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Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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The Doctor ran into the TARDIS, slammed the door shut and slid down to the floor exhausted. He should never have asked those sontarans who چرا لیا, چوری کی all their handbags.
‘Well, that was unsuccessful.’ He کہا lifting himself to his feet.
‘Doctor!’ someone was banging on the door. ‘Doctor, let me in!.’ He opened the doors to find River, shooting at a couple of sontarans before coming in, still firing. ‘Well shut the doors!.’ The Doctor did so. ‘Well, that was unsuccessful.’ She put her gun back in her belt.
‘River, what are آپ doing?.’
‘Sontarans, never ask if their on a hen night.’ The Doctor shook his head. ‘What?.’
‘River, آپ can’t do things like that.’ He walked past her and went over to the control panel. ‘You’ll end up in big trouble یا worse. Your already in jail.’
‘No thanks to you.’ He turned back round to face her. ‘If آپ never re-altered that time line..’
‘There was no other way.’ He was getting frustrated, River could tell. She always knew when something was wrong. He stared at the floor. ‘I’m sorry.’ River went over to him, took his face in her hands and lifted...