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Those of آپ who think that ویژن ٹیلی teaches آپ nothing...well آپ are in for a rude surprise! As a sitcom fanatic (my فہرست of پسندیدہ currently adds to 32) I can tell آپ with certainty that sitcoms have a lot of life lessons to teach ranging from family, to love, to the everyday. So sit back, relax, and LEARN!

1. If آپ are married, and intend to renew your wedding vows, DON'T. آپ will end up divorced.

2. Amnesia is very common. In fact, nearly every time آپ hit your head amnesia will result. AND it's fairly simple to get rid of. Just have people:
A)Take turns hitting آپ on the head again until your memory comes back
B)Have them let آپ wander around, confused, for a few days until it comes back on its own یا something else hits آپ on the head.

3. If a friend یا member of your family introduces a cousin, aunt, uncle, sibling, etc that looks EXACTLY like them, run in the other direction. They are always EVIL.

4. Do not hire a butler, a maid, یا a nanny unless آپ are willing to accept them into your family. Either آپ یا a family member will end up falling in love with them. In the case of two یا مزید of the above living under one roof, prepare for double the love troubles.

5. If آپ have a pet, آپ don't need to train them! They will grow up to perform tricks, save people's lives, and be really really cute entirely on their own!

6. If آپ have a secret, the entire world will know in just 22 short minutes. Doesn't matter if آپ "tell" anyone, somehow everyone will still find out.

7. آپ will dislike the company of (possibly even despise) your in-laws.
7a. آپ will dislike your kid'(s) bf/gf.
7b. 9 times out of 10 they will also dislike you.

8. Twins are a really common phenomenon (both identical and fraternal). آپ can have twins easily with no fertility treatments! Wow, awesome! So if آپ are expecting, don't just eat for 2. Play it محفوظ and eat for 3.

9. If آپ see a pair of handcuffs, don't touch them. Just don't. The keys are always missing. But if آپ do happen to touch the handcuffs, prepare yourself to wind up being attached to:
A)The sibling آپ like the least
B)Someone ridiculous (i.e. hooker, stranger, etc)
C)Someone آپ can't stand
D)All of the above?
This will normally last for around 24 hours.

10. Stag/Hen parties are always, always, always a BAD idea. No elaboration needed.

11. Running into your ex(s), even in a big city, is really common and will always happen when آپ are with your current significant other.
11a. If your ex calls and wants to see آپ DO NOT (i repeat) DO NOT agree to see them again because they will always attempt to get back together with you.
11b. Conversely, if آپ attempt reconciliation they will always be with their significant other. Damn.

12. It is not only easy to meet your پسندیدہ celebrity, but appearing on their show, singing with them, یا getting them to assist آپ in some hair brained scheme is also fairly simple.

13. Never buy an expensive vase, desk, lamp, piece of furniture, vest, dress, watch (ok, just don't buy anything expensive at all!) because it will somehow end up broken, lost, یا destroyed.
13a. Hint: If آپ have children, they did it.
13b. If آپ don't have children, it's most likely an extraneous family member causing trouble. See #7.

14. If آپ intend to throw someone a surprise party یا event of some sort, they will always find out. See #6.

15. Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, TV/Radio hosts, Musicians, and Designers are all very common career choices. Hardly anyone ever becomes a Teacher, Secretary, Clerk, یا Accountant. (How boring!)

16. If آپ do something terrible to a friend یا family member all آپ need to do is apologize and all will be forgiven. Whether آپ called your sibling a nasty name یا cheated on your spouse, they will forgive آپ and life moves on. After all, that's what دوستوں and family do! NOTE: Sometimes, multiple apologies may be necessary.

17. Beware of your neighbors. They are always annoying and generally very nosy. If آپ suspect they are spying on you, it's because they probably are! They never have anything better to do with their time except come over and bother you. Better get used to it!

18. If آپ have a cellar, make sure to check it on a semi-normal basis. Somehow, someone will end up stuck down there (and they'll start losing their minds almost immediately!)

19. If آپ are a teenager, آپ will always get the boy/girl of your dreams to fall for you. It doesn't matter if آپ are the world's biggest nerd and they are the world's biggest hottie; just pursue them for a little while and everything will turn out the way آپ want. (Again, this may take a little time. But don't despair, it will happen!)

20. Never eavesdrop. آپ will inevitably misinterpret the overheard conversation and come to a grandiose and incorrect conclusion which will result in your embarrassment. So, if آپ hear two people آپ know discussing something important, resist the urge to listen in.

Note from the author: The above does not necessarily apply to animated یا "mockumentary" sitcoms (i.e. The Simpsons, The Office, Scrubs, Family Guy, Modern Family, etc.)
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 Image A: Veoh Player
Image A: Veoh Player
As many of آپ would know, I love to لوڈ اپ ویڈیوز to many spots on here (television is something of an addiction of mine). Many of these ویڈیوز happen to be Veoh ویڈیوز which are only available in 5 منٹ previews. One recurring theme of many of the تبصرے I receive on these ویڈیوز is that it isn’t the whole video and people seem unsure as to how to download. So here’s my step-by-step guide on Veoh videos!

1. Firstly you’re going to need the Veoh player (Image A). Here’s a link to the download page:
You may think it’s a hassle to have to download a player, but it doesn’t...
continue reading...
30 Years Of Chasing The Dream Of Being A ویژن ٹیلی Writer and How It Came True سے طرف کی Stage32.com Founder/CEO Richard "RB" Botto via link For مزید videos, please visit link
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Opening credits for the HBO series 'Big Love.'
big love
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