Vitani:Kiara!!! آپ won't believe who I just saw!!! Kiara:Who? Vitani:I just saw Kopa! He's back! Kiara:What?!!! He is!!! Where is he??!!! Vitani:Down in the gorge. Kiara:Ok!!! Watch Shani for me? Vitani:Sure! Shani:Where is my mommy going??? Vitani:To see her brother. She'll be back! *Kovu walks up with Chensi* Shani:Hey big brother!!! Wanna play??? Chensi:Yeah!!! Kovu:Where's Kiara??? Vitani:KOPA'S BACK!!!!!!!! Kovu:What???!!! Vitani:Yeah!!! *Gasps* I have to
Tell Simba!!! Kovu:Go ahead! Vitani:Thanx!!! *Runs to tell Simba* Vitani:SIMBA KOPA'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simba:What???!!!! *With Kopa and Kiara* Kiara:Kopa!!! Kopa:Kiara!!!! Kiara:*Starts to cry* I've missed آپ so much!!! Kopa:Me too!!! Kiara:Wait a minute!!! If you're alive... that means you're the king!!! Kopa:I am??? I am!!!! I'm king!!! Wait,where's dad??? Simba:Right here,son!!! Oh,Kopa!!! Kopa:Where's mom!!! Simba:.......Uuum. Kopa:Dad,where's mom??? Kiara:Kopa,Mama disappeared years ago! We don't know what happened! Kopa:No... No!!!!!!!! *Runs away* Vitani:Kopa!!! Simba:Kopa!!!! Kiara:No!!! Kopa:*Runs into someone* ارے watch where-MOM???!!! Nala:*Weakly* Kopa. You're alive!!! *Falls down* Kopa:Mom!!! *Picks her up* Let's go back to Pride Rock!!! *At Pride Rock* Vitani:Hey! Kopa is coming back!! And who's that he's carrying???Kiara:It's mom!!! Simba:Nala??? Nala!!! *Grabs Nala and takes her to Pride Rock* Simba:Nala!!! Wake up!! Please!! *Starts to cry* Nala!!! Kiara:Mommy please!!! Kopa:Please! Don't go!!! Nala:*Wakes up* S-Simba??? Simba:Nala!!! *Cuddles her* Nala:Hey. Kopa!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hugs Kopa*Vitani:Hey Kopa.
Kopa:Vitani!!! *Cuddles her* *At Vitani and Kopa's wedding* Rafiki:You may kiss the bride. Vitani:*Kisses Kopa's
Cheek* Kovu:Hey Kopa. May we agree to forgive each other?? KoPa:Yeah. Kiara:KoPa. This is my daughter Shani and my son Chensi. KoPa:Son??? Daughter??? آپ have kids!!! *Turns to Kovu* You!!!! Now that I am king I can control the pride lands! Here is what I have to say to you! EXILE!!!!!!!!!!! Kiara:NOOOOOO!!!! Kovu:Kopa I'- Kopa:I don't want آپ with my sister ever again!!!!! Get out of here!!!!!! Kovu:Fine!! *Runs off* Kopa:Kiara آپ will stay here where I can keep a
Close watch on you!!! Kiara:NO!!! *Runs inside the cave cryin*