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images.. :D rare one's (for me)
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This The Gazette تصویر might contain کنسرٹ.

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Source: سے طرف کی mittilla
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Real Name: Uke Yutaka (受 毛豊)
Blood Type: B
Birth date: October 28, 1981
Hobby: Soccer, Cooking, Collecting Zippos
Piercing count: 2 (left ear)
Foot size: 25 ~ 27
Ring size: 19 ~ 21
Height: 172 cm
Tobacco: Marlboro Red
Cologne: Jaguar, Sculpture, Bvlgari for men
Disliked food: Potato, Eggplant
Favourite drink: “Not ringo رس, جوس (laugh) - سیب, ایپل juice”
Favourite brand: custom culture, Just in Davis, TENDERLOIN, Starring gear*
My boom: custom culture
Place of birth: “New Jersey would be nice!” He’s actually born in Tokushima
Collection: Zippo, clothes from custom culture
Liked type: A motherly...
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some facts the شائقین might not know...

-Aoi's sister is 10 years older than him while his brother is 6 years older
-Reita's parents divorced when he was 5. currently staying with his mother, sister and grandmother
-Reita's پسندیدہ movie is still Face Off
-Ruki wants to go to Hawaii
-Reita stopped smoking on September 2010 along with Uruha and Kai while the other 2 are still active
-Reita is attracted سے طرف کی ENGLISH CONVERSATION [talk loudly in English when you're in Japan]
-Reita is the type that would cry when he sees others cry
-Reita loves hamburgers, MC Donalds and KFC
-if Reita is not a bassist, he would have become a 'noseless' POLITICIAN
-"I won't quit until I hold the person I love close while the cigarette smoke wreathes us." [said سے طرف کی Aoi]

[that is the ڈیٹس اپ I have for now. I will update when I have مزید soon!]
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