davie says as the gang is now in Gwen’s وین driving down the road.

“I’m serious! That’s why those deaths were happening, and its going to happen to us too if we don’t do something about it.” Sky says worriedly now as Paris leans her head on her hand looking out the window of the car seeing a few others pass by. One little girl in the car now had a little Barbie doll as she was twisting the head of it around in circles.

Sky saw this as well now as a strange aura was felt now making her start to break out in a cold sweat.

“Ok, ok, I get that everything we...
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Picnic at Hanging Rock
I think what's it called

So Duncan and Alejandro were planning about Alejandro flirting with Courtney and make Duncan "jealous"

Courtney goes with the plan,but this time when Duncan threw the Yeti a Cody he missed,or مزید like Gwen pushed Cody out of the way.


Duncan's revenge failed.Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot(not)won.

So lets see how things go! ;)

Chris:One vote For Courtney,one for Gwen,another for Courtney,another for Gwen,and the last vote goes to...Courntey.

Chris:Goodbye!*Gives Courtney parachute*
Gwen:Bye bye Courtney!
Chris:*Pushes Courtney out the plain*

Alejandro P.O.V.

"Who was voted off"I asked Duncan."Lets just say the devil has landed"Duncan said.So Courtney's gone."Who should I use my latin charms with next?"
I asked."Heather?Sierra?"Duncan offered."No..."I said.I did an evil grin.I know who now...Gwen.
Gwen lied her head on the سوفی, لٹانا watching the water droplets slide down her cold glass of water. The ویژن ٹیلی was seen behind it, swiveled an distorted سے طرف کی the light bouncing of the water in the cup.

“And evidently there were no other survivors of this horrible accident. All we can say is that this proves that no matter where آپ go, death is all around us.” The anchorman says on the news station as Gwen then chucks the remote at the screen. The remote bounces off and lands firmly on the carpeted floor.

Cody then appeared walking inside as Gwen sat up from the couch. “Gwen…?” He called...
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“Will آپ please hurry it up Gwen!” Duncan yells while blaring the horn in the SUV, the front of it had a large silver skull on it with wings coming out the side, a little custom placing. Cody sat in the back of the large وین playing his DS as the cars motor ran. Gwen ran down the stairs of the house as she nearly tripped but held onto the banister.

“Close one.” She says to herself as she passes the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ counter and out the door holding a towel across her shoulder. Her hair had grown down her back a little and still had that midnight blue streak in it. Her skin now had مزید color...
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posted by saphire1031
The Kid’s Don’t Know

Chapter 5

Say hello, Hanalei

    “Who is ‘everyone’?” was my question. I could have asked, “Why did آپ get divorced?” یا “What is your secret?” یا “Why can’t I watch Total Drama?” But I asked a stupid question. “Our…… friends.” Mom answered. Not exactly the answer I was going for, but then Mom stood up and said, “Duncan, give me the phone. I have to call Geoff.” Duncan handed her the phone, she dialed the number to Genn’s, and said, “Geoff? Reunion party it is!”

    After Dad left mom...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
The ambulances and paramedics were surrounding the boathouse. A body bag was seen being carried into one of the ambulances. Most likely, the rest of Harold’s body. His mother was seen crying as his father held onto her, crying as well as they couldn’t even stand to watch the ایمبولینس as it drove off. Gwen and Duncan sat on a log as Gwen held her face in her hands, she was getting deathly afraid of the events happening to her, 3 deaths, weird premonitions, this dark, eerie feeling that seemed to follow her no matter where she went…strange.

“You want to go home?” Duncan asks her as...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
k so this idea came up to me after having a dream of being on Total Drama and then everyone died…don’t ask. Anyways I’ll be working on this along with the fantasy matches آپ guys request and I’ll see where it goes. I hope آپ enjoy it.

“Welcome contestants to another glorious season of Total Drama folks!” Chris McClean, the host, yells as he stands in front of the camera. A scene of the ocean and a large cruise ship is seen behind him. “This season, all of our contestants will be sent overseas to compete for yet another million dollar prize! This is Total…Drama…TITANIC!”...
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posted by tdacrazy6
Gwens P.O.V.
I reached my locker. Leshawna saw me grouchy. "Whats wrong, girl?" I slammed my locker. "Im tired of hearing Courtney nagging 'Your clothes look like a بستر sheet'" Leshawna scrunched up her face. I hate that girl!" ارے beautiful!" I turned around and saw Trent. I smiled "hey babe" Leshawna started snickered. I elbowed her. "Ow! bye girl" she walked away. "So Gwen, رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا tonight?" I thought about it for a minute. "Sorry, my moms making take care of Dylan" Trent frowned "Why is it always Dylan?!" Trent stood still for 10 سیکنڈ "Gwen I dont thi-" I cut him off. "You dont wanna...
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hopes آپ likes it :D video credit- lunatone4
posted by gwuncan23456
Courtney's P.O.V
As I saw Gwen a little sad I asked her "You do know Duncan wrote a song about you.Right?"She looked at me like a lost کتے and کہا "really?" I replied "Yes.He's singing it tonight at the competition."

Gwen's P.O.V
As I sat there I thought about Duncan and all of the good times we had.I looked at Courtney and thought about how I dumped him.I wanted to but I never got back with him.As I asked Courtney what the song was titled she replied "All Of Me"
The song sounded like it was a good song.As we arrived at the the scene of where I would be competing Courtney asked if I still had...
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