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 The Hunger Games facts 61-80
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the hunger games
61 to 80
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This The Hunger Games آرٹ پرستار might contain سائن ان کریں, پوسٹر, متن, چاکبورڈ, نشانی, and تختۂ چاک.

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Gale just shrugged his shoulders and moved towards the bottle. He spun it.

And it landed on…

Johanna Mason.

Johanna raised an eyebrow as she saw Gale's devilish look. Though his look wasn't directed at her.

"Truth یا dare?"

"Dare," Johanna said, not hesitating.

Gale smiled a oh-I-have-a-plan-forming-in-this-brilliant-mind-of-mine-and-oh-no-one-knows-what-I'm-planning-and-oh-I'm-so-freaking-awesome-and-smart smile.

"Come on, what take آپ so long?" Cato yawned.

"I dare you… to give Peeta a lap dance."

Peeta paled immediately and looked at Johanna with terrified eyes.

Johanna smiled and got on her...
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Effie Trinket پروفائل Page

Name: Effie Trinket *smile تیتلی heart*

Age: ...not over thirty, that's for sure! *laugh uncomfortably*

Home: In the most fantabulous place in the world – The Capitol.

Current location: My beautiful home.

Interested in: Shopping, partying, The Hunger Games, Squeaking excitedly.

In a relationship: Never! I prefer short flings :) Which reminds me, Finnick Odair, if آپ read it – call me ^^


WALL دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار دیوار WALL

Gale Hawthorne: November 25th 16:38PM

The Capitol is NOT...
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For a fraction of a second, I get to look at Peeta one last time. I have always been the tightest of دوستوں with him, and I know he's incredibly brave and charming and all-around good, but honestly, what chance does someone from District 12 have against a Career Tribute living in the lap of luxury, with excellent professional training? They have trained to do this their whole life, and where they come from, volunteering to be a tribute is an immense honor.
I thrust that out of my mind and decide to maybe talk to his parents. In a way, Peeta's dad is my father figure. I was eleven when my father...
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I know the book describes Katniss as زیتون skinned and black hair, but I don't. One, people need to realize that there is a 1 in a million chance of finding an زیتون skinned actress with black hair and gray eyes who is perfect for the part. Odds are she will have to wear contacts, get over it . . . Two, I don't know if آپ understand that زیتون skinned is code for: white girl who just has a tan. She doesn't need to be as dark as a Native American! So really if it's the choice between a girl with a tan and a pale girl, WHO CARES, pick the better actress. Also, black یا dark brown hair make NO...
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this is going to be about another district competeter. she will befriend katniss and help her with beign the mockingjay.

I know hell was breaking loose outside the door but i didnt want to open it. The uprising was happening. It seem to be just a few منٹ پہلے I was watching the games.I always had admired Katniss and what she did in the games. Thats when she ended the games. Took down the force feild. I was shocked. I know i had to get out of here and fast. But i couldn't leave Tami. Tami might be a baby,but i couldn't leave her.I grab her and put her in the homemade pouch.I strap the pouch on my back and open the door. I don't know were my mother is so I run towards the gates. We had planned for this day. We knew that the Capitol had to go down with the games. I slid Tami under the fence. I slid after her. Children and vaulenterr teens were to got to the forest.I put the pouch on and run. Not waisting a moment.
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Rue spun the bottle and returned to her نشست quickly.

And it landed on…


Everyone looked between him and Rue.

Haymitch hiccupped.

"Ahh… Truth یا dare?" Rue asked, not certain on what she'll ask him to do یا say.

Haymitch hiccupped again, still very much drunk. "I like cactuses. They look funny."


"Okay," Rue said, confused. "Ahh, this wasn't my سوال though."

"Did آپ ever try to hug a cactus?"

Beetee nodded his head importantly. "It's not a nice feeling."

"No. No, it is not," Haymitch agreed solemnly.

Rue scratched her head. "Ahh, Haymitch, sir, can you, please, just… pick truth...
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