The اگلے morning in the jungle Timon is the first to wake up as he looks around noticing that Simba isn't where he usually sleeps, Timon:" did he really sleep there all night?" Timon leaves Pumbaa to sleep as he goes to looks for Simba, Timon went to the area where they looked at the stars the other night and Timon found peaceful sleeping Simba who looks like he's in a very intense dream یا nightmare سے طرف کی a guess of him moving his back paws rapidly. (In Simba's dream) In his dream it's about him, his father, Nala, and mother, it shows him throwing his father off the cliff as Nala and his mother looks at him in shame with full hatred as he tries to explain but seems like no word is coming out of his mouth, as both Nala and his mother leave him where he is as his dead father says " why Simba?" but wasn't long until Timon woke him up. Timon:" ارے seemed like آپ had a bad dream so I woke آپ up" Simba:" yeah I did and thanks" Timon sits اگلے to him " wanna talk about it?" Simba nods no with his ears still flatten on his head Timon:" it'll make آپ feel better if آپ tell me" Simba:" (sigh) آپ wouldn't understand which is probably best not to tell you, plus it's in the past" Timon didn't really know what to say but to change the subject hopefully him forgetting whatever is bothering him as he looks a see some red فر, سمور started to grow on the سب, سب سے اوپر and side of his face where Timon can see, Timon:" ارے looks like آپ got some color growing on your head" says touching it Simba:" really" he says interested as he goes to look at himself in the water heading down with Timon running trying to keep up.

As Simba made it to the water he looks at his reflection to see little red furs starting to grow around his face, Simba:" yes!, I can't wait for my mane to grow out" he says happily and excitedly, Timon catching his breath " your what?" Simba:" my mane" Timon:" oh, already?" Simba:" yeah, and I can't wait to see how it turns out". Back at the pride lands Nala woke up to the sound of ہرن, مرنے والے and other animals running for their life almost stepping on her as she ducks her head down trying to avoid getting hit from the animals running and four lionesses hunting them with one behind the four stopping where Nala is, Nala looked to see if the animals passed but surprised to see her mother, Nala:" hi mom" Sarafina tries catching her breath :" hello sweetie, what are آپ doing this far out?" Nala:" I didn't feel like heading back, so I slept here for the night, are آپ hunting?" Sarafina:" I was, but I'm thinking of giving up we've been hunting the same group of animals for at least two hours" Sarafina then notices Nala's فر, سمور is started to grow a different color from light cream tan to a darker cream tan hinting of her become a teen شیرنی, سنگھنی soon. Sarafina smiled proudly as Nala notices Nala:" what?" Sarafina:" looks like someone's فر, سمور is changing" Nala was confused at first then looked at her فر, سمور noticing the difference Nala:" whoa!" Sarafina:" that means your maturing, and soon you'll be a beautiful young adult شیرنی, سنگھنی which means you'll be able to find a mate" which made her frown for a سیکنڈ then smiled again just getting the thought of it having to be Scar. Nala felt down at the part about able to mate, " oh... seems like I won't be doing that" Sarafina:" we'll talk about this when آپ get مزید older, now I think it's time آپ learn how to hunt" Nala:" آپ think so mom?" Sarafina:" oh yes, the sooner آپ start to practice the مزید talented you'll become in the near future."

Few months later

Nala has grown from small cub about to be teen to a teen شیرنی, سنگھنی where her فر, سمور went from light cream فر, سمور color the same color she had all her cub ڈاکو, ہڈ to a darker cream فر, سمور color who is now a part of the hunting group but it could be a little too late. As Nala and her group set out to look for groups of ہرن, مرنے والے یا any animal, there is no signs of life یا any kind of fresh tracks with the stream where the water hole gets it's water ذریعہ from is almost on the edge of drying up and turn into cracks in the ground. Nala and her group look long and hard with no sign of life Nala:" they couldn't of just leave, there gotta be some sort of food" after a few hours of another they decided to return empty handed. As they returned Scar and his Hyena's waited for them to return and when they did they gotten disappointed seeing nothing was brought back Scar:" why did آپ return with nothing?" he asks Nala, Nala:" Scar there is nothing out there, not even fresh tracks" Scar:" then look harder!" Nala:" we looked back and forth, left and right, up and down the pride lands and found nothing." Scar:" like I کہا look harder" Nala:" I don't see how it's possible when the whole land is water and food less" Scar:"you won't know unless آپ look again so GO OUT THERE!" he yells Nala:" I know for sure Mufasa would never-" before Nala could finish Scar then smacks Nala with full force on his paw leaving a red mark and Nala to lay down, Sarafina comes running and tries to help Nala but was blocked سے طرف کی walls of hyenas. With Nala trying to hold back tears from the pain Scar:" that was only a warning the اگلے time آپ mention that name یا disrespect your king, I won't stop until your unconscious" he threats then pushes grounded Nala down the rocky stairs luckily not breaking anything but leaving sore painful to rib side and arms as Sarafina jumps over the hyenas and quickly gotten to her almost injured daughter nudging her as Nala looks to her mother, Sarafina looks up at Scar scowling " no wonder your father never had confident in you." Scar:" never had confident? He never loved me in the first place" he کہا storming into the cave.

