Rue spun the bottle and returned to her نشست quickly.

And it landed on…


Everyone looked between him and Rue.

Haymitch hiccupped.

"Ahh… Truth یا dare?" Rue asked, not certain on what she'll ask him to do یا say.

Haymitch hiccupped again, still very much drunk. "I like cactuses. They look funny."


"Okay," Rue said, confused. "Ahh, this wasn't my سوال though."

"Did آپ ever try to hug a cactus?"

Beetee nodded his head importantly. "It's not a nice feeling."

"No. No, it is not," Haymitch agreed solemnly.

Rue scratched her head. "Ahh, Haymitch, sir, can you, please, just… pick truth یا dare?"

"I like the word dare. It's fun to say. It becomes weird after a while though. Dare. Dare. Dare! Dare? Dare… Dare. DARE! Dare."

Everyone looked at him for a few moments, not knowing what to say. "So, dare it is then!" Clove concluded finally, eager to continue with that genius game called truth یا dare.

"Yeah, okay, ahh…" Rue looked thoughtful, trying to think of a good dare for the drunken Haymitch.

She found one.

"Exchange ALL your clothes with…" she looked around her, searching for a victim. She found her victim and smiled. "Effie Trinket."

"NOOO!" Effie shrieked, sounding like a wounded bird, and jumped on her feet. "No way, I am NOT going to exchange my clothes with this… this hideous monster!"

Haymitch burped.

"Come on, it's not that bad," Madge کہا as Cato, Glimmer, Gale, Clove, Katniss, Marvel and Cashmere all chocked while laughing.

"His clothes are covered with puke, only some of it is his."

President Snow shrugged. "It could be worse."

"How could it be worse?" Effie looked like she was about to cry.

"You could've change clothes with Katniss."

Katniss stopped laughing immediately and frowned. "Hey!"

"You're right," Effie کہا after thinking about it, looking from Katniss's clothes to Haymitch's soaked-in-puke clothes. "I don't understand why I have to though. I'm not the one who chose dare."

"I- I like cactuses," Haymitch giggled as Gale helped him to get on his feet. "But they don't like me – they keep… they – they keep sticking needles at me, I don't like it… but I like them."

"Okay, let's get this over with," Effie murmured as she walked towards a small room. Haymitch walked after her, confessing his love for cactuses on his way.

He got into the room and closed the door behind him.

"Wonder how Haymitch will look with high heels and a dress," Finnick کہا with a smirk.

"Very handsome, I bet," President Snow said, smiling to himself, probably thinking of Haymitch with high heels and a dress.

"Think they- "FoxFace wasn't able to finish her sentence, because a scream came from the room where Effie and Haymitch were.


Effie stomped out of the room, looking furious, and put her wig back on her head when she sat down اگلے to Prim.

"Weren't we playing Seven منٹ In Heaven?" Haymitch asked loudly, still inside the room.

Effie shivered.

"Just get out of the room, Haymitch!" Katniss shouted at him. He didn't walk out of the room.


A snore came from inside the room.

"I guess he passed out."

"Thank god," Effie murmured, looking annoyed.

"So who'll spin the bottle?" Prim asked, her eyes wide and her lower lip trembling.

"I'll spin the bottle," Effie declared. "I deserve it, the Cactus-lover was about to assault me."

She spun it, still looking annoyed and disgusted. Her wig was about to fall off her head.

And it landed on…