It's a bright sunny دن at the jungle as young cub Simba is usually and always the first one up but this time he wakes up being the last one to wake knowing after the death of his father and having to run away there is no one to impress یا make proud anymore. Simba gets up and stretches then looks around Simba:" I wonder where Timon and Pumbaa are?" he says talking to himself as he walks going to find his two new best friends. He first looks at the pond where the water of a waterfall ends and is also where they drink, Simba:" not here" he says taking a drink of the water then walking away, he looks where they eat grubs which is a big log and several openings in trees surprisingly not there either " where are they, they're always here" says walking towards another direction. Simba decided to take unfamiliar paths, he takes a path that is taking him to a area where he finally finds Timon and Pumbaa hanging from couple of vines like a hammock.

Simba:" what are آپ guys doing?" he says confusingly Timon looks " oh ارے Simba, we're hanging on theses vines called a hammock" Simba:" a ham what?" Pumbaa:" a hammock, آپ lay in it, it's like a بستر but in the air" Simba:" isn't that dangerous?" Timon:"hmm no, these vines are healthy which means they'll hold anything, even Pumbaa" Pumbaa looks at him scowling "Hey!" Simba giggles. Timon:" Truth hurts Pumbaa آپ gotta live with it" Pumbaa didn't argue Timon:" anyways we saved آپ one" he says patting on the two vines اگلے to Pumbaa, Simba put his two front paws on it "so like this?" he says laying on his back with his two back legs on the other vine Timon:" yeah there آپ go, now just sit back and relax" Pumbaa puts his foot out to make the vine سوئنگ, جھول gently from left to right making Simba feel the comfortable relaxing feel.

Simba:" wow this is comfortable" he says moving to sit to where his head is slightly higher and not to where he's laying flat. Timon:" see what I'm saying" Simba didn't say anything as the feel makes him drift off to sleep. Over at pride rock Nala woke up to the bright sun and not knowing any she ever would wake up with her knowing the one that kept her happy, and entertained was her friend Simba who she was told died with Mufasa in the stampede. With Mufasa dead Scar was crowned king since he was اگلے in line after Simba, and سے طرف کی royal rules if the king dies along with the one اگلے in line, then the remaining living male lion earns the thrown which was Scar, and ever since Scar was king the lionesses were forced to sleep outside to make room for the hyenas which was the "new era" idea Scar had. The problem with the idea is that the hyenas gave no respect to the شیرنی, سنگھنی and gave them what was left on the bones after they ate, and since there were مزید hyenas then lionesses they fight them یا else they would die which also meant the lionesses had to hunt extra hard to bring another ہرن, مرنے والے یا any animal to feed the whole pride including hyenas which made the appearance of the heard shrink مزید and مزید after each hunt.

With no rain to refill the waterhole the heard would slowly اقدام away from the area. Nala:" (sigh) I'm bored" she کہا still laying down اگلے to her mother who is also laying down has her head on her paws. Sarafina looks at her " I'm sorry honey, I would play with آپ but Scar is... disallowing that..." Nala:" (sigh) I miss Simba" she says frowning Sarafina nuzzles her trying to keep her from tearing up Sarafina:" everybody misses him and Mufasa too but we have to اقدام on, it's what both of them would of wanted even though they rather have a different king" Nala lays her head down on her paws looking a the ground as a tear slowly goes down from her eye followed سے طرف کی a few more.

Back at the jungle Timon, Pumba, and Simba started to eat their grubs which Simba was still not used to them as he looked at his leaf plate of crawling insects. Timon:" something wrong?" says eating a green bug Simba:" eh... still not used to it" Pumbaa:" don't worry, it should take a few days for آپ to get used to it" Timon:" think of it this way it's either that یا death." Simba and Pumbaa both look at him Timon:" what?, it's true" Simba took a deep breath and grabbed a bug with a red shell as wings then takes a bite Simba almost had a gag reflex but quickly found a satisfying taste to it to keep him from throwing up. Timon:' So...?" Simba:" I think I found the satisfying taste آپ guys were talking about" Timon:" see what did I tell ya" says taking a bit of a worm. Once they got done eating Simba felt like playing so he asks " what is there for fun?" Pumbaa:" uh" Pumbaa looks at Timon, Timon:" uh we got diving into water from a high place, uh bug ball," Pumbaa:" and other things that we don't remember at the moment" Simba:" ok... uh where to آپ dive at?" Timon:" follow us" he says on سب, سب سے اوپر of Pumbaa's head, heading towards a path that Simba doesn't recognize going up.

After several منٹ of going up on a path it finally opens up to a wonderful scenery of the jungle with the sight of the waterfall with the water ending at the very bottom of the cliff with several vines hanging but too far to reach. Simba:" whoa!" he says in amazement Timon:" We dive from here and land in the water down there" he says pointing at the water where the waterfall ends. Simba:" ok" he says looking down and looking at the scenery, Pumbaa:" so who's first?" Timon:" I'll go first" he says getting ready to jump as both Pumbaa and Simba get out of the way, Timon gets a running jump, then leaps off the cliff falling and landing in water with a soft splash, then Pumbaa jumped making a a little larger splash. Simba looks down form the high cliff as Timon and Pumbaa look up waiting for him, Pumbaa:" come on Simba the waters fine" Simba:" ok here I come" he says backing up a bit to get a running jump.

Simba leaps from the cliff and lands almost the exact same spot Timon and Pumbaa did making a little مزید larger splash. Simba comes up to the surface Timon:" see it wasn't so bad was it?" Simba giggles entertained " that was better then I expected" Pumbaa did shh motion behind Timon to Simba, Simba nods Timon:" now wanna go ag-" he then gets interrupted سے طرف کی a big splash form Pumbaa who splashed water to Timon's face, Timon:" ok wise guy" he says giggling then splashing in Pumbaa's face then getting Simba involved سے طرف کی splashing in his face. Simba giggles:" hey" then splashing back. Back at pride rock it's time to eat as Nala goes with her mother to get whatever is left from the hyena's after they got done, once the hyenas got done chewing and eating what's left of the carcass of three ہرن, مرنے والے all was left was tiny bits of meat on the bones and rest is just bones with tiny bit of skin.

Sarafina grabs a bone with the most meat and gives it to Nala knowing that cubs needs as much food possible to survive times like these. Sarafina:" here آپ go honey" Nala grabs it and carries it until she lays اگلے to her mother and eats it as she notices her mother only got a picked clean bone, Nala grabbed her bone with the little meat and tries to give it to her mother. Sarafina:" oh Nala sweetheart, I don't need it your gonna need as much of it as possible to stay strong and alive" she says nuzzling her cub, Nala:" at least take a bite" Sarafina:" honey, I would never take food from my child I rather starve then آپ starving with آپ having so much to live for" Nala sighed and set her bone down then decided to eat the rest of the meat on it since it's was no use to give to her mother.

End of part one مزید parts coming up