The Hunger Games Restricted 33rd Hunger Games Role Play (see info)

flabaloobalah posted on Oct 05, 2012 at 10:57PM
I know the title makes it sound explicit or something, but this role play is ONLY for the following people:

1999jacko (a.k.a. hippy-hoppy)

That probably sounds unfair, but on a previous Hunger Games RP, we were the only ones out of 24 that ever actually contributed. So we have gotten rid of that one and now, we eight are starting over. ONLY us eight. Sorry.
You can take your tribute from the old RP and use it here, and you can take two other tribute spots, since there are 8 of us role playing 24 tributes. You don't have to, however. You can just as easily trash your old one and make three originals. Whatever floats your goat.
Oh and by the way, the arena is a giant maze/labryinth that's enormous and tall.

The Tributes in the 33rd Annual Hunger Games are:

District One Male: Elias Hemmingway (flabaloobalah)
District One Female: Lianna Amoran (Lady-Rebel)
District Two Male: Alec Riven (kwogan-nicole)
District Two Female: Whit Loith (missracoon)
District Three Male: Corey Ames (Phoenix_Tears)
District Three Female: Neera Lowe (kwogan-nicole)
District Four Male: Jacob Hutchingson (A-347)
District Four Female: Rain Maude (Phoenix_Tears)
District Five Male: Jenks Ghast (missracoon)
District Five Female: Araceli Halloway (flabaloobalah)
District Six Male: Martha Pinber (Lady_Rebel)
District Six Female: Shyla Gruesen (flabaloobalah)
District Seven Male: Orion Nain (1999jacko)
District Seven Female: Tula Jayne (kwogan_nicole)
District Eight Male: Keats (1999jacko)
District Eight Female: Gena Teffy (Lady_Rebel)
District Nine Male: John Anan (1999jacko)
District Nine Female: Lia Wilkes (kwogan-nicole)
District Ten Male: Jamie Sauldry (A-347)
District Ten Female: Millie Willsberg (missracoon)
District Eleven Male: Ryan Heper (Lady_Rebel)
District Eleven Female: Misty Darleen (missracoon)
District Twelve Male: Alan Hawtrey (Phoenix_Tears)
District Twelve Female: Karrae Hawkene (A-347)

Happy Hunger Games to us, and may the odds be ever in our favor!
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