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Used to be your, tribute.
Used to live for you,
thought that I'd be محفوظ forever.

Now the quarter quells here,
Districts gone to hell here,
And آپ bring me back for another?

Now you're talking crazy,
Saying the games made me,
Like I was your capital smile
Let's see how these games go
Right hand on my big bow,

Imma do it Mocking جے Style(x2)

Back in district 12 , when it was reaping time. They called my sister prim, they pulled her out of line.

Momma always کہا she should never go away,
prim was way too young for these hunger games.

You bet that I believed her, every word she said. I volunteered for prim,...
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posted by randomgirl3000
Factual error: At the beginning of the scene where Katniss fights Clove after getting the backpack with Peeta's medicine, Clove throws a چھری at her, and it cuts her forehead. If someone gets even a tiny scratch on his/her forehead it bleeds a lot, so a cut this big should at least blind Katniss with all the blood pouring from it (as the book says). But after struggling and running for her life, there's not a single drop of blood on her, and when Peeta rubs the medicine on her forehead, it is as if the wound was days old.

Continuity: When Katniss, Peeta and Cato are on سب, سب سے اوپر of the Cornucopia,...
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posted by deedragongirl
 محفوظ & Sound
Safe & Sound
Hi guys, I'm currently at the end of the first book. So here is my review on the first book before I watch the movie later on.


I was very impressed with the story, despite that it was complex. Well that's because I need to watch the movie to follow the story! I just couldn't get enough of the plot and I have personally say the series is even better than the awful Twilight Saga.

The Characters

Katniss and Peeta are the two characters who are better than Edward and Bella, they have مزید chemistry than Edward and Bella and I just can't understand why people tend to compare these couples....
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 Willow Smith as Rue
Willow Smith as Rue
Okay, so I just read Hunger Games and Catching آگ کے, آگ a few months ago. I immediately fell in love with both کتابیں and the characters in it. I am team gale.. But unfortunately I couldn't find anyone who I thought could play him, Katniss, یا Peeta. So If any of آپ have an Idea for who should, tell me. Also Tell me which team your on Thanks (:

(Rue) Willow Smith

(Haymitch) Rupert Boneham

(Cinna) جے Manuel

(Thresh) Stanislav Ianevski

(Glimmer) Hayden Panittere

(FoxFace) Emma Stone

(Avox Girl) Rose Mcgowan

(Katnisses Mom- ہولی Marie Combs
 Rupert Boneham as Haymitch
Rupert Boneham as Haymitch
 جے Manuel as Cinna
Jay Manuel as Cinna
 Stanislav Ianevski as Thresh
Stanislav Ianevski as Thresh
 Hayden Panittere as Glimmer
Hayden Panittere as Glimmer
 Emma Stone as FoxFace
Emma Stone as FoxFace
 Rose Mcgowan as Avox Girl
Rose Mcgowan as Avox Girl
posted by MitchKristelle
A CLATO Head Canon:

~The reason why Clove kept avoiding Cato in the games was because she knew at some point they'd have to kill each other. But that broke Cato's heart. So he flirted with Glimmer. But thanks to Katniss, the اگلے day, Glimmer died because of tracker-jackers. Clove and Cato both survived. Noticing that Cato didn't even shed tears because of Glimmer's death, Clove asked him if he really loved her.
Cato grinned. "You afraid of that?"
Clove smiled back. "Very much."
So they stopped all pretenses, until the rules were even changed. They had the idea that maybe, the gamemakers want them...
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"So, my turn?" Cato asked and moved to the middle of the circle.

He spun the bottle and returned to his seat.

And it landed on…


Thresh looked indifferent. Cato smirked.

"Truth یا dare?" Cato asked the indifferent looking Thresh.

"Dare," Thresh replied indifferently.

"Ooh, I have a nice dare for you!" Cato declared.

He got an indifferent look from Thresh.

Which freaked him out a bit. Didn't Thresh have any other face expressions? Was he just indifferent all the time?


"Come on Cato, say the dare already!" Katniss urged him, looking actually quite excited.

