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Some of these facts are ones that I've learned over the years so I no longer remember who the original ذریعہ is. Otherwise, these are details that I've noticed. And if آپ happen to know any مزید interesting bits about the Daily Show, please do share!

 Ace and Gary, voiced سے طرف کی Carell and Colbert.
Ace and Gary, voiced سے طرف کی Carell and Colbert.
1. Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert provided the voices for the Ambiguously Gay Duo, the TV Funhouse دکھائیں that was on SNL. Listen to the voices while link, and see whether آپ identify who is speaking for Ace and Gary.

2. Though Fonda's makeout with Colbert was distinctive, her sitting on his lap...
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From episode dated 17 September 2004 promoting his book "America: A Citizen's Guide To Democracy Inaction".
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