مکڑی Man! مکڑی Man!
Hi guys, I happened to watch this film with my younger brother just now. I am very impressed سے طرف کی it and here is my review!

The Story-Line

I was a bit disappointed that Toby Macguire did not reprise his role as the عنوان character, but I have to give a round of applause to Tom Holland for nailing Peter Parker perfectly! When I first watched the film, I thought that from the beginning it was going to be like the Blair Witch Project because it was recorded on Video Camera at the beginning.
The scariest part was the scene where مکڑی Man climb the tall monument in Washington D.C., that hands were sweating like mad because I could not imagine myself being at such height like that!
The ending part was the funniest, with Aunty May just saying 'What the' while Peter tries out his new Spider-Man outfit.

The Characters

I was a bit disappointed that Captain America didn't make a full appearance in this and it's only Iron Man, speaking of him. My younger brother کہا that he looks like Walt Disney!
I was happy that Peter did not kill the Vulture, and that he got on well with Happy in the Gents.

See آپ مکڑی Man!

So, here is my review on the film, it's short and I know it!
Go مکڑی Man!