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the amazing world of gumball
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Mr.Small got back to his job sooner یا later as well as Gumball and Darwin. Gumball had just now realized something important.
Tomorrow's the field trip to the pool!
So? کہا Darwin
Ms.Dian will be there!!!
So will Mr.Small!
Shes gonna be in a bikini dude!!!!
Uh oh.
So hows this gonna work out?
Gumball though and though.
But nothing came to mind
Absolutly nothing.

Anyways, Mr.Small was walking along the sidewalk wondering what to do about his deal with Ms.Dian. He didn't have the courage to ask her out!!!! Mr.Small finally decided to give up until he came across Gumballs house. He knocked...
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THIS TOTALLY WORKS! No glasses 3D for realz. Follow the instructions - then send it on to your دوستوں ;) Uploaded سے طرف کی Carrie
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the amazing world of gumball
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Bacteria! They begin with just the one... Uploaded سے طرف کی Rocky Robinson
the amazing world of gumball
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rocky robinson
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Bruce:Man,I HATE (mocking voice)Valentine's Day!
Darwin:i like it!
Bruce:I HATE IT! look at gumball,being stupid.LAME!
(gumball kisses penny on lips,Bruce exclaims disgust)
Gumball:bruce,isnt there somewhere آپ have to be?
Bruce:Gumball,heres something.
(gumball looks at fake photo,goes up to penny and complains,bruce smiles)
(Gumball and penny kick bruce in the face)
Gumball(interupting episode):and thats how bruce learned to never mess with valentines day,no matter ho much he hates it.
(credits roll)
Bruce:i hate everyone.
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the amazing world of gumball
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