In pride rock Scar is eating his full leg of a ہرن, مرنے والے as he gets flashbacks of him eating with his family یا just his mother which Mufasa and his father was the ones to eat together. Scar stops eating and sighs Scar:"(sigh) why must sorrow flashbacks haunt me now" he says to himself not having the appetite to eat anymore. Scar then sneaks to the very سب, سب سے اوپر of pride rock where the only way up is to take a slanted path behind pride rock, once he got up there he takes a look at the very slowly drying up kingdom then at the grey colorless sky. Scar:" (sigh) mother if your up there watching I hope I didn't disappoint you, I couldn't hold in my jealousy any longer, I mean آپ would agree he was being favorited سے طرف کی father way too much then needed." "mother if I have disappointed you, what is there left to care for anymore from me, the kingdom is slowly dieing as I know it but I have no control over that, and I thought being king would be the only thing to make me happy when آپ died but I feel no happier but I still want to be king, please mother I ask for help!" a tear comes from Scar's eye as the wind picks up as a figure of a glowing شیرنی, سنگھنی appears behind him.

Scar's mother:" Taka!" Scar looks behind him " Mother?!" Taka's mother:" Taka آپ never disappoint me and I still love you, but what made me disappointed in آپ is that آپ cheated the thrown, if آپ were meant to be king Mufasa would of have died from natural causes but since he didn't آپ caused an interruption of peace in the دائرے, حلقہ of life and the royal balance this family once had" Taka:" mother... I don't understand how does this have any relativity to the kingdom's health, یا the reasons of my bad leading , father never showed me the ways of being king" Taka's mother:" there's one thing that might help, it's to make the hyena's leave" Taka:" but mother" Taka's mother:" Taka the lives of innocent animals and lionesses are in jeopardy, it's either let the hyena's go یا آپ lose everything" Taka:" but mother the hyena's are like family to me, I can't just dump them out after they helped me" Taka's mother:" I'm sorry Taka but sacrifices has to be made in order to make this kingdom happy again, there is too many hyena's then there is lions in this pride which means double the hunt double the population of animals shrinks".

Taka got a little angry " then so be it, if I'm the شیرنی, سنگھنی dies from hunger so be it" Taka's mother:" TAKA!" Taka:" no, if there's an end to this royal family... (deep breath) then I'll be the one to end it if anything, and it looks like it's gonna be me" Taka's mother:" Taka listen to me!" she says sitting اگلے to the steaming lion " there was a little cub I cared for and that cub once کہا to me 'mother if I'm king I want to be best I'll ever be', and your not living up to that" she says looking at the drying up land then at Taka which who was the one to say those words , Taka didn't say anything then finally " (sigh) so be it" then stood up to leave Taka's mother:" Taka!" Taka:" forget it mother!" he says leaving going back down the path. Taka's mother watched him leave and before she vanished into the heavens she turns her head away from the sight of Taka and کہا " I'm very disappointed in آپ Taka I seen good in you, but it's obvious it's been covered سے طرف کی darkness" says with tears rolling from her eyes then vanishing back into the heavens. Scar heard looking back seeing his mother disappearing back into the heavens as he sobs the rest of the way back until he wiped his tears before entering the cave of pride rock finishing his food, then taking a nap.

The sun starts to set as Timon, Pumbaa and Simba lays on their backs in the cold healthy green گھاس to look at the sky which would soon be a sky filled with stars and little clouds which looks like future rain but doesn't seem very active. As the sun finally sets over the horizon the sky is already filled with bright stars shining from the dark blue of the night with the half moon rising from the opposite side of the sky. Simba:" wow this is مزید beautiful then it is back home" Timon:" yeah, this is the best spot for night sky seeking" Pumbaa:" me and Timon come out here almost every night" Simba:" if only Nala was here" he accidentally says out loud Timon:" Nala who?" Pumbaa:" who's Nala?" they both look at Simba, Simba:" oh.. uh just nobody" he says getting up Timon:" ارے آپ alright kid?" Simba:" yeah I'm ok, I... just need to be alone for a little bit" Pumbaa:" ok... uh me and Timon are getting ready to go to sleep" Timon:" yeah, so whenever your ready to sleep feel free to come in" they say walking towards their sleeping area Simba:" ok" he says walking to the edge of the cliff and looks up at the night sky Simba:" (sigh)" he sighs remembering his father and remembering never returning means he's never gonna see Nala یا his mother ever again which the feel of sorrow rushes as he starts to cry knowing very well the situation as tears start to flow down from his eyes.

Simba:" I miss آپ father, mother, and wish آپ came with me Nala I miss both of آپ so" he stays there for several مزید منٹ before drifting off to sleep. Back at the pride lands Nala was doing almost the exact same thing looking up at the night sky filled with stars but the moon is half covered سے طرف کی dry clouds. Looking up at the stars is the only thing that Nala enjoys most, keeps her calm, and keeps her in better moods but it also reminds her of Simba which is who she always looks at the stars with him under most nights. But this time she looks at the stars alone, and just hopes that she wakes up from this awful nightmare but unfortunately it's not a nightmare except her nightmare is reality as she looks at the stars from the edge of a cliff اگلے to a almost dead tree. Nala:"(sigh) if only آپ were here" she says talking to the stars above even though she knows she's just talking to a bunch of stars as a tear drops from her eye and onto the ground after several hours of looking at the sky she decided to sleep there which the almost dead درخت would give her some shade in the morning as she sees the morning sun about to rise over the horizon before closing her eyes to sleep and hope not be bother until woken up herself.