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I love the دکھائیں of 24 and I decided to rank the my پسندیدہ characters, this time minus spoilers for those who may have not seen the دکھائیں یا may have not seen all of it. Here goes with the first (and obvious) پسندیدہ character:

Jack Bauer –

Where in the world do آپ start with Jack Bauer? First of all he is the best TV character of all time, barring no one. He suffers tragic loss and extreme pain and torture (as well as inflicting some himself) takes out the bad guys and saves the world from horrific terror attacks, all in 24 hours, time after time! He is very loyal, shows no mercy and looks awesome with a gun and sunglasses. He is a modern superhero who is unforgettable and can always be relied upon to save the day. Plus he’s the one character آپ never have to worry about dying, no matter how much danger he’s in. He works at the L.A. Counter Terrorism Unit and is a key member of their team, serving in various positions throughout his career and is close to several people who work there, who can always be relied upon to have his back, when no one else does. His family members include his wife Teri and daughter Kim, both of which unwittingly can become involved in the days’ events.

Played by: Kiefer Sutherland

2. Tony Almeida-

Tony Almeida is a spectacular, tough and yet emotional character, who is tied in my opinion with my اگلے listed character. He is awesome in his own way, but he isn’t as uncaring and sacrificing like Jack. He cares for his family and دوستوں مزید than anything and would give up everything to keep them safe. He has been Director of CTU and an experienced agent, who hasn’t always been so lucky in his personal life. Tony is memorable in many ways and آپ will find yourself quickly becoming attached to him. Tony may not have always agreed with all of Jack’s methods, but he almost always had his back. Sometimes his personal issues took priority, especially when it concerned those he loves.

Played by: Carlos Bernard

(Also 2.) Chloe O’Brian-

Chloe O’Brian is another amazing character who I love just as much as Tony Almeida (which is why she is tied with him in my opinion). She is a senior data analyst, the best and a total computer whiz. She is also someone آپ don’t want to match wits with, because آپ will lose, no doubt about that. She is extremely loyal to Jack and would risk everything to help him out, because she knows he’s right. She is remarkable character and although she’s a bit geeky آپ will always want her on your side. She was previously married to Morris O’ Brian, who is a perfect match for her. She is known for her grumpy ‘Chloe face’ and is one of the most loyal, most sarcastic characters آپ will ever meet.

Played by: Mary Lynn Rajskub (pronounced Rice-Cub).

3. David Palmer

David Palmer is one of the most upright and moral characters who is grateful to Jack and the rest of CTU for saving his life many times. He is loyal to Jack and will always listen to Jack when the CTU agent needs assistance یا wants to give advice. He also has an ambitious and beautiful wife شیری and two children, Keith and Nicole. He is a great guy who آپ know will make the right decisions, no matter how tough they can be.

Played by: Dennis Haysbert.

4. Michelle Dessler-

Michelle was introduced in Season 2 as working for CTU and just got better, becoming one of Jack’s closest and most trusted allies as well as one of his closest friends. She eventually married Tony Almeida and both would go through many harrowing circumstances in which they had to make hard decisions for the other and for themselves. She is a beautiful agent who gets the job done and is committed to keeping her country محفوظ and to stopping the terrorists, even when it involves hard decisions.

Played by: Reiko Aylesworth.

5. Morris O’Brian-

Morris O’Brian is married to Chloe O’Brian and is similar to her in many ways, also being a smart data analyst with sarcasm being a strong point for the both of them. Morris O’Brian is a lovable guy, who might give his superiors a hard time, but is unwavering in his devotion to Chloe, even if he is skeptical of some of Jack’s plans. مجموعی طور پر he is a great agent and good comedic relief for when the days become stressful.

Played by: Carlo Rota.

6. Renee Walker-

Although she is introduced later in the show, FBI Special Agent Renee Walker quickly becomes a strong, capable agent آپ will never forget. Although she disapproves of Jack’s “the end justifies the means” tactics at first, she eventually goes as far as he does and realizes what needs to be done to keep her country محفوظ and herself alive. Permanently scarred, she later resurfaces as a broken woman and yet is willing to work a dangerous undercover mission for her country, even if it could mean death for the beautiful redhead. She and Jack have a special relationship and had each other’s backs during the eventful days.

