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posted by kingofrandom
It all started when I Left the water kingdom to go back to my ہوم land. When i got there the king of the بادل nation,(lord storm) was infuriated. آپ see it is forbidden for any ventus full blood,(royalty)to even breath in the presence of a water nation citizen because the two kings hated each other.After a through and through talking to i make my way to my room and went to sleep because of the early morning at the immortal school.The اگلے دن we had a guest speaker an anubi which was very rare and only happened on special occasions. And today it indeed was today the anubi would pick a student from our class to teach advanced air bending and once graduated be enlisted into the air knights academy and سے طرف کی دیا there own cloud.the anubi looked around the room and stoped and floated quickly towards me.You come with me everyone knew what that meant i was chosen to be taught سے طرف کی a master! he told me to pack up my things and follow him so I did just that.