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posted by bella01
"I think she is hiding something from us"Esme said
"What do آپ mean?"Carlisle asked
"When I lead her to her room and i ask her if she is hungry and we have food downstairs she just laughed"she کہا confused
"It's like that she didn't believe that there is food here?"Emmett asked,laughing
"Why are we talking about this stupid human?"Rosalie said
"Shut up"Alice کہا angrily 'who is stupid here?maybe آپ are talking about yourself'Alice thought
""And she don't want touching her"I said
"And when someone touch her she's always in pain"Jasper said
We stopped talking when we heard a scream from upstairs."She's...
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posted by bella01
We arrive at the house.It's a very big and beautiful house and it is in the middle of the forest.I don't have many bags,just one and my گٹار case.I walked towards the house and the door was opened سے طرف کی Edward 'maybe he really is nice'.
"thank you" i کہا smiling at him."your welcome",he کہا with a mesmerizing crooked smile.
I walked inside the house with my bag.It;s not heavy because dad's power is helping me.The cullens are in front of me.Then a man and a woman take a step آگے and i'm guessing is Carlisle and Esme.
"welcome ہوم isbella",esme said."bella",edward corrected.i just smile 'my...
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posted by bella01
Now they are smiling at me.I still can't اقدام from the shock i receive.They started walking towards me,I remained frozen.I can imagine my face now paler than ever.Then i realized they are just 5 feet away from me.I took a step back.They looked surprised except dazzling girl holding the board earlier.I turned around and started to run as fast as i could.I didn't get far!cause i tripped over my own feet.'bella your such a klutz' i thought irritably.But, wait.I felt no pain.Instead,I felt 2 strong and cold arms wrapped around my waist.Then i heard someone chuckle.I tried to remove the arms wrapped...
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posted by bella01
[Edward POV]
I know I'm impatient,no I'm getting angry with the plane where my Isabella is riding.'No,no,no, she is not mine.She is my sister now'.Finally,the plane has landed.Alice is jumping up and down now.She is annoying but I love her.She is my پسندیدہ sister.I got worried because there is still no sign of a girl name Isabella.'Edward,please calm down'Jasper thought.'Hahaha,Edward is in love with our new sister'Emmett thought.'Isabella shopping shopping dress up'Alice thought.Then when I'm about to ask Alice where is Isabella.A beautiful girl came out the door.She looks so fragile.She...
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posted by bella01
"I can't sleep"I whispered.
Thoughts are keep entering my head about the family that will adopt me.What are they like?Will they like me?I don't really care because no one will like me if they know the truth about me and my parents.

We're not normal.Renee has the ability of counter attack shield and physical and mind shield.Charlie can control elements and as for me,I can see what happened to the life of the people I touch.After my parent's death,I realized that their "powers" were passed on to me.I tried to use my powers to see what happened "that day" and it brought me shock.A group of vampires...
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posted by bella01
Something's wrong.I can feel it.
There is no light in the house but Charlie's کروزر is already here.
"No",I told myself,"maybe they are just just out".I walked towards the door.i took a deep breath before opening the door.Darkness enveloped me.
Just as I thought,no lights are open.I tried to switch on the light when something made me trip over.The smell of blood hit me.I panicked "Whose blood could that be?"I asked myself,hesitating.I quickly stood up,almost loosing balance because of the feeling of nausea.I walked towards the light switch while breathing through my mouth.(one of the...
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"My Skin" - Edward/Bella/Jacob