TDI's GwenxDuncan WHen did آپ start to suspect DxG?

Pick one:
Duncan&# 39; s nickname for Gwen in: &# 34; The big sleep&# 34;
Duncan's nickname for Gwen in: "The big sleep"
Scary movie craze in: &# 34; Hook line and screamer&# 34;
Scary movie craze in: "Hook line and screamer"
بیڑا ride in: &# 34; camp cast- away&# 34;
بیڑا ride in: "camp cast-away"
Fist bump in: &# 34; Are we there Yetie?&# 34; * forgive my...
Fist bump in: "Are we there Yetie?" *forgive my spelling*
None. I suspected DxG in TDA.
None. I suspected DxG in TDA.
 nocofangirl218 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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