In the jungle Simba also went from small cub about to turn teen to teen male lion with his mane only just starting to lengthen all around his head and jawline with مزید of a deeper and adult like voice. Simba wakes up stretching being the first one to wake which he's never done so within the سال and a half since he ran away and the death of his father, as he went to get a drink of water dark clouds roll in over the jungle getting ready to rain. Simba looks up at the sky to see what's shadowing him to see the dark rainy clouds. Simba is amazed to see rain clouds as it is the first time in a long while he's ever seen یا felt rain, the rain starts to pour down of the jungle and all around Simba as he keeps looking at the sky with his eyes closed to let the rain water gently and softly tap on his face with the refreshing feel, Simba is enjoying the rain as he then finally looks straight and walks to see if Timon and Pumbaa are awake from this. Once he made it to the sleeping area both of them were already gone. Simba:" hmm, I wonder where they went this time" he کہا looking around as he finds them at the hammocks where rainfall is very little. Simba:" good morning fellas" Pumbaa:" there آپ are" Timon:" we were wondering where آپ were" says looking from his hammock. Simba walks over and climbs in his hammock then relaxingly started to gently push both Timon and Pumbaa making them سوئنگ, جھول in a smooth motion, with him pushing Pumbaa with his back leg and Timon his front paw as both Timon and Pumbaa and Simba drift off to sleep from the amount of comfort they're in.

Several hours went سے طرف کی as the three just finished eating. Timon:" so what's planned for today?" Pumbaa:" uh I don't know, what do آپ two think?" Simba shrugs his shoulders:" I don't know" as Simba sees something that gives him an idea, Simba:"hey Pumbaa follow me" he says running to the direction that he seen something, Pumbaa:" uh ok" he says running after Simba, Timon looks behind him to the direction they ran, Timon:" ارے what about me I want to know" just then he gets hit with what looks like a porcupine needle Timon:" EOW!" he yells in pain as مزید comes at him Timon dodges all but one as the two needles stick to him. Timon:" OK stop it!" both Simba and Pumbaa started to laugh. Timon takes one of the needles out of him and throws it hitting Simba in the nose with Simba not even feeling the pain he just picks it off his nose and throws it back missing Timon. Timon:" ok Simba as your uh parent I order آپ to stop this" with Timon biting his lip not meaning to say parent Simba looks at him " your not the boss of me یا my parent" Timon:" I might as well be, since your parents never raised آپ correctly" he says turning his back on him, Simba was about to say something but instead he sighs then finally getting defensive :" how would آپ know what my parents did آپ never met یا known them" Timon:" I don't have to know them to know they're not good parents" Simba growled at that statement "you take that back, my parents did everything they could it's just that...." Simba sighed then just ran off with his emotions mixed with anger and sorrow.

Pumbaa watches him leave " now آپ done it Timon!" Timon:" what he was being a brat" Pumbaa:" that doesn't mean آپ have to go personal with him, we don't know what he's been through" Timon sighed " your right" Pumbaa:" we gotta go find him" Timon:" آپ go I don't think he'll want to see me" Pumbaa looked at him and at the direction Simba went then back at Timon, Pumbaa:" آپ could always apologize آپ know" Timon:" Pumbaa that's not gonna help" he then gasps like if he gotten an idea Timon:" ارے I got it, I'll apologize!" he says getting on Pumbaa who is rolling his eyes. Timon:" lets go after him" he says as Pumbaa runs where Simba went. Simba ran until he knew he's where Timon and Pumbaa won't find him which is another cliff but it's مزید higher up and shows مزید scenery, while he sits at the edge of the cliff the sun is going down with the stars starting to pop up furthest away form the sun. Simba looks up to the sky then lays down looking forward, Simba:" what does he know, he never met them, they're good parents, the best parents I could ask for, but it's just (sigh) my fault one is dead" he says as Timon and Pumbaa walks up behind him. Simba looks and sees them " hello Pumbaa, what do آپ want Timon" says getting up then walking away. Pumbaa with Timon on him trys to catch up with him Timon:" Simba wait!" Simba ignores him as Pumbaa got along side of him allowing Timon to jump on his back, Timon:" Simba, I'm sorry ok" Simba starts to slow down but he still walks, "I let my annoyed self get the best of me please Simba forgive me" Simba sighed then stopped sitting down making Timon fall.

End of part 3