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 They're happy to see each other. ~ Awe!
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This TDI's GwenxDuncan تصویر might contain ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

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posted by FANOGWEN
(Duncan's pov)
So there's this new girl at our school and every one is judging her سے طرف کی the way she looks. I think it's just bull. This school is about the way آپ look and talk rather than there smarts. I'm gonna go talk to her.
(Gwen's pov)
This school sucks ****. Everyone here treats me horribly. It sickens me. Oh great here comes another kid. He looks pretty cool.
(no ones pov)
Duncan:hi. Gwen:hey. Duncan:I'm Duncan. Gwen:Gwen. Duncan:cool,so how u liken it here? Gwen:are آپ kidded me your the only one who hasn't insulted me. Duncan:yea sorry everyone has been acting like douches. Gwen:thanks...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
with , Dncan, Brighette and Leshawna
Duncan: i got here as fast as i coould
Leshawna: ok fine but what is this i here about آپ going to millatray school!
Duncan: i got in huge troible and my dad was super ticked off and he told me he was sending me there
Brighette: do آپ know for how long
Duncan: i don't know
Brighette: just try to make him not let آپ go
Duncan: hava آپ meat my dad!
Leshawna: just aleast try
Duncan: ok i will... wears Gwen
Leshawna: in the other room
Duncan: ok *goes in the other room*
with Duncan and Gwen
Duncan: Gwen are آپ ok
Gwen: not really...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
This is my first ever DxG fanfic ever and my stories useally are in script mode

*with Duncan*
Duncan's dad: yes it is Duncan آپ broke the law once again!
Duncan's dad: i don't care آپ live under my roof my house my rules!
Duncan: ارے i thought they were laws becuase آپ decided to TAKE OVER MY LIFE!!
Duncan's dad: do i have to remind آپ what آپ did last night!
Duncan's dad: OK آپ AND YOUR دوستوں WENT INTO A 21 یا OLDER BAR!!!
Duncan: SO i didn't drink anything!...
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Scene opens up دکھانا Chris standing in front of the tour bus. In the background is the Golden Gate Bridge with many cars speeding to and fro on it. “Last time on Total Drama Road Trip. The 12 contestants got to arrive and explore the bus that will undoubtedly cause them all the suffering in the course of the season.” Scene shows them all getting chased into the bus سے طرف کی the bulldozer and Morgyn getting crushed سے طرف کی the walls closing in. “The teams were made, some getting along far مزید than others.” Scene shows The Tumbling Weeds all arguing with one another. “Well, all in all, I can...
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“So he died basically?” Duncan says as him, Cody, Gwen, and Lillyth sit in front of a coffee shop.

“Yes! It was like, out of nowhere.” Lillyth says holding her head as she leans against the coffee table. Cody holds his chin nervously sitting back on his chair.

“And I’ve heard everyone around school talking about some girl that died at Chris’s party too. I don’t know it may be just a coincidence.” Lillyth says as she takes a sip of coffee and sighs as the wind blows سے طرف کی several leaves from the ground.

Suddenly a loud whirring noise is heard making Gwen jump as she turns around...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
The party was set now and crowds of kids and graduates were rampaging through the field. The موسیقی on the speakers around the field blasted موسیقی loudly through the field.

♫Burn, baby, burn!. Burn, baby, burn!♫

The gang had now arrived at the celebration. Cody was frantically searching around for danger as he stayed away from all the grills, sharp fences, and the cords around him. سے طرف کی now the oil spilled earlier had soaked into the soil and around the field already.

“Man, I can’t believe we’re finally leaving this hellhold.” Duncan says putting an arm around Gwen as they walked.

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Total drama college:

Gwen's P.O.V:

It feels so weird being in college after three years of being on a reality TV show, so much has happened.I've made best friends, fell in love and went on a tour around the world while traveling in first class most of the time, I even won thousands of bucks! I was nervously waiting at my bus stop with bridgette and leshawna I don't know what I'd do without them! It was completley silent until the bus got there and then we all dragged our bags behind us onto the bus and thats when I saw Duncan! He was sitting the back of the bus with Geoff and DJ. Inside I was...
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posted by colecutegirl
i will be making another dxg story soon and it is gona b about how they get married yay cupcakes 4 you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy lee: ارے gwen that was brilliant.
gwen: oh my holy shit Its amy lee!!! wow i love your music
amy: glad آپ do i came here as a guest سٹار, ستارہ and to sign a record deal to the winner.
gwen: woah awsome!

