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 Lol piper...
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This continues the The Big دن یا is it? story. So for now on it will be called Hope it Happens because its not the wedding دن anymore. So before آپ all know what happens. Annabeth and Percy get married, Percy dyes, Annabeth almost brakes up with him, bla-bla-bla. On with the story!

Its been a week sense I've seen Annabeth یا my friends. Its also my birthday today. I just turned 17 today. Maybe dad will let me see Annabeth and my دوستوں today. But my dad has been gone for two hours. That's longest he's ever been at Olympus....
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Okay, so before I even start this, I'm going to say 3 things:

1) THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a warning! :)

2) This is totally biased because Percy always annoyed me in the first series (I know, I'm a freak for saying that and I have no logical explanation for it...I always loved Annabeth and Grover مزید than's weird but true).

2) These are just my opinions and please don't get mad at me for them! :) Thanks. But also, please share your opinions in the تبصرے (but please be nice).

Sooooo, here are my thoughts on why Jason is actually really awesome, even though so...
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posted by Asmadasahater
This is all the minor roman gods. I hope this can help if آپ are writing a fanfic.

Abeona- Protector of children leaving the home.
Abudantia- Goddess of luck, abundance and prosperity. She distributed food and money from a cornucopia.
Adeona- Goddess who guides children back home.
Aequitas- God of fair trade and honest merchants.
Aera Cura- Goddess associated with the underworld.
Aeternitas- Personification of eternity.
Africus- God of the Southwest wind.
Alemonia- Goddess who feeds unborn children.
Angerona- Goddess of Secrecy and protector of Rome. Festival Divalia یا Angeronalia December...
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posted by Amphitrite
 Piper, maybe.
Piper, maybe.
Since Rick Riordan gave us a glimpse of the new story, speculations and theories have been flying from all directions. I'm here to sort and sift through some good theories about Piper. In case, آپ haven't read the sample chapterslink and enter "newhero" in the ورڈ پاس field.
    Piper seems to be the lead female character, and an interesting one at that. She is half Native American (Cherokee) and half Olympian! She smells of cinnamon and according to the "popular clique" of The Wilderness School she's a Klepto. I know what you're thinking, daughter of Hermes, right? Not...
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