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 Peeta Mellark
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 Panem Map - generalized
Panem Map - generalized
SPOILER ALERT: There are significant reveals of book information in order to support the design of these maps. Please do not continue if آپ do not wish to have this information revealed to you.

General Map Information
There are two maps in this article. The first was a rough draft for quickly placing the general location of the districts during research. The سیکنڈ map is مزید detailed and provides boundaries for each of the districts. The map is large and the boundary lines in it are small so آپ may have to zoom in to see them.

Analysis - General
The location of the districts is based on three...
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There are many پولز and discussions on whether Peeta یا Gale is better for Katniss . Whose team are آپ on? Some Hunger Games شائقین prefer to be neutral and don't believe in "teams" but in terms of being the better man in general and for Katniss , this includes facts and opinions for both Peeta and Gale.
***** IF آپ DONT BELIEVE IN "TEAMS" than please dont post hateful comments, I understand that some people get annoyed with these types ot things but for the people who do prefer one guy over the other , i hope آپ enjoy my مضمون :) ***

There are many reasons and good qualities for both of...
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