*duncan turns around and sees amy.
duncan: omfg amy lee!.
gwen: yeah i know right.
amy: so how would آپ gwen like to become famous!
gwen: that would be really cool!

a few months later.
gwen and duncan are both now 19

gwen and duncan come back from a کنسرٹ her and duncan live together now...
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posted by colecutegirl
 gwens new lok(umm 1st ever makeovr سے طرف کی me)
gwens new lok(umm 1st ever makeovr by me)
ok my first مضمون ever tell me if its sh!t lol so this is duncan gwens and trents pov spz all u dxc شائقین lolz plz تبصرہ f i should make more

dunans p.o.v

'dunkie!!' courtney sreeched and ran to me.'hey princess' i replied god she had to
make me call her that >:(First دن of school would probably suck as usual یا so i thought.
(wow ducan thinks!!)Then over courtneys
shoulder i saw the hottest goth chic ever.
she was wearing a black سکرٹ, گھیرنا with a dak purple spaghettisrap سب, سب سے اوپر and stdded boots her hair was down to her waist and had 2 purple streaks in she had a nose stud too. wow!

gwens pov

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Two chapter's today cause it's Neon's Birthday!:3

Gwen's POV

I was awakened once again, but this time it wasn't سے طرف کی a bullhorn, it was سے طرف کی an argument. I crawled down the ladder and put my clothes on as I saw Courtney and Heather going at it.

"You've had the thing for three days! Give it up!" Heather screamed. The laptop. I had completely forgotten about it after the incident with Cody interrupting Duncan and I.

"It's not like anyone's been complaining about it!" Courtney defended herself.

"Now I'm complaining! So give it!" Heather demanded. I was pulling my shirts over my head, so I didn't hear what...
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posted by HappyBunnyGirl
Chapter 1
[Gwen's POV]
Sixth season of Total Drama.
I give up.
I tried my hardest to win. I even came in سیکنڈ place. Last season, I was in third.
It was a stupid distraction, but at least Courtney didn't win.
She caused my loss last season.
She kissed Duncan.

"Go Gwen!" Cody shouted. The final three challenge was a race to the سب, سب سے اوپر of the 'haunted' house. We got to bring one person to help us, and of course I chose my boyfriend, Duncan.
Courtney chose Trent, thinking I still like him. I don't.
And the winner, Noah, chose Heather.

I lost Duncan when he fell into a hole. Chris told us to watch...
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posted by nothing-strange
Gwen's point of view :
Landscape carpeted in emerald, clouds pass like grazing بھیڑوں, بھیڑ on azure pastures,red birds carelessly visit their blue and yellow neighbors, flaunting their amiable community before the lonely hawk.Dragonflies landing on outstretched fingers,
and catching mosquitoes over the pond.
Wake up my friend .This-is-reality .
I was sitting around a campfire ,with the rest of the campers .I was shaking .My pale skin was trying to stay calm in this situations .It was total drama reunion .The silent freaked me out .Nobody sad anything .Everybody was staring at me with tired faces .We...
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Chapter 6
(Chris's P.O.V.)
You know how protective I am about my hair! I can't have some juvenile-punk teenager ruining it. So I MADE it look like I deleted the tape of Duncan and Gwen- *snickers* -making out, but I'm gonna دکھائیں it to ALL of the cast members! And I might call someone else to come and see it. XD
Well, I told Gwen to go one way out of the forest, and Duncan to go out the other way, so that it didn't look like they had been doing anything, *snickers*, inappropriate in the woods. *bursts out laughing* OH HOHOHAHAHAAA!!

(Trent's P.O.V.)
God, what the crap are Duncan and Gwen doing in...
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