Eva's Dress
This one is for Ashesandwine,Halloula,Adamsgirl23, and jackobblackfan23. thank آپ and please enjoy

Kyle walked over to the side of the room, I could tell he wanted me to fallow. I walked over slowly trying not to draw attention to us. he whispered in my ear "Our wedding has to be soon Kerri has to اقدام to Africa for her job and I need her at the wedding" "Okay hon آپ pick when" "are آپ sure?" he asked "The sooner we are marred the better" he walked to the میز, جدول and I told the family that the wedding would be Sunday. I called Beth and told her. before I knew it she was a my door ready to help. we went to the wedding dress store it must have took three hours. But I found the perfect dress. Beth my mother Molly and Kerri and I had time to talk. I went to sleep the last night of being a unmarried woman. I woke to the buzzing of the alarm clock it was the day!!! I got up told Molly and Kerri to come with me and we went to get ready Beth was waiting on us in the car. I looked beautiful and so did Molly she looked like an angel and Beth she looked like an angel also and Kerri she was so pretty. We got to the Church at 12:30 pm I got changed and I was looking at the brown and سونا door separating me from Kyle I waited for the موسیقی and told Molly to go with the flowers, The bridesmaids were Kerri and Beth they walked out. the door was wide open every eye in the room was on me there were at lest 300 people so 600 eyes looking at me put the only one that I could see was Kyle. he looked at me as if I were The only one here and he smiled at me as I walked down the Isle I could feel the tears coming. They would be Golden Tears no madder if they looked clear. I looked at the preacher and he کہا "We are all gathered here today" it was the perfect day. as time passed it got to the part were I کہا "I do" and then the man کہا "you may kiss the bride" Kyle leaned in and so did I. Our lips met that 5 سیکنڈ felt like forever ever thing was quiet my eyes were closed I felt love. it was magical and wonderful. all I new it would be. I pulled away and he picked me up off my feet and we walked out of the chapel. I was a Cinderella. But would it last forever......
The Kiss