I have wanted to write about the twins for long time now, but never could find the time یا the mind set for it. Until now therefore I’m just going to start with it.

Now I have seen a lot of people like the twins and even مزید for the loss of Aiden (his death) and the loss of his brother Ethan (for leaving after his brother’s death) and I respect that.
Here’s my POV/perspective my reasons why I NEVER liked them actually HATED them and was beyond HAPPY when they excited the دکھائیں (well kind of disappointed that only one of them died and not both) but ارے they’re both out of the دکھائیں so that’s at least something.

We got introduced with the twins as part of the alpha pack the big bad/evil in S3A. As the episodes went we were shown that Ethan wasn’t that bad that he actually was considering turning on the alpha pack, that he actually had a “good/soft” side. The whole of S3B was the twins “redeeming” themselves that’s how JD put and it’s what he wanted the fans/audience to believe and it worked for some but it didn’t work on other and I’m among the others that didn’t fell for the whole “redemption” story line.
Like I کہا the twins were introduced with big evil in S3A, since S2 we know that the alpha pack is evil and up to no good, the first episodes of S3A just proved how evil and far they are willing to go to get what they want. The alpha pack has kidnapped both Erica & Boyd in S2 finale, and held them for 3 months یا so, held them in place where they can’t shift which made all the animal side just build-up for months. They have killed Erica and kidnapped Cora and did the same to her. Now when I say they I mean all of them the twins included yes they might have not killed Erica but they might as have, they knew what’s was happing and they didn’t do anything about it they didn’t stop it and Aiden might have actually enjoyed it.  They were spying on both Lydia & Danny and would have killed them if/ when their leader alpha orders them to do so.  

JD did gives a background on them to symptoms with them (I guess) to try and understand where they came from. Now yes it was horrible that they were treated like shit سے طرف کی their former alpha and were treated badly سے طرف کی the rest of the pack and they had every right to go after the alpha and kill him. But they didn’t have to kill the rest of the rest pack because the pack only followed the orders their alpha gave to them, they DID have a CHOICE. They had a choice to just run away from Ducalain یا try to take him out (since they are very unique werewolf and actually emerge into a freaking big werewolf) yes Ducalain helped them out and they should be grateful and try to repay him it’s only fair but if it’s down to making yourself a killer/monster then at that mint آپ should just walk away. Instead they CHOOSE to be killers, they choose to fellow the orders of a killer and kill with him یا under his command. They didn’t just kill the rest of the pack they KILLED their emissary their link to humanity, an innocent who risks her/his life to try and helped them and guide them. They KILLED Boyd, and Aiden was still went with Kallie to kill Derek just because Derek refused to kill his pack and شامل میں their evil pack. In the end of S3A, when they were they went after Jennifer only because she was trying to kill them it had nothing to do with saving the innocent people that were being killed, they were looking out for themselves like they always have. This COUNTIES in S3B, they ONLY tried to شامل میں Scott’s pack to PROTECT themselves from all of their enemies, NOT because after all the HORRIBLE things they had a change of heart, it’s all about surviving it had NOGHTING to do REDEEMING themselves it’s the REASON Scott NEVER actually made part of the pack he USED them. Gave them just enough “hope” of being part of his pack one دن to use them in situations where he needed their killing skills like with the huge werewolf guy یا with the fireflies things.

I mean their first action to “redeem” themselves was to throwing a PARTY AT THE SAME PLACE (DEREK’S PLACE) THEY KILLED AN INNOCENT  BETA of Derek’s pack few weeks ago, someone that Derek & Scott (sort of cared) CARED about. How is this redeeming someone self?? Explain to me how is throwing a PARTY in THE SAME PLACE OF THE MAN آپ TOOK EVERYTHING FROM AND ALMOST KILLEED SEVERL TIMES, AND FORCED TO KILL WHAT HE CONSIDERED A  FAMILY MEMBER is any way a redemption???? How is going to the same place where they killed a kid and throwing a FREAKING PARTY on the same floor he bleed to death has ANYTHING TO DO WITH REDEMPTION???????? How come no one is talking about this?? It really made HATE the twins forever.  

Even though ethane was the “good” twin یا whatever it still does NOT redeem his actions یا non-actions for that matter if he really felt so guilty and bad about the things he’s done why not turned against the alpha pack from the beginning?? Him turning on them on the last mint after Erica & boyde died on his hands does NOT matter, he could have turned from the beginning and saved یا at least tried to help them, him turning on his pack in S3A was TOO LITTLE TOO LATE it was useless, the pack was already falling apart he just took the first کشتی to safety before the ship went down that’s all, Derek, peter and Cora already knew that kallie and Aiden were coming on a full moon to have a final battle with Derek and kill him he didn’t tell them anything new, and doesn’t even count since Jennifer came and killed all of them (as we thought at the time) so Ethan really did NOTHING to help/”save” Derek یا Scott.  

Then of course there’s the whole Lydia & Aiden and Danny & Ethan thing, yes I’m calling it thing because A) both of the twins went after Lydia & Danny because they were their assignment/mission. B) what they had is NOT a real relationship. I mean Lydia only used Aiden to get laid یا to get information from him in S3A, then S3B it was all over the place one episode she’s all over trying to use again as boy-toy then she’s getting away from evil boys/men then she’s hanging out with him but not really, but all of sudden she’s “sad: when he died. it was just a complete MESS that didn’t make any kind of sense, it also made her character look bad hooking up with the same guy who killed Erica & Boyde and tried to kill most of her friends.

As for Danny & Ethan again it was just all over the place and messy and didn’t make sense at all.  

These are the reasons I NEVER liked the twins actually HATED how much screen time they were taking from مزید IMPORTANT, مزید INTERESTING, MAIN characters like Derek hale یا even recurring مزید amazing characters like Chris, Isaac, sheriff, and Scott’s mom. It’s also the reasons I was laughing with joy when that bastard Aiden died it was about time actually it was over time for both characters, they SHOULDN’T have last that long they should have just died back in S3A with the rest of the alpha pack.

Wow this went on مزید than I planed, anyways like I کہا I don’t mind people liking یا even loving the twins for some reason, but they should be held accounted for all the horrible things they have done, things that just made HATE their very existence. Ps: they are one of the few ugliest twins I have ever seen in my life I really don’t see all the fuss about them being “hot” یا whatever they are just meh..
Tell me what آپ think.