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This is Amber from all the House of Anubis verisons. The one on the right آپ already know. The one in the middle is from Das Haus Anubis and the other one is from Het Huis Anubis.
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This The House of Anubis تصویر contains پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ. There might also be کاک کپڑے, میان, کوکٹیل, لباس, گاؤن, nightie کے, رات چوغہ, nightdress, ناگوںگوون, ناگوںی, رات لباس, ناگوںدریسس, فراک, and چغا.

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(Theme song is little me سے طرف کی Little mix)
Everyone: *silent*
Alfie: Why are we all so silent
Patricia: *Points to Victor on the phone*
Alfie: Oh I didn't know abo-
Victor: Quiet down!!
Everyone: *eating quietly*
Amber: *whispering to Nina* So have آپ heard about the girl that went missing?
Nina: Yeah, in the newspaper right?
Amber: *nod*
*At class*
Nina: Don't آپ think it's a bit strange that she went missing with her mom and right اگلے to the Anubis house?
Fabian: Yeah, آپ don't think that it might be another mystery right
Amber: If it is sibuna is totally back!
Nina: But we need to find more...
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joy- ارے nina im sorry ive been acting latley i was just..........Jealous
nine-Jealous of what?
joy- well آپ beening with fabian
joy-anyways,lets talk about mysteries like why is King tut so angry and i dont know wierd about the cup of ankh?
nina- Hes after me and senkarah but hes dead alfie once pretend to be him!
joy-*put wierd face on*
* Meanwhile.*
Fabian- ارے amber have آپ seen nine?......amber amber
Amber-*laughs evilly*
amber-*Turn into senkarah*
fabian- AHH NOO *get captured سے طرف کی senkarah*
Senkarah disappeares*
Amber enters
amber- why are my dresses all over the floor!!!! thease are brand new!!!!!!
nina enters
nine-Hey amber what wrong
amber-My clothes are all over the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nine-looks at مالٹا, نارنگی flowerd dress
nina-stares into dress and sees senkarahs sigh
to be countined....................
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Fabian pulls up in a parking spot at the boarding school then steps out of his car and stares up at the school.
Fabian: Another wonderful سال at Anubis House.
Fabian walks towards Anubis House and Jerome and پوست are arguing behind him.
Poppy: But Jerome please.
Jerome: I already کہا no Poppy.
Poppy: But Jerome-
Jerome: Just drop it okay?
Poppy: What ever Jerome. I thought آپ loved me better than that after what happened last year. But I guess not!
Poppy runs off crying and Mara walks up to Jerome.
Mara: hey, what was that all about?
Jerome: Nothing.
Mara: Well is everything alright?
Jerome: Sure....
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KT : آپ guys hear that voice?
Nina : Nope, I don't.
Patricia : No.
Amber : No!
Fabian : I don't.
Willow : Nope!
Voice : *only KT can hear* Find me the Amethyst book, new kid.
KT : I-I.. I just need to go! *runs away*
Eddie : *walking and bumps KT* Sorry, Miss.
KT : I'm KT.
Eddie : My name's Eddie.
KT : Sorry I hurt you.
Eddie : No problem.
Patricia : *sees Eddie* Slime ball!
KT : *whispers* So آپ and Patricia..
Eddie : She's my girlfriend, so far.
KT : Oh. I gotta - آپ know.
Eddie : Yup, I know.
KT : Bye, Eddie! *walks away*
Eddie : *sits اگلے to Patricia* ارے Patricia.
Patricia : آپ bumped her?
Eddie : Yeah....
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Osiris: then آپ can not have him and آپ can not leave.
Nina: what?!
Senkhara: but she is the chosen one. Your wife's gave her powers to her.
Nina: I thought that was from Amneris?
Senkhara: Amneris and Isis.
Nina: oh.
Osiris: well unless Isis lets آپ out, آپ cannot leave.
(Mick, Mara, and Fabian enters)
Fabian: Nina! There آپ are!
Nina: آپ guys have to go!
Mick: why?
Osiris: because until Isis says آپ can go, آپ will stay here, forever.
Mara: fine then. Do I get a phone call and what's Isis's phone number?
(Eddie's and Fabian's room)
Patricia: his not doing anything. I'm going to...
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