Cato shot Katniss a look, then turned...
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posted by anna_tvd
There is much debate about who will be cast in the upcoming Hunger Games movie. I know that there are many well-known actors and actresses being considered for different roles, but the ones I am going to فہرست may not be so familiar.

First and foremost is Katniss. This is سے طرف کی far the most important role in the whole movie. I think it would be cool to see a newcomer take on such an anticipated role, but if the شائقین want it done right, I suggest Mila Kunis. She played a supporting character in The Book of Eli, where she pretty much already played the role of Katniss. The characters are so similar,...
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posted by Berenice910
It's a girl ! آپ have a very healthy baby Ms.Everdeen . Tomorrow it's Mrs. Malarg . I'm getting married tomorrow . Katniss was nervous since she was three months pregent and the wedding was tomorrow . Mom i'm ہوم . Is it a boy
یا a girl ! It's a girl ! آپ should go to sleep the wedding is tomorrow . the اگلے morning she put on
her dress and went to the wedding . Katniss do
آپ take Peeta as your husband I do . do آپ Peeta I do . آپ may kiss the bride .then they went
on there honey moon.
Thresh پروفائل page

Name: Thresh.

Age: Eighteen.

Home: Eleven.

Current location: Home.

Interested in: Nothing.

In a relationship: No.


WALL دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار WALL

President Snow The Sexy Rooster: 18th March 14:26PM

That's it? A single word for every سوال in your profile? Spice it up a little! Have longer answers! Make it interesting for the readers!

Thresh: 18th March 14:28PM


President Snow The Sexy Rooster: 18th March 14:29PM

…or not. Whatever. Stay cool.

- President Snow The Sexy Rooster has left...
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To take the quiz, put an x اگلے to every statement about each character that applies to you, then add them up, and you're whichever character آپ checked off the most statements for.

[ ] آپ would do anything to protect your family.
[ ] آپ have good aim.
[ ] آپ hate cats.
[ ] آپ like to wear your hair in a braid.
[ ] آپ find sticking to instructions tough.
[ ] آپ aren’t too fond of people in general.
[ ] آپ hate being indebted to people.
[ ]You hold grudges.
[ ] آپ wouldn’t describe yourself as a warm, friendly person—you’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.
[ ] When you...
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posted by Glimmer101

I looked to my right and to my left. The Cornucopia was in the center of the ساحل سمندر, بیچ we were on. In front of us was a vast, beautiful, ocean. To my left was a giant crater, and to my right a tropical jungle. آپ could almost hear the cries of the tributes erupting from there. The thought satisfied me. I looked towards the crater again... there was something there. There were multiple somethings's there.

A very loud noise suddenly attacked my ears, and then I heard the cannon. BOOM! But it hadn't been 60 سیکنڈ yet. I whipped my head around to the other tributes. I saw one of the platforms,...
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    I hate the reapings in district 4. They hold them on a makeshift stage near the docks. Always at the crack of dawn. And because the sea faces east, we have to squint into the rising sun to see the platform. The glass reaping ball is erected in the center of the stage, casting its shadow into the crowd below.

    Ah, there she is. Bubbly and neon-colored as usual, Tabbie Crankshat bounds up onto the platform. Fashionably late, as always.
“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be EVER in your favor!” she warbles in the thick...
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District 1 (luxury items): Well, being in the games is a huge honor here in District 1!

District 2 (masonry): Are آپ kidding me?! THE GAMES ARE HUGE FOR US!!!!! We always want to win, always known and feared for our bloodlust!

District 3 (electronics): *prior to bloodbath* okay, so the speed it'll take me to get into there and get the چھری and back out again is approximately a minute, compared to the speedier 20-second tributes, but what about getting out? And the probability...what did they say about that again? Oh, right, about 22% of tributes die in the first quarter in the bloodbath...then...
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"THE HUNGER GAMES" (2012) Review

The سال 2008 saw the publication of a best-selling novel for young adults called "The Hunger Games". Written سے طرف کی Suzanne Collins, the novel's success led to the publication of two sequels and a Hollywood adaptation of the first film.