Played by: Annie Wersching.

7. Edgar Stiles-

Edgar Stiles was a lovable tech analyst at CTU who was a big help to Chloe on multiple occasions and became her best friend. In دن 4 when nuclear plants were melting down and his mother was at risk, he was willing to risk it all for her, being loyal to family and دوستوں above all and آپ know Chloe would always do the same the same for him. Although he was a geek he knew what the right decisions were and آپ could always count on him.

Played by: Louis Lombardi.

8. Bill Buchanan

Bill Buchanan may not come in under the best circumstances یا at the best time. But he becomes a great Director and is a good moral compass. He trusts Jack implicitly . He is married to Karen Hayes who is involved with Homeland Security and then as a trusted adviser to President Wayne Palmer. He risks a lot, is committed to making sure his country stays محفوظ and realizes Jack is usually the answer.

Played by: James Morrison

9. Nina Myers-

Nina Myers was Jack’s most trusted confidante at CTU who was a big help to Jack in the first season and was totally epic in the other seasons she appeared in. She is formidable nemesis to her enemies and a smart, resourceful woman آپ don’t want to cross.

Played by: Sarah Clarke.

10. Curtis Manning-

Curtis Manning is a field agent like Jack, introduced midway throughout the series. Like Jack he is resilient and perfectly capable of saving his family, دوستوں and country, all while killing terrorists who threaten their safety. He was an amazing agent, and although he doubted Jack’s capabilities and was at times jealous of him, but eventually they learned to work together and were a unstoppable team vanquishing terrorists and stopping their diabolical attacks.

Played by: Roger Cross.

11. Kate Morgan-

Kate مورگن is my پسندیدہ new character added in 24: Live Another Day, in addition to being the only one to make it on this list. She is also similar to Jack Bauer (she’s a field agent too) and thinks like him. She is a brilliant CIA agent who is dedicated to the truth and her country. It’s so great to watch her and Jack become trusted partners and risk their lives to keep London and their loved ones محفوظ She has the same great attributes of Renee Walker and Jack Bauer and that’s why I love her.

Played by: Yvonne Strahovski.

12. شیری Palmer-

شیری Palmer is a enigma tough to definitively figure out. This pretty woman is the is the wife of Senator David Palmer and seems to be a supporting wife and mother who had a great touch, excited for her husband’s candidacy for President and perhaps a bit too eager to be first lady. She is a protective mother who cares about her children, Keith and Nicole and will do what she has to to always keep them safe. She really is a unique character who is cool to watch and figure out.

Played by: Penny Jerald Johnson.

13. Wayne Palmer-

Wayne Palmer, brother of David Palmer, first came on the scene in Season 3.He is a somewhat different from his brother, being مزید reckless and a little مزید morally flexible. He is a loyal brother to David and will acquiesce to his decisions, whether he likes them یا not. Later on he had some issues, but مجموعی طور پر he is a good character and addition to the show.

Played by: D.B. Woodside

14. George Mason-

Somewhat out for himself and being blackmailed frequently, George Mason is a brilliant Director who has a nasty habit of doing the right thing in spite of himself. In the beginning, he is a by-the-book bureaucrat, anti-Jack and generally disapproving of the other agents methods. he becomes مزید lovable as he goes on with a very satisfying redemption arc. He eventually becoming this great and memorable guy who made grave sacrifices for his country with some help from his fellow agents. One of the best and most emotional scenes ever is when he brings his estranged son John into his office and tells him how sorry he is that he wasn’t always there for him, bringing himself and his son to tears. He also encourages Michelle Dessler to follow her dreams, all while he is serving his country سے طرف کی trying to prevent terrorist schemes from becoming a reality.

Played by: Xander Berkeley

15. Chase Edmunds-

Chase Edmunds is probably the most underrated 24 character ever. I would describe him as a younger, مزید level-headed Jack who still gets the job done. Mid way throughout the دکھائیں he is Jack’s partner on the field and is a great assistance. He is a strong, determined character and could be compared to Batman’s Robin, who is a little hot-headed at times, just like Chase himself.

Played by: James Badge Dale.

