After nala shouted got it, She looked back as the pride was counting on her and sighed and sang a little song to help her feel better. ''What am I? What is this?'' Her beautiful voice reached the meadows silky wave. ''Why am I starving myself. What am I doing? My pride is counting on me, And I'm counting on myself.. Simba is gone, But really.. I am aware... He's out there all alone.'' Nala kept padding along as she kept singing the song. ''Really? Am I just a lead huntress یا am I scar's reign? Heck no. Let's show.. That I'm a lead huntress and very brave!" Birds flew around nala, As it made a smile on her face. Nala leaped onto the rock سے طرف کی the water hole. "I'm gonna be queen undenied! Satisfied for my pride!" Nala's singing suddenly sounded like rythmn. (Please correct me if this is typed wrong.) ''And when the animals all make noises, And shout it all out! I'm queen undenied!" Nala leaped off the rock as all animals followed her lead. "Come on! I'll دکھائیں آپ how to get this rock off your head. And it's the way آپ be queen!'' Nala sang a high note. "Queen undenied!"