The Hunger Games Peeta یا Gale?

runda99 posted on Oct 19, 2008 at 04:47PM

This should be interesting, as I myself am having an internal struggle between this. So clearly Peeta has fallen for Katniss, but she doesn't feel the same way... why? Well I think it is obvious that near the end of the book she admits to herself what she has been ignoring with excuses such as "hunting partner" and "competition" nonsense.. the fact that she loves Gale. And of course she says that he has no interest in them and it shocks her because all the girls want him... well that can mean one thing... THAT GALE LOVES HER TOO!

So I made it obvious that I am for the whole Gale-Katniss roller-coaster ride because they already get along so well and I think they need each other.. however I won't deny that I had softened up a lot toward Peeta when the competition of the Games got fierce. He truly seems to love her and he was honest about liking her all along... so where does this leave Katniss? What should she do?

I tend to change my mind a lot... and I still have until next September when Book II comes out, but for now I will take my stance, I am Team Gale.

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