16. Mike Novick-

‘Turtleface’ himself has been around since Season 1 as David Palmer’s campaign manager. He gives sound advice and is good a being a part of major (and successful) decisions. He is good at diffusing situations and making beneficial decisions for those he serves.

Played by: Jude Ciccolella.

17. Aaron Pierce-

Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce is one of the best. He is conscientious and willing to protect all under his charge, usually at risk to his own life. He also first makes an appearance in Season 1 and is in charge of protecting David Palmer, then later Charles Logan and the Logan family and Olivia Taylor among others, eventually he seems to find happiness, but not before going through hell first. He is the perfect example of the man آپ want at your side to keep آپ safe.

Played by: Glenn Morshower.

18. Cole Ortiz-

Cole Ortiz is also a late comer, being an agent of CTU New York Season 8 is his first appearance but I think he was a good, engaging character, one to care about, but a little bit of a wild card which always spices things up. He was engaged to co-worker Dana Walsh, a blond agent who went through a lot that day. Cole is a strong, capable agent who although emotional is not to be underestimated and played an important role in the day’s events.

Played by: Freddie Prinze Jr.

19. Audrey Raines-

Audrey Raines is the daughter of Secretary of Defense James Heller who cares an immense amount for Jack and her father. She was a capable and very beautiful woman who assisted CTU when she could. She was good دوستوں with most of the agents, especially Chloe O’Brian.

Played by: Kim Raver.

20. Kim Bauer-

Kim Bauer, who like Jack makes her own rules, is 24’s own damsel in distress. She starts off in Season 1 سے طرف کی playing chess with her dad, Jack Bauer, but things start to go south and she goes through a ton of scary things, before her life returns to some semblance of normalness. She cares a lot for people in trouble and will risk everything to help those that she thinks needs it. Sadly with her dad’s turbulent life and her own issues, it is awhile before she can be somewhat happy. Although she can annoy آپ at times, I like Kim because she is Jack’s daughter and although she goes through a lot, she comes out on سب, سب سے اوپر in the end.

Played by: Elisha Cuthbert

21. Dana Walsh-

Dana Walsh was also introduced in Season 8, She is a senior data analyst at CTU New York and is engaged to field agent Cole Ortiz, a seemingly happy and steady life. When آپ meet her, آپ admire her grit and capability. آپ feel sorry as she goes through a load of personal issues, that just don’t seem to end. I like her because she is an unpredictable woman, who keeps آپ guessing.

Played by: Katee Sackhoff.

22. James Heller-

We meet Secretary of Defense James Heller in Season 4 as an important government man and father to Audrey Raines and psycho son Richard, who hates him. He is an independent man who strongly believes in the good aspects of the government.

Played by: William Devane.

23. Allison Taylor-

First 24 woman president Allison Taylor has her morals. She does not believe in “the end justifies the means” tactics and is not a پرستار of Jack Bauer until he proves to be a huge help to her and her family. She will obey the law strictly, no matter the cost and is a woman deserving of the office she serves.

Played by: چیری, آلو بالو Jones.

24. Arlo Glass-

Arlo definitely has major issues, but is a good CTU worker and loyal to it. We meet him in Season 8 with kind of a weird obsession about engaged Dana Walsh, but he quickly shows his worth. He has been the target of Chloe’s sarcasm but is a capable agent, jsut doing his job and helping those around him. A prime example of this is when he was trying to figure out how to help Dana, and making sure Cole could have the information he needed so Cole could help his troubled fiancée. In the end, although Arlo has some really apparent issues, he becomes a great help with unraveling the various problems during the day.

Played by: John Boyd.

25. Teri Bauer-

Teri Bauer is Jack’s Bauer’s beloved wife and mother to wayward Kimberly Bauer. She is worried continually about her husband and daughter and like شیری Palmer, will risk everything to keep them safe. She is first shown sitting at her dining room میز, جدول on a laptop when Kim slights her because of her teenage anger at her mom. She experiences the worst دن of her life in Season 1 along with her beloved daughter and husband, even though a little bit of happiness manifests itself as well.

Played by: Leslie Hope.

26. Mandy

Mandy is super awesome, even if آپ didn’t see her all that often, She is smart, pretty and extremely resourceful and knows how to get the job done. I love how relentless she is while on a job.