Directed سے طرف کی Gary Ross and adapted سے طرف کی him, Collins and Billy Ray; "THE HUNGER GAMES" is about a sixteen year-old girl named Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future in the nation of Panem, which consists of a wealthy city called the Capitol that is surrounded سے طرف کی 12 less affluent districts. As punishment for...
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posted by cleogilbert
I know all of the release dates for the فلمیں . Cinema & DVD .
The Hunger Games cinema : 23rd March 2012
The Hunger Games DVD u.k : 3rd September 2012
The hunger games DVD u.s.a : 18th August 2012

catching آگ کے, آگ dates 
Catching آگ کے, آگ the IMAX experience cinema : 1st Janurary 2013
Catching آگ کے, آگ cinema : 22nd November 2013
MockingJay part 1 cinema : 1st Janurary 2014
MockingJay part 2 cinema : 1st Janurary 2015
Hope آپ enjoy the movie when it comes out .

it's also available on iTunes from 3rd September . یا آپ can pre order it . It's £9.99
posted by MultiPie
O. M. G. Is it just me, یا are Divergent and Hunger games, EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!! Both have problems involving some form of government, and both have wicked government persons. (btw beware this مضمون will have some foul words.) Both Divergent and HG have badass characters and hot lead guy characters, (four and peeta and gale). Both states, یا worlds, are divided in some form of colonies.WTF. Have آپ also noticed both have iconic symbols, the mockingjay pin, and Tris's bats?!?!?! Started to get what im saying??? Both have some kind of war wtch kills like tons of people. Each colony (wtch...
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Effie Trinket پروفائل Page

Name: Effie Trinket *smile تیتلی heart*

Age: ...not over thirty, that's for sure! *laugh uncomfortably*

Home: In the most fantabulous place in the world – The Capitol.

Current location: My beautiful home.

Interested in: Shopping, partying, The Hunger Games, Squeaking excitedly.

In a relationship: Never! I prefer short flings :) Which reminds me, Finnick Odair, if آپ read it – call me ^^


WALL دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار WALL

Gale Hawthorne: November 25th 16:38PM

The Capitol is NOT...
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For a fraction of a second, I get to look at Peeta one last time. I have always been the tightest of دوستوں with him, and I know he's incredibly brave and charming and all-around good, but honestly, what chance does someone from District 12 have against a Career Tribute living in the lap of luxury, with excellent professional training? They have trained to do this their whole life, and where they come from, volunteering to be a tribute is an immense honor.
I thrust that out of my mind and decide to maybe talk to his parents. In a way, Peeta's dad is my father figure. I was eleven when my father...
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posted by CarleeMadison96
I know the book describes Katniss as زیتون skinned and black hair, but I don't. One, people need to realize that there is a 1 in a million chance of finding an زیتون skinned actress with black hair and gray eyes who is perfect for the part. Odds are she will have to wear contacts, get over it . . . Two, I don't know if آپ understand that زیتون skinned is code for: white girl who just has a tan. She doesn't need to be as dark as a Native American! So really if it's the choice between a girl with a tan and a pale girl, WHO CARES, pick the better actress. Also, black یا dark brown hair make NO...
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posted by eclipselov
this is going to be about another district competeter. she will befriend katniss and help her with beign the mockingjay.

I know hell was breaking loose outside the door but i didnt want to open it. The uprising was happening. It seem to be just a few منٹ پہلے I was watching the games.I always had admired Katniss and what she did in the games. Thats when she ended the games. Took down the force feild. I was shocked. I know i had to get out of here and fast. But i couldn't leave Tami. Tami might be a baby,but i couldn't leave her.I grab her and put her in the homemade pouch.I strap the pouch on my back and open the door. I don't know were my mother is so I run towards the gates. We had planned for this day. We knew that the Capitol had to go down with the games. I slid Tami under the fence. I slid after her. Children and vaulenterr teens were to got to the forest.I put the pouch on and run. Not waisting a moment.