Played by: Mia Kirshner.

27. Omar Hassan-

President Omar Hassan of the fictional Kamistan is introduced in Season 8 and is willing to sacrifice it all for his family and the people of the United States and Kamistan. involved in peace talks with President Taylor and then news of an assassination attempts to occur is received at CTU and someone close to him and his administration is revealed to be involved. Fortunately things don’t go the bad guys way, thanks to Cole, Jack and Chloe. Hassan becomes paranoid and invokes the anger of those around him, who view him as unstable. مجموعی طور پر he is a great President committed to his family and the people he pledged to serve.

Played by: Anil Kapoor.

28. Brian Hastings-

Brian Hastings comes on the scene during Season 8 as the new CTU director in New York. He is a committed guy, doing everything for the good of the country and almost always obeys his orders. Chloe and Jack sometimes annoy him, but he realizes both of their importance and helps accordingly. He pushes all his employees to do their absolute best and expects no less of himself.

Played by: Mykelti Williamson.

29. Ethan Kanin-

Ethan Kanin is introduced along with President Taylor in season 7 as her conscientious chief of staff. He guides her on the right paths and she heavily relied on him, expecting him to help her make decisions of national importance, in addition to caring for him as a good friend.

Played by: Bob Gunton.

30. Dalia Hassan-

Dalia Hassan is the wife of President Omar Hassan and mother to Kayla (Kila) Hassan, She is a strong woman who does what she needs to fulfill her promises. She believes in the peace agreement and alliance to be formed between her native country and the United States. At the end of Season 8, it is assumed she returned ہوم with her daughter to Kamistan, a powerful and influential woman.

Played by: Necar Zadegan.

31. Jamey Farrell-

Jamey Farrell is a smart data analyst and single mother who Jack trusts. She is tasked with decrypting various cards and helping Jack figure out the leak located within CTU. She has a mother and a son, Kyle.

Played by: Karina Arroyave.

32. Martha Logan-

Martha Logan is the wife of President Charles Logan. She is extremely emotional and has mental issues. She was a really good friend of President David Palmer evn if they don’t see eye to eye politically. She is determined to figure out fishy developments inside the White House and figure out who the traitor is that operating within the White House. Her husband in involved with treaties with the Russian government and she forms a strong bond with President Yuri Suvarov and his wife Anya, who trust her as she trusts them. Although she was seriously an emotional train wreck, she definitely had her great moments!

Played by: Jean Smart.

33. Milo Pressman-

Milo Pressman was briefly in Season 1 helping Jamey try to decode a keycard, but returned as a main character later. He is دیا a hard time سے طرف کی Morris O’Brian, since he is very uptight. He wanted a relationship with co-worker Nadia Yassir who seems to care for him too. He is very skilled and was instrumental in bringing to an end the terrors of the day. He is a smart analyst who will always want as a part of your team.

Played by: Eric Balfour.

34. Kayla Hassan-

Kayla (Kila) Hassan is the daughter of Omar and Dalia Hassan. She is مزید sheltered, and loves her father and her mother, but is unhappy when her mother leaves and her father refuses to see her and then she takes matters into her own hands. I like her because she is strong and not super emotional and is one of the most loveliest female characters 24 has had.

Played by: Nazneen Contractor.

35. Dina Araz-

Dina Araz and her family were a cell of a terrorist group in Season 4. She was fully invested in the terrorist plot and making sure it worked, willing to give up and kill just about everyone, to a point. She is a mysterious character who most will be rooting for, even if some of the things she does are less than legal.

Played by: Shohreh Aghdashloo.

36. Olivia Taylor-

Olivia Taylor is the daughter of President Allison Taylor and is introduced to us in Season 7. She was originally kicked off the campaign after leaking damaging information about her mother’s rival. But now she’s back in the game and seems to be reformed But when she arrives at the White House, tragic events take place and she barely escapes with her life, to take over a high position in her mother’s cabinet and to be influential in her decision-making.

Played by: Sprague Grayden.

I hope آپ enjoyed this فہرست and if آپ haven’t already, watch یا finish watching the amazing دکھائیں called 24. Feel free to تبصرہ below and tell me what آپ thought!
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